4 unbeatable Smoothie recipes

Smoothies are fun! and healthy too!

4 absolute yummy smoothies I tried in the last couple of weeks. They are delicious, nutritious and super-easy to make. A healthy way to curb hunger!! I am elated!

Why don’t you try them too!

Banana Ginger Smoothie


Advantage: Soothes digestion, heartburn, nausea, and other stomach trouble with the fresh ginger in this natural drink.

Servings: 2

1 banana, sliced ¾ c (6 oz) vanilla yogurt, 1 Tablespoon honey, ½ tsp freshly grated ginger

Combine the banana, yogurt, honey, and ginger. Blend until smooth.

Nutrition (per serving) 157 calories

  • 1 g fat,
  • 0.8 g sat fat,
  • 57 mg sodium,
  • 34 g carbs,
  • 28 g sugars,
  • 1.5 g fiber,
  • 5 g protein

Breakfast Smoothie

Slurp down this smoothie at breakfast, it will keep you full until lunchtime. I didn’t believe the claim but really does!


Servings: 1

1 c plain non-fat yogurt, 1 banana, 100 ml orange juice, 6 frozen strawberries

Combinethe yogurt, banana, juice, and strawberries and blend for 40 seconds!

Nutrition(per serving) 300 calories,

  • 14 g protein,
  • 63 g carb,
  • 5 g fiber,
  • 45 g sugars,
  • 0.5 g fat,
  • 0 g sat fat,
  • 180 mg sodium

Mango-Coconut Water Smoothie

These nutritious combos of fruit, veggies, proteins, and healthy fats make delicious snacks or quick lunches on the go.


Servings: 2

2 cups ripe mango chunks (from 1-2 mangos), 2-3 tablespoons fresh lime juice, 2 cups unsweetened coconut water, a pinch of cayenne powder

Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth.

Nutrition(per serving) 159 calories,

  • 1 g saturated fat,
  • 0 g unsaturated fat,
  • 0 mg cholesterol,
  • 39 g carbs,
  • 256 mg sodium,
  • 3 g protein,
  • 6 g fiber

Pineapple Passion

This drink can satisfy your desire for ice cream! It’s so thick and yummy!


Servings: 1

1 cup low-fat yogurt, 4-6 ice cubes, 1 cup pineapple chunks

Combine the yogurt and ice cubes. Blend, pulsing as needed, until the ice is in large chunks. Add the pineapple and blend at “whip” speed until smooth.

Nutrition (per serving) 283 calories,

  • 3.5 g fat,
  • 2 g sat fat,
  • 167 mg sodium,
  • 53.5 g carbs,
  • 48 g sugars,
  • 2 g fiber,
  • 13 g protein

Don’t forget to write if you find the recipes easy, healthy and tasty!

I was a kind of forgetful to have taken the pics.. So got the similar ones from,

Images: http://img4-2.myrecipes.timeinc.net, http://www.seventeen.com

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