Best ways to revive your tired eyes!


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “Oh no! I look really tired”, even though you know you’ve not been breaking stones for hours! It’s because your eye are tired and that make your entire appearance dull and tired.

The most effective remedies for tired eyes are here.

Would really be nice if you start with the following post. This will help you to understand why eyes get tired and how can you modify your lifestyle to avoid it!

“Tired Eyes – not any more”

Now comes the remedies to relive tired and puffy eyes. Not that you have to take all the steps; these are the time-tested options, pick any or a combination of some as per your need and comfort.

  • Slice a cucumber.

Because they are 90% water, chilled slices are like delicate mini ice packs They contain a combination of mild natural acids that reduce water retention.

You can use refrigerated tea bags too. They are super-effective!


  • Reach for the peas.

The age-old prescription. Any bag of frozen food should do, but frozen baby peas have a way of fitting into the nooks and crannies around your eyes. Put a soft cloth around the plastic package to protect your skin from the frigid surface, then chill out for 5 to 10 minutes while the cold shrinks the swelling and has a refreshing effect.

  • Make a milk bath.

Milk is a natural soother if eyes are tired and puffy. Additionally, the moisturizing property of whole milk can help to keep the delicate skin soft and smooth. Don’t use skimmed milk, since it doesn’t contain the fat which is very beneficial for the eyes, not only for soothing but also for moisturizing. Other ingredients in milk that calm delicate skin around the eyes are, protein, amino acids, lactic acid, and vitamins A and D. Pour cold milk into a bowl, saturate a clean washcloth, and apply to eyes for up to 15 minutes. Soak and reapply when the cloth loses its cool.

Note: Eye-shaped packs filled with gel that freezes are a sensible investment. Keep them in the refrigerator and your hassle-free, no-drip, instant eye pack is ready!


  • Cooling Eye Drops

For those who spend a lot of time on the computer and other screens, the eyes feel itchy and tired at the end of the day. Ask your ophthalmologist to prescribe you a cooling eye drop which would soothe itchy eyes.

Remember to throw out the eye drops bottle within one month of opening.

  • A thick layer of Aloe gel

A thick layer of aloe gel can do magic. Best, if you keep it refrigerated. An instant eye pack that enlivens, moisturizes and wakes up your eyes in 15 minutes. Remember to choose the organic variety as it is the safest to use around eyes. Put a thick layer of the gel around your eyes, close your eyes and rest for 15 minutes; wash off.

  • Take a moment for massage

These three simple steps can revive your eye area. A soothing massage can increase the blood circulation to your delicate eye area and aid in lymphatic drainage to relieve puffiness around the eyes. If you do this regularly, your eyes will stay relaxed for a longer period of time.

Be gentle in your massage, don’t pull and tug the skin around your eyes and don’t forget to wash your hand thoroughly before you start this.

  1. Place your middle fingers on the innermost points of your eyebrows. Breathe in and on the out-breath, press in with your finger pads. Hold and count to three. Move your fingers a little way along your brows, and repeat the breathing and pressing. Work along the brows until you reach the outer corners.
  2. Place your fingers on the outermost points of your lower eye sockets. Take a deep breath and as you breathe out, gently press against the bone with your finger pads. Hold for three. Continue along the lower eye sockets until you reach the inner corners.
  3. Finish by covering your eyes with your fingers and breathing deeply.
  •  Sleep the right way

This is for puffiness which adds on to the tired look. Now, you might be seriously wondering, now what is right and wrong of sleeping. Yes, it’s not only a lack of sleep that affects how your eyes look, it’s also the way you sleep. When we lie flat and horizontal, fluid can pool around the eyes, causing puffiness, Make sure your pillows create a fluid-draining, neck health-friendly tilt. It sounds like a physics experiment, but is not so complicated. Just position your pillows in a good slant and it makes all the difference.

  • 5-second eye-brightening trick

Apply a dot of concealer / highlighter / highlighting eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes, near your tear ducts and just on the bridge of your nose. Bringing light to this usually dark area has the effect of instantly brightening the eyes and making you look fresher.


  • Brighten your eyes with a nude eyeliner/pencil

To make your eyes pop and to cover up tired, take a nude eye pencil and line the bottom lids. It’s a miracle! This is preferred to a white pencil as this gives a more natural finish. This trick can also be used to make eyes look bigger.

Many people have redness along the lower inner rim of the eye, especially if they have allergies, short-term puffiness or really thin skin. Rim that area with a flesh toned pencil to mask the red.


  • Use a highlighting eyeshadow all over your eyelid

This will freshen your look instantly. Be careful not to use too much so that you don’t end up in looking washed out or pale.


 Remember these are mostly fast acting methods but not a permanent solution. For uplifting your tired eyes more effectively you need to address the root cause and bring necessary changes in your lifestyle.

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