Matte perfection!


Matte lips can look incredibly chic and classy, if you know how to wear it. Though plump and glossy is the eternally glamorous, most women find they need to go with a duller finish, specifically the bright hues like red or fuchsia.

Most of us are in pure love with the matte texture of the lips but disheartened by the big snare; a chalky, uncomfortable texture that highlights every imperfection on the surface of your lips.

Let’s have a look at some unbeatable tips on how to master the art of applying and wearing matte lip color and end the woes forever.

It’s different:

Let’s first understand why is matte lipsticks different? It’s the ratio of ingredients that determines matte vs. shiny. Lipstick’s main components are wax, oil and pigment. A matte lipstick, compared to a shiny one, has more wax and pigment and less oil, which makes for something more opaque, deeper in color and long-wearing. But, it also makes the texture drier than other finishes.

Now the steps:

1) Prepare your lips, Exfoliate.

Matte lipstick textures tend to emphasize all the flaws of your lips. Cracks, flaking and even mild dryness are highlighted by matte lip color. It tends to settle on the fine lines and become uneven where there is accumulation of dead skin or a dry spot. Therefore, it’s important to prepare your lips and make them smooth and soft.

Exfoliating your lips can be a the ideal solution to get rid of dry and/or peeling skin in order to reveal soft lips, on which your lip color will glide easily and evenly.

I find moisturizing lips heavily 20-30 minutes before exfoliation makes a large difference in the outcome. The moisture loosens the dead skin and cell, heals any crack if present.


You can prepare a lip scrub easily: just mix some sugar with olive oil and honey and gently massage your lips with it for couple of minutes, then rinse; you lips will feel baby soft and smooth.

With a wash cloth or cleansing sponge, wet and wipe your lips. Using your fingertip, lightly massage the scrub onto your lips, working in tiny circles. Be gentle! Wipe off the scrub, rinse well, and finish with a final swipe of the cloth or sponge to remove any remaining scrub or skin remains.

2) Add moisture

If you have naturally dry skin or live in a cold, dry climate, you know how tough it can be to keep your lips moist and smooth.

In order to keep matte lipstick fresh, make sure to moisturize your lips before applying your lipstick, because matte texture tends to dry out the lips, creating a totally unwelcome caked on effect. You can moisturize your lips using your favorite lip balm or apply some natural oil like argan, coconut or sweet almond oil on your lips.

The tricky part is to increase hydration without adding shine. Too much of moisture balms will result in decreasing opacity or de-saturating the color of your matte lipstick. The process begins as soon as you’re done exfoliating, as you pat your lips dry and apply a light layer of matte-finish lip balm, lip-conditioner or lip primer. After that you should dab off any excess lip balm (or conditioner or primer) with an absorbent paper towel.

For the healthy perfect lips:

“Perfect lips! The care tips revealed!”

3) Let the color pop

If you want to get the true shade of matte lipstick, apply a concealer all over your lips prior to applying your lip color. Whether you decide to go for a perky red, flamboyant pink or nude matte lips, concealing them in advance will help get very neat and beautiful result! This is more useful if your lips are pigmented unevenly.

4) Start off by lining your lips

Apply a lip liner all over your lips before applying your matte lipstick. Using lip liner will help you get neat, clean and beautiful result. Find a lip liner of the same shade as your lipstick and line your lips with it, filling them in. This way you are creating a base for your matte lipstick to glide on; the color will look a lot richer and more intense. Lip liner will also help your lipstick last longer.

Beware: For lining lips, don’t use a liner too dark for your lipstick shade. Unlike glossy lip colors, you cannot blend easily, if needed, and, the bicolor effect is a strict no-no!

5) No rubbing!

Avoid rubbing your lips together when applying matte lip color, because matte textures don’t work the same way as sheer or glossy ones do. Instead, use a lip brush, in order to spread the product all over your lips evenly and if you want to get more precision and professional looking result.

6) Another coat

If you want your lip color to last even longer, then, after applying a lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and reapply the lipstick again. This tip will help add intensity to your lip color and you will be amazed how much longer your lipstick will last.


7) Precision tip

In order to keep your lipstick application precise and perfect, make sure to clean up the edges using the same concealer that you used prior to applying your lip color. You can use a small concealer brush or use a simple Q-tip to go around your lips, cleaning up all the imperfections and smudges.

8) Avoid feathering

Matte colors don’t feather as easily as glossy ones. Feathering is what happens when your lipstick bleeds out from your lips, ending up with little lines of lipstick around your mouth. This generally happens to older women, but these tips also work to stop your matte lipstick from smudging. After you have applied your matte lipstick, use a concealer brush and your favourite concealer to cover up any uneven areas around your lips, making sure to blend the concealer. The concealer not only helps you create your desired lip shape, but it also acts as a barrier, preventing your lipstick from moving!

Additional tips

  • Opt for soft matte lipsticks

Traditional matte lipsticks will dry out your lips, eternal fact! There are new age matte lipsticks that won’t dry out your lips as much as traditional matte lipstick does but in my opinion, the former still wins in terms of finish, staying power, and opacity. If you really dislike the dry and irritating feeling you get from wearing matte lipsticks, my suggestion is to try the softer matte variants. They have a softer, lightweight, and more powdery texture, and the semi-creamy consistency which does not aggravate dry areas. They come under names like “crème matte”, “moisture matte”, “semi-matte”.

  •  Check the for the drying ingredients

Matte lipstick dries out your lips even more especially if it contains drying ingredients. Watch out for these chemicals in matte lipsticks: Talc, Fragrance, Alcohol, and Silicone. These products draw out moisture from your lips. Go for products that are made without these ingredients.

  • Can’t fine the exact match for a lip liner

Opt for a skin colored pencil. It will create the illusion of bigger lips without competing with your lipstick hue. I repeat, don’t use a liner too dark for your lipstick shade. Unlike glossy lip colors, you cannot blend easily and the effect is Oreo lips!

  • Keep your skin fresh

To avoid looking caked with too much makeup, couple your matte lips with a dewy base and glowing cheeks to keep things fresh. Opt for lightweight coverage unless it is a high-glam occasion.

Matte lipstick is not as forgiving as its glossier counterparts .Yes, it might seem like applying matte lipstick takes too much of time and hassle but it, definitely is, worth it, if you want to rock this beauty trend and get flawless pout.

I hope you found it useful. Please feel free to share your own tips in the comment’s section below. Stay beautiful and precious!

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