Rock the Culottes trend!


Most of you must be reading this with a frown.. and an unspoken surprise “Hello!! Culotte??!!”

They’re unflattering and they’re uncool. BUT they are now all over the Spring/Summer runways. Maybe it’s time for us to change what we think about these free-flowing bottoms and embrace the idea that they can be chic if not dashing.

They lend flair to a casual look and they can definitely be transitioned from casual day to glamorous night. On top of all that! Bonus! They’re super-comfy, too.

Check out our culotte looks for inspiration and easy ways to adopt this runway style for real life. You’ll be glad they’re coming out for the fashionably forward. Mix and match different pieces to create your signature style!

  1. Culottes help balance out our new crop top acquisitions. Rock this look with a Bodycon Crop Tank, a Statement Bib Necklace, stylish flats, and the Pale Blue Denim Weave Culottes.


  1. This mesh culotte look cool with sweatshirt, hoop earrings, a plain buckle crossbody bag and a converse!


  1. Turn your look glamorous with the twisted origami top, a pair of teardrop crystal earring, a floral box clutch, black wrap culotte trousers and a lovely pair of stilettos, black or silver


  1. Now, its turn to become the chic summer girl. Theis pleated culotte look effortlessly chick with cream crop top, rose gold-plated cuff, a transparent pastel clutch and a metallic leather sandal.


 Next time, you’ll wonder why culottes were relegated to seniors in the first place!!




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