3 must-know tricks for getting the flick of your cat eye just right!


The cat eye is arguably the biggest trend right now, and in fact, it’s been so popular for so long that it’s a genuine classic at this point. Whether you go for a thicker winged look or a little kitten-eye, choosing a good liquid liner, brush and learning how to perfect your cat eye is crucial for rocking the look. Any girl who’s tried the look, however, understands that perfecting the wings of your cat eye is painstaking at times, and the most frustrating part ever is two different shapes in two eyes. So, to help you nail the look, I have tried to pull together the crazy good tricks so you can fake that winged liner skill until you can do it freehand!!

Scotch Tape Trick: Get yourself a piece of clear tape that’s about two inches long and stick it to the back of your hand or your shirt a few times to remove most of the glue (you’ll be putting this next to your eye as a guide and you don’t need to pull or irritate the skin with the tape). Once the tape is just a little bit sticky, place it against your bottom lash line, angling up towards your temple to create a guideline for the cat eye. You can adjust the angle for how severe of a flick you want. Once you use liquid liner along your upper lash line, continue along and draw a line along the tape, pulling your eye taught as you go. Let the liner dry for about a minute, and then gently remove the liner to reveal your perfect cat eye!!


Wet Your Brush: If you love the cat eye look but don’t want it to look so severe, try this trick instead! Use a lighter pencil color (like brown or grey.. or be experimental with gunmetal, moss-green or copper!) to line your upper lash line. Take an angled eyeliner brush without any product on it and dip it in water, brushing off any excess moisture. Drag the eyeliner with the wet brush out to an angle, creating a shadow of a flick instead of a heavy wing. Close your eye and let the water dry for about 30-45 seconds before opening.

Cotton Swab With Concealer: Chances are you’re going to need to do a bit of clean up. To remove any excess liner and cover up the stray mark remnants at the same time, dip a cotton swab into liquid foundation or concealer, and gently drag it along the bottom of the cat eye wing (or the top if that’s where the mistakes are). For even more precision and to really make the wing pop, use an angled concealer brush with concealer afterwards to draw a straight line along the bottom of the wing.



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