Makeup tricks to thank for!

WoW! Why didn’t someone tell these before!

Instant Face Lift

This makeup move will give you a subtle change that brightens your face. Take a concealer pencil and draw three horizontal lines – like cat whiskers – near the nose spanning out across the cheek. Use a sponge or clean brush to blend each line in an upward direction for an instant lift.

For an ultra-brightening effect, use a concealer pencil in the way described above, then directly above each whisker, draw another whisker line using a highlighter. Blend, blend and blend! When the concealer and highlighter are blended into the skin, it will not only lift and highlight, but will make the skin look airbrushed…


Tone It Down

If you have applied eye shadow that is a little too intense, don’t loose your sanity over it. You don’t have to pull the skin, remove, reapply (and get nervous, agitated and irritated!!). Just dip a blending brush in bronzing powder or a natural eye shadow, and sweep across the entire lid. The bronzing powder or the shadow will work like a neutral tint, so it will diffuse and soften the color without changing the hue or shade radically.

The same theory goes for blusher! But there, use your pressed powder..

For Lush Lashes

To get a better curl use your eyelash curler in three steps. First, a squeeze at the base of the lashes, then a squeeze in the middle and ends with a squeeze at the tips of the lashes. Once you’ve curled your lashes, dust a small (really little!) amount of loose/translucent powder onto them, and then apply your mascara. Apply a second coat by zig-zagging the wand through the lashes to spread them out. You will notice that the powder helps to volumize and maximize the look of each lash.


Perfect Pout

Connecting the two points of your Cupid’s bow (the top of your upper lip) with a nude lip pencil before going over the area with a light gloss.



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