Don’t miss this step of your makeup.

How do you do your base makeup?

The answer to this question is mostly, “Cleanse, moisturize, apply foundation, dab all over with powder — and my make-up base is complete!”

In that case, we’re all missing a trick. Rather than aiming for an even layer of foundation, we should be contouring our faces with highlighter and bronzer (or “low lighter”), before blending it all together. It can hide your flaws and bring out your best features, slim your face and jowls, fill out hollows, streamline a strong nose, soften a square jaw and even offer an instant eye-lift.

Technique: Take a light-colored highlighter and uses it on the bits of the face you want to draw attention to. The areas we want to minimize, like the side of the cheeks, jaw, nose, and the base of the chin are shaded with a darker foundation or safely a matte bronzer. Then use a suitable brush to blend together the dark and light streaks.

In addition to the contouring products, the models have used blusher with a slight sheen on the apples of the cheeks, a smear of eyeshadow, an once-over with an eyebrow pencil and a slick of lip gloss.

The end result is impressive and glamorous!

Check it yourself:

The order of the photographs are, Before, After, the highlighted and contoured areas.

Diamond-shaped face:

diamond 1 diamond 2 diamond 3

Roundish-oval face:

round 1 round 2 round 3

Square face:

square 1 square 2 square 3

Heart-shaped face:

heart 1 heart 2 heart 3

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