The best clay mask for your skin

If you have oily to combination skin, clay masks are your skin’s best friend. Even normal skin can benefit immensely from the right clay mask. Apart from providing pore shrinking and oil controlling benefits, clay masks can deep clean every skin type and brighten it up. But, using a clay mask effectively requires a little more care than just applying it and rinsing it. You must know the right clay mask for your skin to reap maximum benefits.


Choose the right clay for your mask:

Please don’t pick up mask based on other’s reviews and comments. Just as that not everyone has the same skin care requirement, not all clay are same. Always choose the right product for your skin, according to your skin type and the care you need. Do a good research and find out which clay will suit your skin type and condition the best.

Here’s the guide:

Bentonite clay: Considered to be most useful as it efficiently extracts impurities from the skin. It comes from volcanic ash that has absorbed nutrients from the earth through the ages. It has been used as a therapeutic and cosmetic clay since 2500 B.C. This is a very popular clay for skin benefits because of its superb absorbing capabilities. This is a great clay for oily skin since it can suck up all that excess sebum easily. When mixed with water the molecules are charged and attracts toxins out of your face to the clay. Since bentonite clay swells when mixed with water, making it a highly porous substance, it can absorb more than its initial mass. With its tightening, acne-clearing, and impurity-absorbing abilities, this is a go-to for many skin concerns. This also goes for any skin ailments involving bacteria and fungus and conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Significant improvements can be seen among acne sufferers after using it twice a week on problem areas. You’ll notice that your pores will appear smaller because the clay pulls out blackheads, leaving the pore tightly closed preventing further plugs from forming with regular use.

Use for:

  • Acne
  • Excess sebum
  • Pore tightening
  • Skin detoxification


French Green Clay: This is your staple for exfoliation and pore-tightening on top of oil-absorption. It is also called Illite Clay or Sea Clay. Did you know that the green color comes from the amount of decomposed plant material and iron oxide? This unique color is the determining factor in the quality of the clay. It should never be gray or white, it should be green. It not only does it drink up oils, but also boosts microcirculation. The tingling sensation on application is the sign of boosting circulation.

Use for:

  • Exfoliation
  • Boosting skin circulation
  • Excess sebum
  • Pore tightening


Fuller’s Earth Clay: This is another powerful absorber of oil and impurities. On top of its acne banishing benefit, it is known for working well for addressing hyperpigmention, as it has mild bleaching properties. When combined with rose water and used as a mask, it helps boost circulation. This is recommended for people with oily skin since it can be quite drying but it wouldn’t hurt for normal skin if used once a week following b a good nourishing moisturizer.


Kaolin Clay: They come in a few different colors—white, yellow, red, and pink are the more popular ones, all of which vary in their abilities.

  • White kaolin clay is the gentlest and thus great for sensitive dry skin. It doesn’t absorb so much as it does soften with super gentle bits for a mild exfoliation.
  • Yellow kaolin clay is slightly more absorbent and exfoliating but still remains gentle enough for sensitive skin. This can be more circulation-boosting, so you’ll probably find it in a lot of brightening masks.
  • Red kaolin clay has the most absorbing powers of the bunch and is best for oily skin. This is a great addition for acne/detoxifying masks for the face or body.
  • Pink kaolin clay is pretty much a mixture of the white and red kaolin clays, making it an idea balance for those with sensitive skin that needs a bit of oil-suction and gentle exfoliation.

Use for:

  • Exfoliation
  • Boosting skin circulation
  • Excess sebum
  • Pore tightening
  • Skin detoxification


Rhassoul Clay (Red Moroccan clay): This ancient clay is mined from Morocco and is rich in minerals. This clay is the perfect magnet for pulling out all those impurities—sebum plugs, blackheads. It doesn’t, however, leave you dry because of its elasticity and texture-improving effects. It’s gentle enough for daily use in small doses. It makes a heavy-duty exfoliator mask when mixed with crushed oats or almonds,

Additional tips: Rhassoul clay is great for both skin and hair. It is absolutely fabulous for absorbing excess build-up on hair, sebum around hair follicles restoring volume, and shine.

The best Spas across the globe utilize the toning and enriching benefits offered by Rhassoul and now it’s just as easy to enjoy this splendor within your own home. High in Silica, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium content, this clay is surely one of the finest treasures for the pampering of your skin.

