Rock the Orange-lips trend!

The hues of orange takes the center stage of the lipcolor trend…

Spring-Summer Fashion trend across the world have left an array of orange lips in their wake. It’s clearly time to sport the hue of the moment.

 “Oh! It won’t suit me!” Did you just say that??

Believe me, there is an orange to suit every skin tone. Choose a bright orange with yellow undertones if you have fair skin; neon oranges for sun kissed complexions, and if you aren’t sure that you can sport orange lips with confidence, go with a sheer tint of orange balm or gloss to brighten up your look.

Bright, bold colors always take center stage during summer but orange has been exceptionally trendy this season. This juicy hue has been a superhit with everyone, right from the celebrities to brides or even the coy teenager!

Still not sure?! Read on for some tried and tested tips to wear orange lips.


1. Keep your outfit simple

Keep your outfit and accessories simple when going with a bold orange lip. Let your pout be at the center of attention. Avoid other bright colors that might clash and compete for attention. The evergreen white and black combination works well and so do beige, tan and camel shades. You can even wear orange with sheer coral, peach pastel shirts. Monochromes are best!

 2. Choose the right tone of orange.

The versatile color comes in many hues from yellow-tinted oranges and reddish orange to bright coral oranges and soft rusty oranges. I find rusty oranges with a touch of brown the easiest to carry for all complexions, specifically the ones towards the olive spectrum. If you are trying the color for the first time, choose a sheerer texture instead of a bold opaque color. Orange tints, balms and glosses are a great pick for beginners.

3. Combine orange lips with neutral eye makeup

Neutral eye makeup always works with bolder lips. Keep it simple with winged liner along the upper lash line and fluttery defined lashes. You could also add a light sweep of gold or bronze on the lids to perk up the look. Please don’t use any bright color-pop shadow unless you have a specific purpose!

4. Use a coordinating blush or bronzer.

A bold lipstick always needs a little color on the cheeks otherwise the look can fall flat and make the face look mask-y. To give a zesty lift to your complexion, use a peach/coral blush on the cheeks or just a light dusting of bronzer. Avoid pink/berry/red blushes and stick to a warm hue for the cheeks so that the blush harmonizes with the lip color.

Now go Wow them with your hot-and-happening look!


  • MAC

Shades: Lady Danger (reddish dark orange), Ravishing (coral-y pale orange)

  • Colorbar Take Me As I M Lipstick:

Shades: Sensuous Red (reddish orange), Sinful Orange (neon orange)

  • L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick:

Shade: Flaming Kiss (rusty orange)

  • L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Gloss:

Shade: Faye (true juicy orange)

  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Polish:

Shade: Pop 1 (poppy orange).


Are a fan of orange lips? Let us know your fav shade!


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