Buying Jumpsuits? Read this before.


For the stylistas who are tired of the usual jeans and t-shirt pairing or the summer dresses, a great alternative is the romper or jumpsuit. This one-piece suit is a multipurpose and versatile fashion piece, ideal for almost any event. With so many types and designs of jumpsuits and rompers available today, most women can find a jumpsuit that complements their body type. Don’t miss to read the following six do’s and six don’ts when buying a romper or jumpsuit.

The most basic of jumpsuit designs features a top attached to pants or shorts and a cinched waist. The great thing about the jumpsuit is its versatility. Designers can play on this design and create different styles of jumpsuits.

When looking for the right jumpsuit, women should always keep these six do’s of buying rompers or jumpsuits in mind.

1. Purchase the Right Length

Jumpsuits and rompers come in varying lengths and sizes. Taller women can get away with sweeping, floor-length pieces, while more petite women should stick to rompers that go above the knee. Before you buy a piece, do give a trial and judge your look from all directions in front of a full-length mirror. Aside from bottom length, rompers can also come in different sleeve lengths. Women who have shapely arms should go bare with halter top, sleeveless, or even tube top jumpsuits. Long-sleeved jumpsuits look elegant and classy, and can also hide some less-than-perfect features.

2. Buy a Solid Color Romper or Jumpsuit

When in doubt, a solid color romper or jumpsuit looks great on any woman. The continuous silhouette created by the single color lengthens the body, and creates a flattering profile. It’s easier to accessorize too!! Small prints, a few splashes of color, or color-blocked jumpsuits look awesome but stay clear of very loud or large prints.

3. Buy the Right Fit and Size

The right fit is essential when purchasing any piece of clothing, and even more so when it comes to jumpsuits. An ill-fitting jumpsuit can highlight unsightly bulges and imperfections, and may cause some embarrassing situations (especially in too-tight nether regions). When in doubt, a good rule when fitting jumpsuits is to ensure the fabric remains loose and draped while cinching the waist. For those who want to highlight their curves, a jumpsuit that’s a little clingy around the buttocks area would be suitable. Try to sit on a chair and check how comfortable it feels and looks. Remember this! For all clothes and specifically for rompers!

4. Buy a Romper or Jumpsuit for Formal Events

While shorts jumpsuits are perfect for a day at the beach or a stroll in the park, they can also have a place at formal events. Celebrities wear jumpsuits on the red carpet, but these are often ramped up versions of the daytime romper. Silk or satin jumpsuits embellished with sequins or say, a sleek jumpsuit with and embellished belt can make a great nighttime outfit for anyone!

5. Wear Jumpsuits All Year Round

There are different types of jumpsuits for any weather, from skimpy rompers for the summer to turtleneck jumpsuits for the winter. The jumpsuit is a adaptable piece of clothing every woman can wear during any season. If anything, a basic jumpsuit is a great base that can be layered with a jacket or sweater during cooler days.

6. Feel free to experiment!

Fashion has never been for the faint-hearted and there is no thumb rule! If designers didn’t take risks to experiment, the fashion industry wouldn’t have seen the best creations. So, my dear fashionistas, try different things and experiment when it comes to dressing up and accessorizing, to find out what suits you best, or be at the risk of being stuck with the same style for years if not the rest of their lives.

6 Don’ts When Buying a Jumpsuit

Apart from the do’s, women should also take heed and remember these six don’ts when buying a romper or jumpsuit.

1. Don’t Buy a Skintight Romper or Jumpsuit

Rompers and jumpsuits are made to cover and drape around the body, and buying a piece that’s so small that it hugs the body tight doesn’t look very flattering on most body types. For women who want something figure-hugging, opt for a catsuit instead.

2. Don’t Buy Wild and Crazy Prints

Unless it’s for a Halloween costume, women should stay away from jumpsuits with large prints. Loud prints are distracting and draw the eye away from appealing parts of the body. The truth is, very few crazy or animal print jumpsuits look flattering, and few women can pull them off. Be very careful if you want to pick up Vertical stripes, denim jumpsuits.

3. Don’t Choose Clingy Materials

Never buy jumpsuits made of clingy materials like polyester, spandex, or leather, unless you are Jlo or Kim Kardashian’s identical twin sister . A jumpsuit should be loosely draped around the body. Fabrics like cotton and soft knitted jersey are some of the best types of materials for jumpsuits. These materials cling to the right parts of the body, while falling around the body to create a flattering silhouette. For silk and satin ones, check that well.

4. Don’t Overdo the Accessories

A jumpsuit itself can be an overwhelming piece, and may need minimal accessories. A pair of matching shoes and simple earrings can help carry the ensemble. Pair it with a chunky necklace or stack bracelet (if sleeveless) or an embellished belt or clutch.. but remember to choose any one.

5. Don’t Buy a Romper or Jumpsuit That’s Difficult to Remove

One of the cons of wearing a jumpsuit is when the wearer needs to quickly remove the outfit. Opt for a jumpsuit that can be slipped off the shoulders or has few zips and buttons.

6. Don’t Think You Can’t Wear a Romper or Jumpsuit

Rompers and jumpsuits come in all shapes, prints, and styles, and no matter what the body shape, height, or age, any woman can surely find a piece that’s perfect for her. Ankle-length, solid-colored jumpsuits look flattering on curvy women, while a cute, short romper can lengthen the legs on shorter or petite women. A woman should try on different pieces and styles to see what works and what doesn’t.

Phew!! Quite exhaustive! Any more tips? We are all ears..



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