Get your perfect nude lipstick!


Like the perfect pair of black trouser, a classic white button-down or a skinny jeans a flattering go-anywhere-anytime nude lipstick should be a staple in everyone’s makeup wardrobe.

Whether you want to downplay you lip shape, love natural-looking makeup, or need a neutral counterpart to a bold eye effect, a nude lip look perfect! But, the truth is, it’s tough to find a flattering nude shade. A right shade can totally make or break your look. A wrong shade will wash you out to the dreaded dead girl look.

Here are the best methods and tips to choose the correct shade for you!


1. Avoid nude lipsticks that look greyish. Many nude lipsticks have grey undertones. Grey toned nudes can become a dull purplish on your lips, making you look lifeless and tired. So, stay away!

2. Choose a nude with a hint of pink or peach. Stay away from beige tones. Instead, try a pale pink or peach tint. These hues will still allow you to achieve the nude lip, and you will find that compared to beige options they look warmer and brighter if not more natural. Moreover, peach color-corrects and neutralizes darker lip pigments. You can also layer a sheer peach gloss on top of your chosen nude lipstick. But remember, my dear pretty friends, this peach shade should still complement your natural undertones.

3. Blow it up with a liner.Applying nude liner under a nude lipstick can help punch it up a bit, and also improve staying power. Experiment with different shades of pink or brown gradually adjusting the intensity until you strike the perfect look.

4. Color guide. Fair-skinned women should go for sandy pink undertones, medium or olive-skinned ladies can opt for rose-beige undertones, and darker-skinned gals should try bronze tints.

A few suggestions!

For fair complexions: MAC Lipstick in Myth For medium or olive complexions: Nars Satin Lipstick in Belle du Jour For darker complexions: YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Taupe Rahael (#25)

And of course don’t forget to read for some lovely nude shades!

Do you have a favorite nude lipstick? Please share!


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