6 Must-know tricks to keep your eyeshadow from creasing


We all love a good smokey eye make up but we hate when our eyeshadow creases. So much effort goes into getting the look and nothing ruins it more quickly than an oily eyelid or prominent lines of deposits on the creases.. Total look-spoiler and even a mood-spoiler!! I know the frustration — and understand that you often have to struggle to deal with creasing — I’ve put together the best tricks I use to keep eyeshadow from creasing.

Make sure it’s dry: 

Eye creams are fantastic, but you should be using them mostly at night before going to sleep to get the most out of the hydration. But it is not a choice during the day when you’re wearing makeup — especially eyeshadow — wearing a cream on your eye will make any product slip right off. Once you’ve cleansed your face, if you use a lightweight lotion during the day, make sure it’s dry before you apply any eyeshadow. You can use a tissue paper to pat it dry. Instead, use a primer; that’s exactly the next point.

Use a primer: 

Whether you choose to use an actual primer or you double your cream concealer as a base, using a primer will help to absorb any oils on your eyelids. Your eyeshadow will also be able to grab onto the primer as a solid foundation to stop the likelihood of creasing.


Don’t be heavy handed with eyeshadows:

Foranyeyeshadow, start with a little and build up by adding a little more each time. Please don’t dump a lot of product; the excess will definitely settle on the creases.

Use eyeliner or a good pigmented eye pencil instead: 

This works especially well if you’re going for a smokey eye at night. This is my cheater’s trick. Using an eyeliner kohl pencil and smudging over your eyelid will give the color a lot of hold, and the eyeliner won’t crease nearly as easily as a cream eyeshadow. The trick with this is to remember that less is more. Start off by adding just a bit of liner color, and you can gradually add more and more. Best point is it is fast and intense!! Viola!

Finish with powder: 

Translucent powder will absorb any oil on your eyelids, which is what makes your eyeshadow crease. Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow (whether it be cream, powder, or stick) use a fluffy shadow brush to tap on a bit of translucent powder to set the product in place and give it staying power. But be careful to be light handed.. Always start with a little product!

Go waterproof: 

If you can, try to choose a waterproof eyeshadow or a long-hour long wearing shadow over a regular option; now a days, you are spoilt with choices.



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