6 Beauty No-No’s

Go ahead with a WOW! factor not an EWW!…. 6 beauty mistakes I see even most stylish ladies forgetting about! Dont let them ruin your persona!

Craggy manicures and polishes

When it comes to your nails, bare is better than battered.. There’s a difference between hip and chipped. If your nail polish is chipped, take it off and buff if you don’t have time to repaint.

For Do’s and Don’t’s of Nailcare, check this,



Bushy brows

You know it can’t be a good thing. On the opposite end of the brow spectrum, over-tweezed brows are equally No-No! When in doubt, please leave the plucking to a professional.

Long, curving nails

A little length, buffed and painted, is ultra-chic. If it is too long, it’s time to pull out the clippers. Curving finger nails are not stylish unless you are a perfect Rihanna material. How do you know if it is too long?? Just when your nails make texting a chore!


Excessive glitter

Please be on the side of subtle shimmer rather than blinding disco ball or school craft project.

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
Mismatched face and neck

Foundation is all about consistency—so you ruin the illusion of flawlessness when you forget to match your face to your neck. to avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask, blend your foundation down to your décolletage. And don’t choose too light a shade. While buying your foundation make sure it matches your neck!


Chapped lips

No matter whether you are sporting Dior or Chanel lip color, if your lips are chapped and scaly you will end up looking what you don’t want to look like even in your nightmares. If you have dry and peeling lips, scrub, moisturize and make a smooth canvas for the lip color. If by any chance, the damage is beyond instant repair, scrub, moisturize and dab a moisturizing gloss with moderate tint of peach, coral, pink or orange.

The recipe for perfect lips is right here:


What are the makeup mistakes, you think, can ruin the glam effect?

Images: http://www.allure.com


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