Sweat-proof your makeup!


Does your makeup go on a rampage when the temperature rises? Learn how you win the battle against the sweat demon!

Start with an ice pack. Rub anice cube over face before you start. Ice closes pores and tightens skin. Other than the toning effect ice controls oil and sweat with a fair degree of success!


Prep for the sweat. Use a face primer that will not only keep your makeup intact, but will also create a barrier for anything to come out or in. Create the perfect canvas with your face primer.

Use powder products. Be sure to choose powdered products over liquids and creams. Powder formulas help absorb any type of wetness on the skin, while liquids and creams will emphasize that wet look. Avoid anything shimmery or iridescent; that will create shine on the face, emphasizing a wet-ish look.

Choose a silicone-based foundation. As with primers, silicone-based foundations are truly the longest wearing and the very best option when met with moisture.

Blot it dry. With hot summer days ahead, we all have to accept that a little sweat is inevitable. A blotting tissue for your face is always a must.

Mind your lashes. For lush lashes and liner that won’t run, use a waterproof liquid liner and waterproof mascara. Raccoon eyes are never a cute look

Use a waterproof concealer. If mascara is the only waterproof product in your makeup bag, then it’s time to take action. A densely pigmented, waterproof concealer will hide dark circles and blemishes, even in extreme heat.

Cheater’s tips:

  • Forgot to pack blotting tissues? Don’t panic. A toilet seat cover or a tissue paper will get the job done.
  • If your eyeliner smudges a little, don’t feel the need to reapply it – blend it out so it looks more like a smoky eye.
  • If your blush or bronzer starts to get blotchy, use clean fingers and blend it out.
  • If you want to touch up, don’t rub brushes or sponges over your skin, it will smudge the makeup since moisture is high. Just dab!

 We are eager to know your favorite tips!

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