. Use for:

  • Exfoliation
  • Boosting skin circulation
  • Excess sebum
  • Pore tightening
  • Skin detoxification

Umbrian clay – Originally found in the small idyllic town of Nocera Umbra, Italy, this charcoal-toned, ultra-fine and mineral-rich clay works to give you a balanced and pure complexion that glows. Umbrian clay masks work great on normal, oily, combination, dry and even sensitive skin types. This clay mask multitasks as a daily deep cleanser, instant purifying mask and spot treatment to reveal a more refined complexion. This clay restores balance and reduce swelling and any blemishes or skin irritation.

Use for:

  • Exfoliation
  • Deep cleaning
  • Boosting skin circulation
  • Excess sebum
  • Skin detoxification

Beauties! Make the best use of what Mother Earth has offered us. Share your thoughts and tips on clay masks for us to know more. Happy skincare!



What do I do with my too dark and too pale lip colors?!

Even with the best sense of color makeup people do have a few unwanted pieces of lip colors! Not that it’s always a bad buy, often our choice changes, so does the trend. 90% of us admit never being able to throw away those pretty pieces. Then, what do you do with those? Remember the fabulous words “When it comes to your makeup, don’t be afraid to be an artist.”

Here are some cute ideas to use the lip colors rather than letting it sit unwanted at some corner of your makeup drawer.

Too pale for me:


  • Make a new shade of the same color family- Mix them with deeper hues of the same color family to create a new medium shade.



  • Make a complete new shade – Mix it with a darker lipstick of a different color range to create a complete new color. Don’t melt the whole lipstick at the first go since it will be a waste if you don’t like the new shade. Mix a little of the colors to see how the new color comes out. If you like it, go ahead!


Tips: You could mix an orange with a pink to create a beautiful coral lip or take a pale nude lip and add a pop of pink to make it a pinky nude.

  • As a pop color – I recommend starting with a bright or deep base shade applied all over the lips, then use the pale shade to highlight just the center of the lips. This creates a beautiful gradient and makes the lip look voluminous.
  • A new cream blush – If the color is of pink, coral, orange or brown family, dab a little on the apples of your cheek and blend well to get a flush of color.

Tips: Be careful not to use a matte lipstick for this. Start with a little lipstick and then build up in case you need to. Think of it as you would add salt or pepper to taste.

  • How about a new cream eye color? – Just like the blusher use it as an eye color. But again, be light handed in the beginning.


  • To lighten too-dark shades – Pale colors mixed with a too-dark shade can give you a lovely medium shade. That way, two unused lipsticks, one “too pale” and another “too dark”, comes to use.
  • Create ombre lips – Take a dark lip liner, line your lips till mid region of your lip. Apply the pale lipstick at the center of the lips. With a lip brush gradually blend the transition of the dark and pale to create beautiful ombre lips. The hot ombre lips will make a statement wherever you go!


Too deep for me:

Unless you want a stunning look for autumn or winter or a fan of Goth lips, too dark shades are a bit difficult to wear.

too dark

  • Light it out the shade- Dab a peachy-nude the center of your lips and blend the edges with your fingertips or brush to mix the colors together. If your concealer is peach-hued, you can use that, too.
  • Gloss over – Try using a shimmery lip gloss over the dark color. The shimmer in the gloss will reflect the light, making the color overall appear lighter.
  • Use as a lip stain – Apply your dark lipstick generously and then after a couple of minutes with a tissue, dab away most of it. The color that remains on your lips is light, natural and pretty long lasting. You can even set it with a setting powder to make it more matte. Another way to use dark lipstick as stain is to tap some color on your fingertip and tap the color on your lips till you get suitable finish and color.
  • Try creating ombre lips – One of the hottest trends of lip makeup. Start with the deep shade as a base applied all over the lips and then use a light shade to the center of the lips. Make sure to blend the transition area to create an awesome effect.
  • Use it as a lip liner – If your dark lipstick is matte or have a long-lasting formula, use the sharp edges of the stick to line lips.
  • Make tinted lip balm – Melt a little of your dark lipstick with shea butter or petroleum jelly or any transparent lip balm of your choice to make a nice tinted lip balm. Store it in small containers to make a lovely palette.

