Velaterapia, the new haircare craze!

Recently Brazilian supermodel Barbara Fialho revealed the very unusual secret to her glossy locks: she burns her hair to keep it healthy.

Shocked?!! The beauty editor at Brazilian Vogue has labelled it ‘unbelievably’ effective. The incredibly gorgeous Brazilian supermodels and renowned Victoria’s Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Isabeli Fontana, and Barbara Fialho swear by it.

Velaterapia, or ‘candle-cutting’ as it also known, we learned, is a process whereby an open flame – usually a candle – is used to singe off and ‘cauterize’ split ends, opening up the follicles to make hair more receptive to conditioning; all without taking anything off the length.

Velaterapia appears to rid (almost) the entire length of your hair of split ends, leaving the rest of your tresses healthy and soft to the touch. In nutshell, having a candle taken to your hair is not nearly as crazy as it sounds.

Most of the style-conscious ladies who are open to experiments are jumping at the opportunity to test out the procedure, in the hopes that this tester would emerge from the flames with a luscious mane, rather than a frazzled mop.

The process

  • The stylist twists hair tightly into small sections.
  • He takes up his candle, and proceeds to run it methodically back and forth under the length of each twisted section.
  • After the process the locks are propped under a heat lamp for 10 minutes as it works its magic; it also melts the any possible wax dripping on the hair.
  • The open flame, as they claim, opens up hair follicles to allow better absorption of the conditioner.
  • The hairdresser then rinses, deep nourishes and conditions; finally blow dries the hair.
  • Most of the current users think of candle cutting as a regular trim.
  • Hairdressers recommend to get the treatment every eight to 12 weeks.


The doubts:

  • Yes, this was fear-inducing. Running flame through hair is something that gives us shudder. But be assured; at any good salon, the stylists are carefully trained in the art, and very practiced.
  • Candle cutting has been a popular and widespread hair care method in South America since the 1960s, and many women there literally burn off their split ends with candles at home.
  • Brazilian glamor models have been candle-cutting for years.
  • A sudden surge in demand for the practice has started around two to three months ago.


One two-hour treatment, which costs between $150 and $200 depending on the length of your hair,


  • Most of the first timers are extremely impressed.
  • It feels a good deal smoother and healthier.
  • Only the problematic part of the hair has been expertly eliminated, but not shortened.


Do you dare to try this?



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