Let your eye-liner speak!

Add drama to your eyes..

5 different ways to wear/ apply eyeliner

1)       Basic eyeliner – This is the most simplest way to apply eyeliner. From everyday makeup to office look, this style never goes out of fashion. Use a waterproof eyeliner to draw a line as close to your upper lashline as possible. To make your eyes look a little bold, make the line a little more thick.


2)        Colored eyeliner – When in the mood for funky, causal look, try colored eyeliner on your lower lashline. It adds the fun factor to a neutral look. Experiment with colors like blue, green, orange, purple etc.


3)        Think, intense & all around eyeliner – Evening parties and outings call for bold eye makeup. This is the perfect way to highlight your eyes and make them look sexy. Using a kohl pencil like Maybelline Colossal Kajal, apply a thick line on your upper lid and a thinner one on your lower lashline. Smudge a little to create the smoky eyes look.


4)        Winged eyeliner – This eyeliner style looks good on everyone. Winged liner is best created with gel eyeliner. My choice is Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner as it is smudge-free and water proof. Apply the liner with an angled brush from the inner to outer edge of your eye. Keep the line at 45 degree and extend it outward toward your eyebrow. This style is easy to create with an angled brush.


5)       Cat eyes liner – To create cat eyes look, apply a thick line on your upper lid close to the lashline with a dark eyeliner pencil. At the outer edge of your eye, draw a wing moving toward your eyebrow. Keep it long or short depending upon your preference. Cat eyes is a great look for party makeup.


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