lip balm

  • For smokey eyes – Dark shades like garnet, plum, chocolate can double up as a creamy eye shadow for your eyes. Just be careful to use a good eye shadow primer to avoid clumping or creasing. And, also, use a moderate amount.
  • Make your signature eyeliner shade – Seriously! I jumped around for whole 15 minutes when I tried this. Add eye pencils and gel eyeliners into lip products to get signature hues. Mix them together on the back of your hand using a lip brush to create a velvety texture. Start small and build. I mixed a maroon lipstick with a little brown gel liner to an unbelievable shade.

lipstick as eyeliner


  • Use directly as an eye liner – Use an eyelinerbrush and bury it into the lipstick so that you make a little divot in the bullet. Line your top lid, staying close to the lash line, and extend up and outward to your brow. Connect the outer corner and drag in the color across your lower lash line as well. Liquid lip colors make the task even easier!

lipstick as eyeliner 2

Hope you lovlies liked the tips! Let me know your ways to use dark and pale lipsticks.

Best tips for wearing printed skirts

With warm weather on its way, so I’ve heard, many women will want to start wearing more color. A lovely way is to add (or take out) some printed skirts for refreshing summer looks. They’re just cool and flattering.

For ladies who worry about the width of their hips or the length of their legs, embracing summer style obsession with printed bottoms can be a challenge. To the assurance of all the lovely ladies, there’s definitely a right way to wear a power print without feeling self-conscious.

The important part of all styling is “balance” and that’s exactly what will make you rock printed skirts. The secret to pulling off a print on your lower half is to balance the rest of your ensemble crisp and clean. One of the classic tricks is to wear the most basic shirt or top possible and allow your skirt to take center stage. And, opt for sleek accessories to provide some extra sophistication to your look.

Some common problems with printed skirts and solutions:

  • If you really want to downplay your hips, thighs and legs, look for details that slim and take the focus away from them. Here are some of the best skirt styles that downplay curves:
    • A-line shape – It perfectly skims your curves.
    • Full circle skirts.
    • Vertical details such as darts, pleats, visible vertical prints etc.

Also, balance the print skirt with a solid top in a lighter or brighter color that closely matches a color from the skirt.

  • If you want to add curves to a skinny frame, or narrow or straight hips, then have a wide range to choose from! Compared to curvy gals, you’ll benefit from lighter colors, bolder prints and shiny fabrics because they visually expand your hips and thighs. You can opt for a belt to create or add definition at the waist area.

As you get your wardrobe ready for summer, check out these skirt styles and how to make them look stylish when it is super-hot outside.

  • Bright and bold

Brighten up your wardrobe with our gorgeous colors and bold patterns. To balance the boldness of the skirt, keep the top in solid color.


  • Floral prints

One of the most popular patterns. Depending on your proportions, keep the print moderate if required. Too big floral prints can often make you look broad and stumpy.

  • Animal prints

When it comes to prints, animal prints are a must try for many. You can give it a try preferable with a solid top.

animal (1)

  • Black and white

The classy combo when it comes to any print or pattern. Add some pearl accessories for a classy retro look or add some bright ones to bring a twist.

Street style | Black leather top and printed skirt.

Street style | Black leather top and printed skirt.

  • Tropical prints

Want to feel like in a tropical beach holiday? Bring the mood in with some cool tropical prints.


  • Polka dots

Another classic most of can’t live without.


  • Tribal prints

Yes, Aztec prints are already in vogue (the image on left). But look beyond and try different tribal prints. In this picture, right, is a striking skirt with African (Ankara) print.

  • Asymmetric prints

They create eye-catching effects with these different patterns.


  • Abstract prints

Abstract prints are growing as a trend. Catch eyes with one.

  • The latest trend – Art Theme

One of the latest trend in the horizon of printed skirt is to go artsy! Prints, inspired by works on canvas, are going strong. Why not try the trend?!

  • Long and slit

Doesn’t this picture speak for itself? Turn heads with long printed skirts.

long slit

  • Skater and super-cool

Go supercool and sexy in short printed skirts. Team with crop tops, turtlenecks, noodle straps to get the ideal summer look.


