Face mist – Why? and How?


I, like most of the people, is just in love with face mists!

The benefits

  • Some sprays are marketed as being able to temporarily give you a dewy glow if your skin is feeling dried. They can temporarily change the appearance of your skin by providing moisture and nourishment, and, since they’re usually cool and pleasantly fragranced, they can help you feel good.
  • Others designed by cosmetic companies may help set or refresh your makeup.
  • In hot weather, a moisturizing face spray with botanical extracts and essential oils can soothe and refresh heat-stressed skin of all types, including oily. Mist your face liberally as needed.
  • In the winter, a spray can help skin absorb serum or moisturizing ingredients better. Mist cleansed skin, and while skin is still damp, apply serum, then moisturizer.
  • Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils extracted from plants, might be another reason to use a facial mist spray. Many alternative medicine practitioners say certain scents can be effective against depression, anxiety, insomnia or exhaustion, although in some cases scientific evidence is inconclusive. If you choose a facial mist for this reason, be sure to read the ingredients list carefully. Several essential oils, such as cinnamon, can cause irritation or breakouts when applied to the skin.

Be careful about:

  • Overusing facial sprays: When you mist your face, the water evaporates, which can dry your skin — think of the way your lips become chapped if you lick them too often.
  • Ingredients: Some added ingredients might dry your skin out by stripping away the protective layer of oil, or sebum.
  • Sunblock: Also, keep in mind that, although a sunscreen-containing mist is probably better than no sunscreen at all, a mist might not cover your skin thoroughly enough to really protect you from the sun. (as compared to a proper sunscreen cream or gel


The way to use a thermal or mineral mist is to…

1. Hold it about five or six inches away from your face and spritz.

2. Let it sit for maybe a minute or so, and then (Most IMPORTANT) blot off the excess with a tissue.

Yes, there’s a WRONG way to use face mists

If you use a spray without essential oils, saccharides or hyaluronic acid, all of which help skin retain moisture, “don’t let it dry on your face,” advises Amanda Matcham, Skin Therapist at International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica Canada. That’s the wrong way to use your spray because, “as water dries on the skin, it evaporates and draws some of the skin’s existing moisture out with it.” Unless you’re applying moisturizer immediately afterward, spritz your face, wait a few seconds, then pat off the excess.

Other ways to use your facial mist

So besides the method mentioned above (as a mid-day skin-refreshing pick-me-up on top of your makeup), there are a few other applications for these handy products…

1. Under your moisturizer

I have GOT to start doing this. I guess you have already got umpteen advices that it’s verrrry important to apply your body lotion on damp skin straight out of the bath or shower. The moisture gets locked in better that way. So why aren’t we doing the same thing for our faces?

This was another tip that I picked up very recently. After cleansing, give your skin a thorough mist and then without patting dry, apply your moisturizer of choice straight on top. Because you’re trapping the water with another product, it doesn’t matter which type of facial mist you use here.

2. To get a “smooth and glowing finish” with your makeup

Doesn’t “smooth and glowing finish” sound like a most-coveted thing to have? The way to get it is (you guessed it..) with a facial mist. Apparently, for every layer (of moisturizer, primer, makeup) that you put on your skin, you can mist. MAC’s facial mist is called Fix + is an eternal favorite with most people but the market is flooded with options lately!

Aim to saturate your skin but not make it dripping wet… and then layer on your other products as normal. If you try this, let me know if you think it makes a difference!


3. To set your makeup and remove the powdery finish

Most makeup artists absolutely despise the look of a powdery, makeup-y complexion. Over-matte, powdery skin is anything but natural-looking. As the last step to cut out the chalky matte-ness and make face look more like you are not wearing makeup… just healthy, dewy, normal skin use a suitable face mist.

If you try this, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a hydrating spray and also one that’s dispersing the water in a fine, even mist instead of big squirts. Don’t hold the spray too close or it’ll make your makeup melt and smear.

Tell me:

Do you use a facial mist? What is/are the most useful use/s of it according to you? Got any other ways you like to use your mist? Tell us!


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