Sunglasses! Color and Shape guide unfolded!

Make a statement without saying a word!

Sunglasses can be the ultimate fashion accessories. Not only can someone express individuality, but also work, live and play while wearing a pair. Sunglasses can quickly change the look of any outfit while offering benefits such as ultraviolet protection from harmful sun rays and minimizing glare from indoor or outdoor activities.

Have you ever thought why you have so many colours of glasses? Here’s the answer!

Sunglass Lens Colors

Sunglass lenses come in a variety of colors, with black being the most common. Different colors offer different protection or vision enhancements.

  • For maximum effect, choose colors that set off and brighten the skin tone.
  • Pick sunglasses in hues that to match favorite clothing, commonly worn colors, and that complement the skin, hair and eye color.
  • Try to emphasize a favorite feature whenever possible, such as wearing vivid green frames with pale lenses to highlight emerald eyes. The most common sunglass lens colors are listed below:

• Grey Sunglass Lenses: Grey lenses cut light without distorting colors.
• Brown and Green Sunglass Lenses: Brown lenses and green lenses offer some contrast enhancements and minimal color distortion.
• Red Sunglass Lenses: Red lenses offer more contrast enhancement but greater distortion.
• Orange and Yellow Sunglass Lenses: Orange lenses and yellow lenses offer the most color contrast and depth perception.
• Clear Sunglass Lenses: Clear lenses do not dim light but can offer UV protection.

Select Sunglasses For Every Style! Identifying the shape is a secret weapon!

Today you have an endless selection of sunglasses to accommodate every style and activity.

Aviator Sunglasses
Big and bold, aviator sunglasses usually have a wire frame that may include a wire across the bridge of the nose and large, oversized lenses. They come with a variety of features, including UV protection and polarization. Dolce & Gabbana, Guess and Juicy Couture brands are a good place to start if looking for men’s or women’s aviator sunglasses.


Bi-focal Sunglasses
If interested in sunglasses, but require a bifocal lens, do not let reading or driving be an issue. Bi-focal sunglasses include a magnifying portion built into the lower portion of the lens to assist with reading, computer and fine detail work. Bi – focal sunglasses are available in various strengths according to vision needs.

Butterfly Sunglasses
Express personality and the style of the 1950s with butterfly shaped sunglasses. Butterfly sunglasses are often thinner across the bridge of the nose and across the eyes, however, towards the temple area, the frame becomes thicker, resembling the shape of a butterfly.


Designer Sunglasses
Many high-end clothing designers produce sunglasses to complement clothing and accessory lines. Designer sunglasses often offer high quality materials and coordinate with different styles and activities. Celebrity inspired designer sunglasses may include a little bling with rhinestones or graphic designs.

Driving Sunglasses
Driving sunglasses have high-contrast lenses to provide a sharp image and cut out glare. Persol, Serengeti, and Maui Jim sunglasses all make popular driving sunglasses.

Oval Sunglasses
Oval shaped sunglasses have rounded edges and may soften strong profiles. Look for oval shaped sunglasses such as Maui Jim.


Rectangular Sunglasses
Rectangular shaped sunglasses have a broad frame throughout and strong features. A rectangular shape can complement many face shapes and styles. Betsey Johnson and Dolce and Gabbana can be a good place to start for rectangular shaped sunglasses.


Shield Sunglasses
Shield sunglasses have a wide lens that extends towards the temple, similar to aviator and wrap sunglasses. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Prada are popular brands of shield sunglasses.


Square Sunglasses
Square Sunglasses have a large, extended shape that can cover the eye as well as the top of the cheekbone. Square sunglasses can work for both men and women.


Vintage Sunglasses
Vintage sunglasses resemble replicas of sunglass designs throughout history. Popular vintage styles can include Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” or perhaps Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.” From cat eyes to Ray-Bans, vintage sunglasses rewind the clock.


Wrap Sunglasses
Wrap sunglasses extend beyond the temple area for full coverage protection. Many wrap sunglasses may be used for sports wear.


Oversized Sunglasses
Oversized glasses offer extended protection around your face. Some are made for style and others offer increased coverage and protection from light and debris.

Sport Sunglasses
Sport sunglasses come with a wide range of features and styles. Find water-resistant sunglasses designed for water sports, durable and lightweight sunglasses designed for rock climbing, and sunglasses designed for any sport in between. Most sport sunglasses come with scratch-resistant lenses. Popular sports sunglass brands include Oakley sunglasses, Arnette sunglasses, and Native sunglasses.

 What’s your fav? Would love to know! just leave a reply!


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