  • Large swing

Luxurious, super-feminine and ultra-dressy, large swing skirts create an exceptional look.

large swing

  • High waist

For some classic retro effect.

high waist

  • Long and medium flared

Go for gorgeous floor length flared skirts to create a different look. Too much clothes for summer? Team it with tube tops or tank tops to balance out. Great camouflage for the days when your legs are feet are less than perfect to be flaunted.

long flared

  • Magical mini

Fitted printed mini can work wonders if accessorized correctly. Follow the picture to see how a sophisticated look night-time/party look is created.


  • Asymmetric hemline

Have some fun with the asymmetric hemline.


  • Long and fitted

Great style for creating an illusion of length. The close fit makes you look tall and lean.

long fitted 2

  • Mind-blowing midi

While not many people sport this length of skirts but midi skirts can do a wonder. They give you a very feminine appeal without attracting any attention to any specific part of your body. Try printed midis with plain tucked tops for a new summer look.

midi (1)

  • Sheer magic

Sheer printed skirts feel summery and sexy. Ideal for a hot day out or for pool or beach outings.


Printed skirts in office

There are a few things to keep in when wearing printed skirts to the office. Some or all may apply depending on how conservative your work environment is.

  1. Choose the print carefully – Too bold or loud prints might not be idea for office wear. You can choose small, sober prints of patterns to keep the look stylishly different
  2. Choose professional colors – You can choose bigger or marginally bold prints for the office as long as there is some sort of base neutral found in the print. This is important as with that you can use to tie in more conservative colors into your outfit.  To make it clearer, look for skirts that have a navy ground, or bits of black, or white in them and then use these neutrals to tone down what you wear with them.
  3. Keep the silhouette or cut of the skirt like other formal skirts – Prints can sometimes look too casual for the office environment.  However, when a printed skirt is in a silhouette like a pencil, sharp A-line or fit-&-flare, like the general formal skirts. It comes off as more professional than the unstructured or flowing ones.
  4. Pair the skirts with more professional pieces – In order to keep a printed skirt outfit looking professional, be sure to wear more tailored or structured pieces with these styles.  Yes, you can wear relaxed pieces like cardigan with your printed skirts but be sure that they are not too unstructured or completely informal looking.  Generally, a well-fitted top or shirt or a formal blazer balances printed skirt perfectly for office environment.
  5. Accessorize professionally – Never ever forget that your accessories can make or break your look no matter what you are wearing. Since printed skirts add a dash of casual feeling to your look, for work, avoid casual sandals, overly ornate jewelry or inappropriate accessories that can make you look too casual for your conservative workplace. Keep the casual accessories for teaming up with your printed skirts on weekends or any informal place.

office color

What more do you want to add? Please put your valuable input in the comments.

Say “Goodbye” and save money!

 What if you can save a good few bucks from your makeup budget? Here is a simple guide to bid goodbye to a few products we can absolutely do away with. Psst! I have tried and never ever went back to buy these.

  • Goodbye Waterproof Makeup removers

Nothing will work better and faster than coconut oil. And don’t forget the nourishing benefit you get from it. Take generous amount of oil, massage and let it loosen the makeup for about t minute. Clean off with a good cleanser.

Take care to choose pure virgin coconut oil for best benefits. While you massage avoid letting it into your eyes. And last, but not the least, double cleanse with a cleanser or face wash. No matter how well you wipe, traces of oil mixed with makeup might stay back doing harm to your skin.


  • Goodbye Strobing Powders

Do you have a good highlighting eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone? Or universal shades like, champagne or neutral gold? Then you already have something which can be used for strobing. Apply the powder carefully and strategically on the areas and be the glowing Goddess.

that glow

  • Goodbye eyebrow gels

Use a disposable mascara wand or a soft toothbrush, spray a good hairspray on it and set your brows. Easy and effective.

  • Goodbye cheek stains

Dab a nice sheer lip color on the apples of the cheek and dab with a finger or damp makeup sponge to blend well. An absolute favorite for the frequent travelers.

  • Goodbye contour powder

A nice matte brown eye shadow that is just 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone is perfect for contouring. Make sure that it is of your skin tone and avoid muddy or too dark shades.


  • Goodbye lash primers

We’re all for thick, voluminous lashes, but between your eyelash curler and a good volumizing mascara, you’re more than covered.

