My current 5 best beauty hacks!!

Tried some cool beauty hacks recently!! They are real saviors!


Listing the best of those for you.

  1. I using coral, peach or orangish-nude lipstick as cream blush/tint.

Advantage: I don’t have to carry full makeup bag and the lipstick and blush coordinates to give a polished look.

  1. If my manicure starts to chip, I layer glitter nail polish over it.
  2. I do the same if my nail polish gets smudged in the drying phase. Phew! No time for a hands-on momma to dry polish properly!

Advantage: It distracts the eye and hides most imperfections so you can go longer between manicures

  1. For a dewy gleam, I mix highlighter into body lotion or dry oil and spread it over my legs and arms.

Advantage: I don’t have to invest money and storage space for a body-tint! Elated!

  1. Using transparent mascara as a brow gel.

Advantage: Multifunction! And Since mascaras have a very short shelf-life, nothing like making them work overtime.

What are your personal favorite beauty hacks? Share with our readers!

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