Formula X Press Pods Review

So many nail colors, so little patience! For those of us who wish we could avoid repeating the same shades times again, behold: Formula X Press Pods is here. This limited-edition set features 24 of the cult-favorite nail lacquers in single-use capsule form.


Now, flaunt a vast color spectrum with these groundbreaking, travel-friendly, single-use manicure capsules. This set includes 24 polish-filled pods in a covetable collection of standout shades, including eternal classics, elegant neutrals, and modern metallics. So there’s something bound to catch everyone’s eye.

One capsule of polish paints 10 nails with two generous coats of our superior lacquer. Pop, Press, and Paint for a flawless manicure on the go.


The set has, 0.03 oz x 24 Single Use Manicure Pods in

  • Flashy (bright red),
  • Power Source (hot coral),
  • Kelvin (hot tangerine),
  • Invincible (warm vanilla),
  • Unmistakable (pastel jade),
  • Rocket Fuel (metallic graphite green),
  • Prism (mermaid green pearl),
  • High Frequency (bright turquoise),
  • Continuum (sky blue),
  • Omni (beach ball blue),
  • Infamous (teal and purple metallic duochrome),
  • Legend (maroon and rainbow metallic duochrome),
  • Harmonics (deep lilac),
  • Perfection (smoky violet),
  • Pedal to the Metal (pearl violet),
  • Heroic (lilac and gold metallic duochrome),
  • Hercules (hot rose pink),
  • Potent (carnation pink),
  • Riotous (dark magenta),
  • Outrageous (lavender mist),
  • Gray Matter (charcoal gray),
  • Extraordinary (iceberg gray),
  • Need for Speed (metallic silver),
  • White Matter (opaque bright white).

It is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates

Nail junkies who want to change up their color every week. The Pods offer a perfect way to experiment and play!

They retail for $47 ($39 in the U.S.), which comes out to roughly $1.95 per pod (or even cheaper, $1.60 per pod, for Americans). That’s, under $2 per wear!

Review in a nutshell

  • This product is absolutely amazing for travelling. You can pop three or four of these in your makeup bag, and change your manicure as you go with ease. They’re lightweight, shatter-proof and so easy to pack.
  • Great product for those girls who don’t paint their nails often, and don’t want to spend the money on a bunch of different colors they’re only going to wear once or twice.
  • Good for testing! All the mini capsules have polish names written below the pod, so you can easily pick up the full size from the regular Formula X line if you wish.


  • Once these are opened, that’s pretty much the end of it for you and that color. There’s no fixing chips or touching up, as the polish dries out once opened and unused.
  • The polish was more on the thick side. Results can be streaky.
  • The brush isn’t the best quality, but that’s kind of apprehended.
  • Tough to get product out; specifically towards the end.
  • There is product wastage since you cant press out the entire content.
  • The price tag a little steep. It’s a little hard to justify the price if you just want to test these out.

Final impression!

If you are a regular nail polish person, you’re better off buying full sizes that you can keep stored away and be able to use for touching up or chips. But if you don’t wear polish often or you’re going on vacation soon, these little things are a total must-have.


Have you used Formula X Press Pods? Let us know your feedback.


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