  • Goodbye lip exfoliators

Dry flaky lips? Dab generous amount of Vaseline or oil or lip balm, go around to do some other work. Use a soft washcloth or soft tooth brush to scrub away the softened dead skin and you are good to go. Easiest way is to dab lot of balm when you go to bed and scrub away in the morning while cleaning face! No extra time or money to have petal-soft lips throughout the day.

  • Goodbye volumizing lip gloss

Shimmery glosses, lining lips, using concealer around lips, so many are the ways to fake a fuller pout. If you still want to add some more volume to your lips scrub your lips gently, dab some peppermint oil. Wait for 5 minutes, dab and repeat the oil. Repeat this for 3-4 times. Full pout is all yours. This process might cause little tingling effect as the lips skin is quite sensitive compared to skin of body. You can substitute this with cinnamon oil.

  • Goodbye eyebrow powder

A matte brown eye shadow that matches the color of your natural eyebrow hairs and a eyebrow or angled brush. This is all you need to fill your eyebrows like a pro. Set it with hairspray! If you want two shades to create a natural gradient of color, use two shades of the same family. Remember to choose a matte shade unless you want the fancy glittery eyebrows that are trending everywhere now a days.

Let me know some more tips to streamline the makeup stash and say hello to more space and more money!

How to get the maximum benefits of your face cream


If you think you’re doing everything right, you might be surprised to learn that you could be applying your face cream better. And with a few small modifications you can make the most of the jar in hand.

Applying your face cream correctly boosts hydration in your skin that lasts long and also helps the other beneficial ingredients like the anti-aging ones work well.

Hey! Remember, all these tips and techniques goes well for facial moisturizers too!

Shop smart

First of all, ask yourself what is the target of the cream you are buying. The most important rule when choosing face cream is to make sure it is appropriate for your skin type and your skin’s needs. Talk with the Sales assistant about your requirement, read the ingredients, do some research and then, go ahead.

For example, along with requirements like anti-aging or depigmentation, a basic requirement most of us want is moisturization. Hydration starts with ingredients known as humectants. They are important for longer lasting moisturization. Humectants to look for in the composition of a cream include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and propylene glycol. Check the ingredients list before you buy any moisturizer and make sure it contains at least one humectant.

Clean your face

No matter what time of the day you apply the face cream, you need to wash your face. This is to get rid of sweat, grime, makeup etc. This will allow the cream to penetrate into your pores and work its magic. You may be diligent in makeup removal, but are you using the right cleanser to put your skin in optimal condition for skin renewal is important. Look for a cleanser that contains the right ingredients. Ingredients like antioxidants for protection, salicylic acid to help clear your pores (in case of oily skin), and witch hazel, which acts as a natural astringent adds extra boost to your skin care

To keep the canvas clean don’t forget to exfoliate regularly.

Clean fingers

The fingertips are dirt magnets. Not always visible but they pick up microscopic dirt and germs easily. So, apparently, no matter how clean your fingers are, clean them before you apply face cream.


Timing Is Everything

The best strategy is to apply moisturizers when skin is freshly moist. This moist state is most accessible immediately after towel drying. The same effect is achieved if you pat the cream after applying toner before it’s completely dry.

Layer Strategically

You get more functional utility out of your skin care products when you layer products that work together in the best most effective order. The rule of thumb is to start with the thinnest consistency products and work your way up to the heaviest. Serums go on first, followed by oils, then creams. The one exception is sunscreen, which should be applied last

Measuring Depends On Personal Requirement

There is no ideal measurement for how much face cream you need. A little trial and error is necessary to determine the optimal amount of product for each specific product and situation. If you’re unable to rub in all of the product, then you’ve probably used too much. On the other hand, if you’re not able to easily spread the lotion everywhere you need it, you need to use more. This amount might change from time to time depending on the cream you are using, the condition of your skin and external factor like season.

Don’t Ever Neglect Your Neck

When you apply your cream, there’s no reason to stop when you reach your jawline. Using the same product on your neck and decollate is highly recommended because all of these areas will show signs of lack of care or aging.


