Beauty hacks!

Hi Friends,

I’m a kind of person who is always in search of shortcuts to keep beauty or makeup regime simple and hassle-free. Here are my latest practices!

Some I had heard before but was skeptical or maybe just lazy to try.. but now I regret, why I didn’t do all these before.

  • Customized lip palette in 10 minutes, at home: Take an empty pill-box and add in your favorite lip shades to each slot. I prefer to use almost-empty tubes. Scoop out the remains or slice off half an inch of the shade with a knife. Once in the container, put a hairdryer on low over the container and evenly melt the colors inside the box. You can refrigerate for a few minutes setting it. Viola! Your super-convenient, super space-saver customized lip palette is ready!


  • Widen your eyes with nude eyeliner: To make your eyes pop and to cover up tired, take a nude eye pencil and line the bottom lids. It’s a miracle! This is preferred to a white pencil as this gives a more natural finish. This trick can also be used to make eyes look bigger.


  • Mix lipsticks for the perfect in-between shade: Searched high and low but can’t find the exact lip shade? Recently, I had a tough time in my search for a perfect peachy-pinkish coral lip shade!! Then, came this brainwave! Cut thin slices off of the two lip shades you want to mix and mash them together for the perfect in-between shade. If you have an empty eyeshadow case lying around, it will make for the perfect container. Can use a hairdryer on low over the container and evenly melt the colors inside the box. You can refrigerate for a few minutes setting it.


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  • Mix SPF and foundation to make your own custom BB cream: Mix your favorite SPF face moisturizer with your favorite foundation to get a perfect match. But yes, be aware that since your sunscreen is diluted now, it gives lesser protection than the original.

I had a heavy coverage foundation which somehow made me uncomfortable. Instead of letting it rot on the shelf, I make my BB using this method. Happy!

  • Turn any lip or eye pencils into gel formulas with a lighter: Turn your favorite lip and eye pencils into gel formulas by holding a lighter up to them for one second. The color will come out more pigmented and will also go on like a gel.
  • Apply white eyeshadow as a base to make your eyeshadow pop: This, not only will make the colors more bold or prominent, but will also help your eyeshadow last longer by acting as a base.
  • Turn your matte eyeshadow into frost or glitter: You can alter the finish of your eyeshadow easily. Use a pearly frosted shadow as a base, layer your matte eyeshadow and blend well. The colors will mix giving your matte shadow a pearly gleam. Want more frosted finish? Repeat the steps. Take care not to use too much product in each step. You can get your desired glitter finish too! Just reverse the step, matte shadow first and then the glitter. Don’t forget to blend!

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  • New hairstyle in 5 minutes, flat!: To create a five-minute updo, just gather dry hair back into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Next, twist the tail, wrap it round the elastic, and pin it into place. Bombard an aerosol hair spray all over, and gently rough up the bun with your fingers.
  • Make your cream blush – Scrape a little of your favorite blush, mix it well with a light moisturizer and here is your favorite blush in cream finish. I prefer a stipple brush for mixing. Just a few words of caution, mix well before applying and, don’t use a heavy or greasy moisturizer unless you have drier-than-desert cheeks.

These cheat-tips have really made my life easy. Do you find them interesting? Don’t forget to write back!

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