Fix your eye makeup mistakes!

The eye makeup mistakes you don’t realize you’re making and HOW to fix them!!


Eye makeup is the favorite kind of makeup for all beauties! But are you sure that you are not making these mistakes?? Keep reading..

Mistake 1: Liquid foundation as an eyeshadow base.

Foundation isn’t designed for this purpose. If you apply your liquid foundation on your lids as a base for your eye makeup, it’s more likely to crease and along with it will crease the eyeshadow applied on it. Now, imagine the mayhem.

Remedy: To get a neat and beautiful eye makeup, apply an eyeshadow primer first and then only apply your eyeshadow. Most eyeshadow primers will help your makeup last longer and stay crease-free.

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Mistake 2: Putting concealer on your WHOLE under-eye area.

We put concealer all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner of their under-eye. This isn’t necessarily wrong if the entire area is of uniform darkness. But when trying to minimize darkness, it’s darkest at the corner and if you go from corner to corner, the darkest part will still be the darkest part.

How did I not think of that?! It makes sense! And I, personally, had been doing this mistake for long.. like for years and had never even been happy with the outcome of the concealer.

Remedy: Dab (not rub!), your favorite concealer only where you see the darkest spots/shadows. For most people, that is near the tear ducts, bridge of the nose, and the inner side of their under-eye. To find where you need to put the concealer, tilt your head down; it’ll emphasize the dark spots.


Mistake 3: Wrong concealer color and texture for your dark circles.

The undertone of your dark circles (blue, purple, reddish) will impact the color concealer to purchase. Use a pinkish tint for blue circles, a peachy tint for purple and a greenish tint for reddish colored circles. This way the colors will counteract each other to hide the fact that you’re tired.

If you have dry and patchy under eye, a sheer textured concealer might not be good enough to camouflage your dark circles. You might have to opt for creamy or stick concealer.

The key to how to choose the correct under-eye concealer is here,

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Mistake 4: Using brushes vigorously from side to side like windshield wipers

The most annoying part of doing eye makeup is after you apply eyeshadow, a ton of eyeshadow dust is left all over the cheeks. Apparently it’s the back and forth, windshield wiper motion that causes the problem.

Remedy: Sweep the brush in just one direction to avoid eyeshadow fallout. If you want the eyeshadow to be more intense on the outer lids, after dabbing the brush in your shadow, start at the outer corner, so that the colour will be the most intense there and then sweep across to the inner side.

Mistake 5: Harsh eyeshadow lines.

All make-up artists say: “Blending is the key!” This is accurate. Eyeshadow should be blended well and look like soft smoke. Streaky lines are nothing but unattractive and will end up in making you look toooooo made up!

Learn to blend your makeup!

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Mistake 6: Not having a separate blending brush for eyes.

Most of us apply their eyeshadow and then blend it with the same brush they used to apply it. This is a big mistake! When you blend your eyeshadow with the same brush, it creates a muddy mess instead of beautiful gradient.

Remedy: First apply your eyeshadow color onto your eyelid and then, blend it with a clean blending brush. This way you will achieve amazing and beautiful eyeshadow. This more important rather an utmost important step if you are using multiple shadows to create gradient.

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Mistake 7: Not keeping your eyeliner proportional to the shape and size of your eyes.

When applying eyeliner you need to pay attention to the natural shape and size of your eyes. Too thick an eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller. If you have small eyes, it is advised to draw a thin eyeliner line.

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I hope you found the post useful. Please, share your thoughts in the comment’s section.

Stay precious!



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