The Right Technique of applying and massaging face creams

Apply in Gentle Upward Strokes: As you age, gravity pulls your skin downward, causing sagging and wrinkles. To combat this, experts suggest applying moisturizer in upward strokes. It may not be enough to reverse the effects of gravity, but it, to some extent, prevents further sagging. Dab moisturizer on face and then gently and evenly spread moisturizer of choice on your face and neck in upward and outward movements

Massage: A gentle massaging technique increases circulation, helps minimize puffiness, and ensures that your skin absorbs the most moisturizer it possibly can. Starting from the center of your chin, massage slowly up your jaw line in gentle, circular motions, ending at the lower ear. Repeat twice. Then, starting at the corners of your mouth and using the same small, gentle, circular motions, massage along the base of your cheekbone, ending at the middle ear. Again, repeat this twice. Repeating the same motion, massage from the side of your nose, over your cheekbone, ending at your temple. Repeat two times. Finally, use a gentle, upward motion to massage your neck using the left hand to massage the right side of the neck and visa versa. If it is not possible to complete the entire technique every time you apply cream, try to do it once, preferably at night.

Activate energy points. Press gently and hold for up to 1 minute on the outer eye (by the top of the cheekbone), cheek (under the cheekbone, by the jaw) and chin (under the corners of the mouth). It helps to rejuvenate your face.

Some Useful tips:

  • Always apply face cream or a moisturizer before applying the foundation even if your skin is oily.
  • If your foundation disappear within few hours of application, or drags when you blend it that means that probably your skin needs more moisture.
  • If your skin is prone to breakouts or is prone to acne choose a cream containing alpha hydroxy or benzoyl peroxide.
  • Make sure the cream is appropriate for your skin type.
  • Don’t use heavy and too thick cream even if your skin is very dry.
  • Always apply calming or hydrating face cream after exfoliation, because exfoliating causes the skin to dry out and needs more moisture.
  • Never use heavy creams or moisturizers around the eyes as these could irritate your eyes.
  • Many brands offer day and night face creams that work together to achieve best results.
  • Always make sure the cream is well-absorbed into the skin before you apply makeup.
  • In case you find layering products cumbersome, choose a cream with sun protection (at least SPF 15 or higher), during days to prevent any skin damage induced by sunrays.

Don’t miss this post:

“Do you apply eye cream correctly?”

Don’t miss to leave a comment if you think the information was useful. Happy skincare beauties!

Secrets of building basic makeup kit

“What does a woman need in her makeup kit?” This one of the most-Googled beauty questions of all times!

When the market is overflowing with thousands of products being launched every month, how does a woman decide what are the basics to stock?

Most of the woman, whom I get to talk in my sessions are very scared of makeup because they are confused and lost, if not alarmed with the variety of products. They just don’t know where to start. No matter what the internet says, unless you are a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, you don’t need a trunkful of products, period.

The quality and color selection according to your skin tone is a more important factor than number of products you “should” buy. By quality, I don’t emphasize on buying very high end brands; the drugstore has a good stock. Your wise selection is all that counts.

Now, on the trail.


Even if you are not a heavy-makeup person and love to keep your look natural, unless you have a flawless skin, you need foundation! Don’t worry about looking cakey. If you choose the color and texture correctly, a foundation will never ever make you cakey. It will even out your complexion and make your skin flawless.


For a complete guide on how to choose foundation according to your need,

All foundation worries, finally, settled!

Tips: If foundation feels too heavy for you, a tinted moisturizer, and BB and CC creams are lighter options that are great for every day.

The lucky 13 tips on foundation that most of us don’t know!


I am sure to have invited quite few eye-rolls with this. Yes, even if you think you can do without a foundation, a concealer is a must. The under eye area, the minor spots, marks, sits, redness, hyperpigmentation everything needs a concealer.

Even on days when you want to skip the foundation, you just use concealer with your tinted moisturizer, and BB and CC creams and go.

Mostly, our under eye area needs a specific concealer according to need.

Best tips for choosing under-eye concealer!


Many of my dear ladies shriek in horror when I say this. No beauties, a blusher doesn’t make you clownish. A perfect blush for your skin tone is a must-have all year round. The right shade will instantly brighten up your face and accentuate facial features. It might take you a little work to find the right color, formula and that doesn’t leave you looking over made up. If your skin is more oily or acne-prone, go for a light, mineral blush that will let your skin breathe. If your skin is dry, cream blush will give a lovely color without making you cakey.

Blushes with a light iridescent sheen creates a lovely highlighted flush on your cheeks.

Some tips on choosing the color.

 blush fair

blush medium

blush dark

Nude/Neutral eye shadow palette

An eyeshadow palette with beiges, tans, taupe, browns, greys in it will have you set for the lifetime. You can go from a natural, everyday look to a glamorous smokey eye with just one palette.

