Steal the show in a statement necklace!


Statement necklaces…They’re IN. They’re bright, bold and embellished with a knockout factor that commands attention. They come in many shapes and sizes and can add panache to any outfit with a simple fastening of a clasp.

It’s important to find a statement necklace that reflects your unique style personality and co-ordinates with your outfit. The right one has the power to make you look absolutely remarkable BUT the wrong one will turn it into an unwanted disaster. Now, the big question is how to style it so you look gorgeous and not garish?

Here ends your treasure hunt!!

The Bright Gems

This type of necklace is typically over-the-top full of gems or pearls and looks very expensive. The bright gems statement necklace is the one you most often see celebrities wearing on the red carpet. A bright gem statement necklace is perfect for a formal occasion, like a wedding, a gala, or a formal party. Women of all ages can sport this necklace because it speaks for itself; it conveys a message of femininity, luxury and sophistication!



  • If you wear one with a contrasting color, make sure the necklace is the only eye-catching item in your look.
  • Keep your other jewellery to a minimum, small or no earrings.
  • If you wear ring or bracelet, make sure they are sleek.
  • Gemstone statement necklaces should be worn with matching or contrasting colors.


  • Avoid wearing loud printed tops.
  • Don’t wear chandelier ear pieces, cocktail rings or stack bracelets. Too many show-stealers spoil the show.

The Bib

It’s considered bold and unconventional, which means it needs to be the center of attention in a look. The Bib is ideal for cocktail, birthday or holiday parties. It is a real stunner that will definitely be a show-stopper.



  • The correct way to wear the bib is with an outfit that is not too colorful or that doesn’t have a lot of embroidery or ruffles.
  • The top needs to be plain and simple.
  • Depending on the bib necklace you choose, you may wearing a print top and opt monochrome.


  • If it’s worn with loud prints it can look overdone and even cheap.
  • Do avoid any detailing (like loud embroidery or ruffles) in the neckline of the dress.

The Shirt Collar

The name is enough to describe it.. isn’t it??. It’s not as bold as the other statement necklaces but is the simplest to wear. The possibilities for how to wear it are quite innumerable.

The shirt collar statement necklace can be worn day or night. They are many styles, from a thin and delicate chain to a bold rock-bunched necklace. This clavicle-grazing accessory will give this look all the cutting edge you need.

shirt collarcollar7


  • Wear it with an elegant dress or a simple blouse and a pair of jeans.
  • Try pairing a t-shirt with tap shorts/capri, a fabulous pair of open-toe booties
  • It can turn a boring turtleneck into an interesting background! So, try with a turtleneck.


  • Don’t wear it over your shirt collar if it does not synchronize in shape, color, texture and length.

The Geometric

The geometric tends to be bib shaped as well, but it’s in a category of its own because it creates a very different look. Geometric statement necklaces are huge and powerful, but their clean-cut lines and geometric patterns convey a message of modernity.

The best way to wear a geometric statement necklace is to follow the same rules as for the bib.


Additional tips:

  • To look even more trendy and “now”, wear it with a black and/or white outfit. The single pop of color or metal against all black or white sends a very dramatic, modern message

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