Organized wardrobe.. Clutter-free life!


The clutter in the wardrobe seriously clutters our day! How many times you have not managed to find a suitable shirt just before the important meeting or presentation in office?? Or ended up in a party with the out-of-fashion dress just because you couldn’t manage to find the best ones you have?

Here are a few tips for finally getting started on spring cleaning your wardrobe:

1. Clear out the area. Remove everything from your drawers and closet. This part can actually be pretty fun (and pleasantly shocking!! to realize how much is hoarded!!). You may find some things hidden that you hardly remember buying!… that too with intact price tags!

2. Evaluate. Take a quick look at each item of clothing. Is it torn, ripped, too shabby, or stained? If so, toss it out. If something is just dirty, wash it or starch it if needed and re-evaluate after being cleaned.

3. Categorize. Clothes that you wear often or are specifically reserved for special occasions should be hung back up. Store all of your heavier items that you will be sure to wear come first signs of winter (hello, puffy coat, cardigans, mufflers!), so they are available when you need them but don’t take up space in your newly streamlined closet. Set the rest of your clothes aside. Also divide the collection according to office wear, party wear, ethnic, semiformal etc. categories.

4. Try them on. For each item, ask yourself, “Is this blouse the right color for me? Are these jeans long enough?” and most importantly, “How do I feel when I put this on?” For those items that you don’t feel drop-dead gorgeous in, go ahead and set them aside. For those especially “iffy” items that just may prove useful someday, hang them back up. After a year, if something is still hanging exactly where you left it, consider if it should be excluded. (Doesn’t go for heavy ethnic wear though; we use them rarely but are not really to be discarded!)

6. Donate. Of course, some clothes may be thrown out directly, but for others pieces that are still in good condition, donating is always a great option.

Doesn’t that feel better? Streamlining your wardrobe, although tedious, is an important part of clearing out room in your closet in order to obtain a little peace of mind (and maybe clear some space for a few new summery pieces you’ve been eyeing lately!).

Have any spring cleaning/clearing tips of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments section!



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