See, the remarkable difference neutral eye shadows can bring when used with basic eyeliner and mascara.


An eyeliner/eye pencil

Even the least-makeup person uses this. Black and brown are the eternally flattering colours to match all your needs. You might think you need a black liner only, but dark brown is more wearable for every day, more so, if you are fair-toned. Depending on your skill level and preference, you can go for a pencil, or a liquid liner.

Tips: Smudge the liner for a pretty, brown smokey eye look, or layer it on thick for a mod style.


This again is a scary piece for many. Many have expressed concerned about poking eyes, smudging or creating a mess. Yes, it takes a little practice to perfect the application technique but once you know how to apply, you can’t ignore it ever. Cause? It lifts your eyes, makes them larger, more prominent, darken, thicken, lengthen, and/or define the eyelashes. The overall effect lifts the entire look.

Tips: If you have porcelain in complexion, you can try brown instead of black. This creates a pleasant and natural effect.



The love of womankind! Yes, most of us have enough of these to swim in. But if you ask me, what is the bare minimum or basic color range? Here it goes

  • A Your-Lips-but-Better Color: For a natural look or to balance a dramatic eye makeup, a color just a few shades deeper or brighter than your actual lip color is ideal. These colors contain mauve or pink undertones. A great way to find your perfect shade is by matching it to the inside of your lip! The difference between this color and a standard nude is that this one should be slightly more pigmented and look “natural” rather than muted or washed out.
Politely Pink

MAC Politely Pink

  • A Nude/light Brown: For a muted effect when you want to go absolutely natural or is sporting a heavy eye makeup one should have a brown nude that doesn’t wash out complexions. You can top it with a clear or pearly gloss for an added effect.


 Get your perfect nude lipstick!

  • A nice Pink: Packs a powerful punch without being loud.

MAC Silly

  • A subtle Rose: A versatile shade. Creamy with no shimmer, this brownish-rose serves as a great neutral lip color for all skin tones. This might double up as your A Your-Lips-but-Better Color.

MAC Plumful

  • A Berry or Plum: A berry or plum lipstick is versatile. Though the deeper shades are intimidating, it’s hard to go wrong with rich reddish and purplish shades, because they’re super-flattering and mimic the skin’s natural “flush.” Magenta tinged-plum is a universally flattering shade, no matter what your undertone.
  • A comfortable red: My use of the word “comfortable” is conscious. Red seems to be quite daunting or too-bold-for-my-choice for many. But it has different shades, right from subtle or muted to bold or fiery. Try a range of color and choose the one that you are comfortable in.

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This knowledge can entirely change the way you dress and make up

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Best tips to make your hooded eyes stand out

How do I know if I have hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes feature excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line, which fully or partially obscures your crease. Many of us have this eye shape from birth, but it could also be the result of your lid drooping with age.

The Secret to Perfect Eye Makeup according to your Eye Shape


Problems faced with hooded eyes and Makeup tips to tackle it:

Though it is one of the most common eye shape, typically this eye shape features a shrink in the eyelid area and can make you look drowsy.

The makeup techniques for typical, almond-shape eyes don’t always work for hooded eyes. The key is learning how to select and use the eye makeup that will make your eyes look wider and more awake.

Here are the winner tips!

Problem 1: Tired-looking eyes

Lack of lid space can close in hooded eyes, making you appear tired. Strategically placed highlighter can help you with this.

Technique: Blend a champagne (or similar shimmery shadow) in the inner corner of your eyes and across your lid, bringing the shade up toward your brow bone. Be generous with the shade at the inner corners to bring light and create an illusion of space to that area. Apply a little on your lower lash line as well. Add a few coats of lengthening mascara to your top and bottom lashes to help open up and define your eyes.

probem 1

Problem 2: Downturned look

To balance the downturned look of hooded eyes, you need to extend and lift the liner on the upper lid a bit higher than you normally do, creating a cat eye.

Technique: Gently pull the skin of your lid up to give you a little space to work with. Run the liner in a fine line along your lashes, stopping a few millimeters from the outer corner of your eye. Hold the lid up for a few seconds to let the liner dry so it doesn’t leave a mark on your lids. Release, and then flick the liner up toward the tail of your brow, starting where you stopped your line earlier. Finish with a coat of mascara.

