Face shape? – Now, determine yourself!

Do you know your face shape? How important is understanding the shape of your face?

Understanding the shape of your face is a crucial step toward creating a look that makes you feel best. And while most makeup artists and hairstylists recognize the importance of considering facial structure to frame individual features, it is essential that you become aware of your face shape.

Determining your face shape will help you when deciding on a new hairstyle, grooming your eyebrows, buying sunglasses, applying bronzers and blushers and accessorizing! In short, it’s the key to put your best face forward.

In order to determine the shape of your face, begin by brushing back your hair so that your bone structure is exposed. Stand approximately twelve inches from your mirror and remaining still. Follow the guideline I am providing here and find out your face shape! Viola!!

Still confused? If you have difficulty is understanding, use an eyebrow pencil to draw precisely onto the mirror the outline of your face.


 Some more tips to understand the shape of your face.


 Understanding shape


Images: http://www.style-makeover-hq.com, http://0.tqn.com,

Which face shape do you find most flattering? Don’t forget to tell us.

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