Hair and Makeup Tips For Beach and Poolside Lounging!


Summer is here!

You’ve planned the perfect location, picked out the perfect swimsuit, and even perfected your body to show off in the swimsuit. But despite all that prep work, the coming heat wave could still wreck your hair and makeup. Streams of blush and mascara, running down or smudged across!! Please no! We know, we know…some of you out there are probably thinking, “Who needs makeup for the pool?” But if you’re hitting up a pool party with a bunch of gorgeous ones, it’s important to put your best face forward, right? To keep looking cool and collected, use these expert tricks.

Go ahead, dive right in, we dare you!

Basic points:

  • SPF, SPF and SPF.. Keep yourself safe!
  • Waterproof is the mantra! Try to use most of the products with terms “Waterproof”, “Water-resistant”, “Smudge-proof”

You can start with this.

“Sweat-proof your makeup!”

As you get ready:

  • Use primer. Makeup artist Laura Mercier recommends smoothing a pea-size drop of oil-free primer onto clean, moisturized skin before applying anything else. “Primers are lightweight, so you won’t feel the extra layer, but you will notice that your makeup lasts much longer,” she says.
  • Simplify your routine. Fewer products means there’s less to slide off when things heat up or get wet. If possible, skip foundation but can use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, both with SPF. Or can limit yourself to sunscreen, a moisturizer, blush, and concealer, plus a final dusting of translucent loose powder to keep everything in place.
  • Read the product label. Look for sheer creams, liquids, and gels that contain silicone; it prevents them from melting under warmer weather.
  • Eyes. For eyes, if you really have to use, be minimal. Waterproof liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara— they hold all day.
  • For lips: Opt for color. How about a tint or balm with SPF? I find that dark colors, like berry, red, or fuchsia, last longer than light shades because even after they have worn off, a little bit of pigment remains on the lips, almost like a stain.
  • Get a glow. Sheer highlighters add a realistic glow to your face. Use in moderation and blend it over your cheekbones, nose, and chin. To get your body burnished, exfoliate and apply a tinted body cream with SPF.
  • Hair. Keep simple. Deep nourish and moisturize beforehand and on the day, style your hair into a wispy, easy side braid.

Last but not the least:

Touch up with powder if you need to:

  • A good quality setting powder is sometimes all you need to keep your face from getting too shiny/sweaty looking. Use a translucent powder to lightly blot around forhead/T-zone after coming in from the sun.
  • Don’t forget a makeup removal wipe: For any emergency smudge, keep the wipes handy.

Hope this was helpful. Do let me know your opinions and comments!


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