Makeup mistakes we make in a hurry!

Party at 8 pm or may be a dinner date!…. Rushing back from work, now, at 7.35 pm. Does the scenario look familiar? Am sure, I am not the only person who dreads to get ready in a hurry because, anxiety, disorganized makeup kit, last-minute misses and oh-no’s can make a perfect recipe to kill all the fun of going out.

A short checklist you can keep handy to avoid last-minute mistakes!

  • A little bit of planning – Plan and lay out your dress, makeup and accessories (including shoes) at least a day before. So, no last-minute emergency like “oh-the-button”, “where-is-the-brush?”!
  • A carefully stocked makeup bag – Keep a stash of makeup and basic care items like a lip balm, mild moisturizer, few cotton buds, comb, a compact mirror etc. in bag. After leaving home for a party, the chapped hand you missed to moisturize or some wild fly-aways can hurt the confidence!
  • Moisturizing before makeup – “Oh! I am late, can’t afford to waste time on moisturizing!”.. Yes, many of us often think this way. But those 15 seconds can completely make or break your makeup. So, do take care to moisturize the skin. And even more important, don’t just slather on some moisturizer and then quickly apply foundation before letting the moisturizer be absorbed. This mistake might lead to blotchy and uneven application and might end up in giving you that “made up” look.

dry face

  • Skipping concealer – Concealing IS an important step. The imperfections will show up if not concealed properly. Don’t have to be a very elaborate phase, dab, blend and move to the next step of makeup!

Want tips on how to choose the perfect concealer for your eye area?

“Best tips for choosing under-eye concealer!” 

  • Not applying foundation on the neck, under the chin, ears – A big no-no! Spend some time to blend the foundation on these areas; otherwise, the uneven complexion may stand out.
  • Clumpy lashes – In hurry, many of us just keep coating the eyes with mascara before the previous coat dries out. Result, clumpy, spider lashes, that look really tacky. Give enough time between coats; meanwhile you can apply lipstick or blush as one coat dries.


  • Not blending in makeup products properly – Do not forget to blend! Streaky makeup with foundation, blush, eyeshadows standing our individually can wreck your look. For a quick blending and setting of makeup try makeup setting sprays like MAC Fix+.

 Trouble in blending makeup? Read this,

 “Blend your makeup like a pro!” 

  • Check for lipstick stains on teeth – It is embarrassing if someone points out lipstick stains on their teeth. Sometimes, when we are in a hurry, we might just swipe on the lipstick without checking it in the mirror and end up staining the front teeth. A quick process to avoid is to suck a finger or blot with a tissue!


  • Keep makeup remover wipes and cotton swabs handy – For any makeup mistake, don’t panic! Just use the wipes and swabs to remove unwanted part and re-apply. Don’t remove the full makeup or the full area, wrap the wipe on your fingertip or swab and carefully remove only the defective area.
  • Using same brush for different colors – Don’t! Will just end up in mixed shades, undesired hues, more anxiety, more mistakes, phew!! No clean brush?? No brush cleaner solution in stock?? No panic, again. Rub your brush on a clean makeup remover wipe and 5 seconds of quick blow dry!

 Did you find this useful? Do you have more tricks and tips in your stock? Please don’t forget to share!


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