The sneaky tricks to get the no makeup look!


It’s ironic that nailing the “natural” look often takes a crazy amount of time and products. The motto of the natural-look is to look like yourself —just more beautiful and confident.

Trick 1: Find your perfect base

• You want something that gives enough coverage without totally covering you up. The BB, CC and DD creams are good options!
• Look for oil-free products if you have especially oily skin, and opt for moisturizing foundations or tinted creams if you’re on the drier side.
• Steer clear of the matte finishes. If you go too matte, it starts to look like makeup and not skin.

Trick 2: Find your perfect blush

Not sure if you should go pink, coral, or peach? When picking a cheek color, you should always follow the color of your lips or your natural blush color. So if you can’t think of how rosy your cheeks typically get, just hold options up to your lips to find the right hue.


Trick 2: Get a subtle glow

Highlighter is one of those tricky products that’s easy to get wrong. If you go too light, you’ll risk a whitish or silvery effect. Pick one in your skin tone so it just looks like you’re glowing. Apply it right at the highest point of your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead for a little shimmer when the light hits you.

Trick 3: Define your brows

• Keep your brows defined; pluck, thread or wax as convenient but keep the natural shape. Over-plucked eyebrows give an artificial effect.
• Use a shade slightly darker than your hair color and fill eyebrows in with shadow and a brow brush, rather than a pencil.
• You can give the above step a miss if you already have well-defined dark eyebrows.

Trick 4: Have a signature lip color

• To find this magical shade, look at your natural lip color and go one shade brighter or a shade darker, depending on what you prefer.
• Opt for a creamy formula, which tends to be more forgiving and natural looking. Lip tints or tinted balms are good option.

Trick 5: Define your eyes

• After choosing your favorite naturaleye shadow, line your eyes using a shade darker than your eye color (brown eyes will want to go with black or dark brown).
• Go for pencils for a softer and natural effect.
• The eyeliner or pencil should be thinner at the inner corner and a little thicker at the end, that way it gives the eye a lift
• Then top with a two coats of mascara, making sure to go all the way to the lash line, which helps define and lift the lashes. But beware, don’t make to too thick! That is anything but natural looking!



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