Tie and Dye! Hippie or Haute?


Tie-dye is back, and, with reputed designers updating it for spring and summer, it’s far more fashion-forward than flower power.

“Tie-dye has really become much more sophisticated than the tie-dye we remember from back in the ’60s,” says Gregg Andrews, fashion director at Nordstrom. “It’s organic. It has an artisan look to it, it’s very unique, which people are really attracted to.”

But how to look gorgeous — and not like someone wearing shabby, discolored and bleached dusters? Here the tips on how to look chic in the tie-dye trend.


What are the best pieces to wear tie-dyed?

  • Everything is being tie-dyed right now from shoes to handbags to jeans to tops and dresses. If you really wants to start out with a piece of tie-dye, some of those long scarves are a great way to get a piece of tie-dye into your wardrobe without having to commit on a bigger level.
  • Get the biggest kick out of experimenting with non-traditional elements like crochet embellishments, buttons, beads, tights and refashioning cast-offs into fun, new up-cycled creations.


What should I pair my tie-dye with?

  • Tie-dye is like any trend; don’t overdo it. Use it sparsely, one item at a time. If you wear a tie-dye dress, go neutral with everything else. If you use a tie-dye bag, make sure you are neutrally dressed.
  • Tie-dye makes a bold statement in most cases, even when it’s very sophisticated and more subdued. It’s really about the interesting organic nature of the print. You need to let that be the focal point. I also think it’s important to think about a solid mixed in there — it could be a belt, a tote or it could be a solid top or a solid bottom — some place for your eye to rest. It creates a nice contrast against the pattern.”


What colors should I look for?

  • It looks more sophisticated in the darker hues or the very pale, watery, misty, almost ethereal colors. If you want to go brighter, think about going more tonal. Example, magenta, hot pink, pink, as opposed to magenta, turquoise, yellow.”
  • To get the chic look with tie-dye, stay away from rainbow effect. Instead, opt for a more elegant color palette like black and gray or black with just a pop of color. Pair this with a nice jacket and elegant heels and no one will accuse you of going hippie.


Share your tips to rock the Tie and Dye trend!

Images: http://www.brit.co

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