Tips: Keep the wing short for a subtle lift, or lengthen it for a more feline effect.

probem 2

Problem 3: Perfect smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are especially tricky for people with hooded eyes. Hooded lids hides the shadow, so you’ll need to apply it slightly above the lid to create a crease where there isn’t one naturally. Top off the look with thick coats of mascara, particularly at the outer lashes to open your eyes way up.

Technique: Blend a medium-toned brown shade onto your lid, and look straight ahead into a mirror. With your eyes open, you’ll be able to see when the shadow starts to become visible. Blend the brown shade up past your socket, up towards your brow bone area. This technique contours your socket into looking like a crease, lending a defined vibe to your look.

Next step, blend the same shadow along your bottom lash line. Rim your water line and upper lash line with a black/deep grey/deep brown liner, and use a light champagne shadow to highlight just the inner corners of your eyes to avoid your eyes looking closed-in. Finish the look with mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

probem 3

The must-follow tips:

  • Accentuate the natural crease of your eyes – To repress the droopiness of hooded eyes, it is tremendously important to work on the natural crease. The result is an open appearance of your eyes. Apply make up to the closed eye, start from the outer side and work towards the inner side.


  • Only use smudge-proof eyeliner and mascara- Due to hooding, there is a higher chance of the eyeliner and mascara to be smudged. So, smudge-proof products are the safe bait.
  • Arch your eyebrows upwards – This will make your eyes look much bigger and will give you that perfect arch that is essential for balancing the drooping lids.
  • Don’t be afraid to liner lower lash – It makes hooded eyes more prominent.
  • Curl Lashes For Hooded Eyes – This opens up the eyes and counteracts the droopy effect of the hooded eyes.
  • Choose the right kind of fake lashes – Hooded eyes makes it very difficult to have full or long fake eye lashes because the long fake eye lash almost reaches the brow and makes the eyes overdone. The solution is to trim them according to your eyes or face. Another cool trick is to use individual lashes more towards the outer corner of the eyes; this creates the pretty effect without overwhelming the eyes or the makeup.

The best looks for hooded eyes

Whether you want to appear more bright-eyed for your day or bring the drama for a night look, here are some of the best tried and tested makeup looks for the hooded-eyed beauties!

Look 1 – Shimmery natural day-time look:

A subtle gleam and thin liner create a pretty, refreshing effect, perfect for work or low-key makeup looks. Shimmery eye makeup wakes up this eye shape by creating the illusion of light where there is usually darkness.

Technique: Select a champagne or beige frosted shadow and blend it across the lid and above the socket. Dust a little into the inner corners of your eyes to catch the light. Next, use a liner to draw a very thin line across the upper lash line, thickening it a bit towards the outer corner of your eye. You can give it a little upward flick, as mentioned before, to create an uplifting effect. Be very careful not to overdo the effect. End with generous coats of mascara, leaving your bottom lash line bare if you wish. An alternate to bare bottom lashes is gliding a brown pencil lightly for a naturally defined look.

Tip: Add a little shimmery base shadow below the tail of your brow to lift your eye and make it look more upturned.

look 1

Look 2 – Understated Cat Eyes:

A subtle cat eye lets you rock the look without being over dramatic.

Technique: Take a pencil liner and trace around your upper and lower lash lines, keeping the line thinner towards the inner corner. Extend the upper line into a slight wing, just a little past your eye. Connect the wing to the lower lash liner. You can color waterlines with the pencil, top and bottom. Add a touch of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up and Finish with a coat of mascara.

Tip: You can line all around your eyes and waterlines if they’re hooded, as long as you extend the wing slightly beyond your lashes to keep them looking open.

look 2

Look 3 – Dramatic Cat Eyes:

Ideal for a glam night or to turn head with edginess. A striking cat eye compliments hooded eyes by lengthening and lifting them.

Technique: Get the most out of on the lower lash line area, since the upper lid’s space is less. Take a pencil liner and make a thin line along your top lash line, stopping at the outer corner of your eye.

Line your bottom water line, following the curve of your lower waterline up and out, into a strong wing. Curl your lashes and add coats of mascara.

look 3

For lots of tips on hooded eye makeup, you can watch:

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