Perfect lips! The care tips revealed!


  • Stop environmental damage – Your lips are super vulnerable to environmental damage! Help prevent damage by applying Vitamin E oil to your lips frequently. Many lip balms contain Vitamin E already, so you may not have to go buy a new bottle. Vitamin E oil protects your skin not only against environmental damage, but also against aging. Two battles, one bottle.


  • Bye, bye, scaly lips – Say goodbye to scaly chapped lips with ingredients in your own kitchen. On a plate/bowl, pour out half a tablespoon of sugar (brown preferably!) and add a few drops of water or olive oil or even our good old Vaseline. Once you have reached the consistency of your liking, apply the mixture to your lips with a finger and rub gently. Rinse when completed! Helllo, Babylips!!


  • Overnight Moisture for dry lips – Lock in some moisture overnight and your lips will thank you! Simply combine a teaspoon of olive oil and honey together then apply to your lips with your finger (after you brush your teeth, of course!). If you want to lighten the pigmentation on your lips add a couple of drops of lemon juice (not much, it shouldn’t be runny)!! Go to sleep and try to keep your lips away from your pillow. Wake up and enjoy the irresistible petal-soft pout!


  • No dryness due to the blotting – Blotting is a necessity, but tissues eliminate moisture. Solution? Blot with a wet wipe to reduce intensity while adding shine to your pucker. Be careful – it’s easy to smudge.

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