Best MAC Pink lipsticks!

Summer is here! and this is the season when your pink lipsticks work overtime.. MAC has some of the prettiest pinks of the glamour world.. check out a few!

What are your favourite MAC pinks? Let us know in the comments!

Best of MAC pinks!

Best of MAC pinks!

1.    MAC MehrDesigned my MAC Senior Artist India: Mickey Contractor, Mehr is a subtly blue-toned medium pink. It has a matte finish. The color coverage is opaque, and the finish is mostly matte. The texture was soft and creamy.

2.    MAC Faux– As MAC describes it, a “muted mauve-pink”, this creamy pink looks good on almost all skin tones. Looks particularly good on medium skin tones.

3.    MAC Snob – A girly pink shade that looks good on fair to medium complexions. If you are very dark brown, give a serious testing before buying. MAC describes ‘Snob’ as a ladylike mauve (whatever that means!!), but on me I would describe it as baby pink with mauve undertones.

4.    MAC Please Me – It is a very pretty pink that shows but isn’t too bright. Goes well with smokey eyes! The finish is supposed to be matte, but it has a noticeable sheen to it, so it looks more semi-matte to me.



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