Unbeatable Beauty hacks!


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

Yes, I can definitely say this when I tried the following beauty hacks recently. Some I have heard and learnt long before but was just too lazy to try. But when I ultimately did, I can vouch for them.

So easy but such a savior!

  • Tame frizzy hair

If your hair starts to frizz and you don’t have any smoothing serum with you, use a medium density lotion or cream. Just apply it to your hands as usual and run your fingers lightly through your hair, starting in the back.

I bended it further; I moistened my hand with water before the process, that make the lotion lighter and moistened my locks better.

Pretty good for short travels; I don’t have to bother to carry serum!

Word of caution: Don’t overdo it, or your strands can get greasy fast.

  • Great and easy Graduated or omber Manicure

Graduated and omber manicures are all in vogue and I always thought that it is the magic of nail artists!

But they are so easy to do, if you know how. Instead of spending hours applying each coat of color, or spending a fortune for an artist, just apply them all at once. You will need a few sponges and the colors that you plan to use. Just paint the pattern that you want on the makeup sponge and then press it to your nail. Instant manicure that’s really easy to do and will ensure that the pattern is the same on every nail. If you want a smoother finish, use a top coat once it is dry.

Follow the pictorial instruction.

graded manicureombre nails

  • Winged liner – problem solved

Too many of us suffer the same dilemma; can draw an uniform, symmetrical winged liner!

When you want that bold winged look, it is important that you draw the lines in first and then color them in. Just draw in the wing at the outside corner of your eye and then use the same eye liner to fill it in. This not only helps you to get cleaner lines, it helps your wings to stay in place much longer.

Follow the steps in the illustration.

winged liner

  • Beachy waves in three minutes

If you want beachy waves fast and without using a curling iron, douse hair with salt spray (a texturizer or a volumizing spray also does the magic), put it into two tight buns, and blast with a blow-dryer. Leave the buns in while you get ready and then take the bobby pins out, shake your head to loosen the hair and go!”

  • Softer Than a Pedicure

I am never tired of complaining about my drier-than-Sahara feet. Best of the foot creams loose effect at times. Never realized remedy is just do near. If you want petal soft feet, apply a generous amount of Vaselin to your feet and then put socks over them before bed to wake up to incredibly soft feet.

  • Cream blush with no extra investment

Turn any powder blush into a cream by swirling in a dab of light moisturizer. I have even made a little excess and stored in an air-tight container.

If you have super-oily skin and is afraid to try moisturizer in makeup, substitute lotion with makeup primer. This works great for me as I have oily skin and this helps to camouflage my enlarged pores of the size of volcanic craters!

Word of caution: Don’t use a heavy moisturizer unless you have very dry skin

  • Managed chipped manicure

If my manicure starts to chip, I layer glitter nail polish over it. It distracts the eye, hides imperfections and also acts as a top coat to save you from immediate further chipping. So, you can go longer between manicures

  • Dewy skin

For a dewy gleam, I stay away heavy matte base makeup. I just mix some powder highlighter into a BB or CC lotion. Viola!

Word of caution: Be very moderate with mixing highlighter to avoid looking shiny like a metal foil. You can always add a little more if needed.

  • Natural, well groomed eyebrows

After filling the eyebrows with matte brown brow-shadow or eye-shadow, use a dark brown waterproof mascara to set eyebrows.

Word of caution: Apply with a light hand, use very little product and use only the tip of the bristles of mascara wand. Looking natural is of utmost importance. And don’t miss the word “waterproof”; you can imagine the mess if color gets smudged.

  • Natural cuticle cream

Don’t need to clutter the cupboard with multiple products if you can make some of them multitask. Use coconut oil as cuticle cream. It’s economic, natural and effective. If you want lighter texture, almond oil is an excellent alternative.

Share some more tips from your kitty! The readers will love it!


Images: http://s13.shefinds.com, https://s3.amazonaws.com,

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