Hairstyles – Square faces


A good hairstyle can lift years off your look and make your look completely revived. But a very few realize that it’s your face shape that is truly at play. A great haircut and wise layering technique that is attuned to your face shape can instantly bring more vitality to your face and overall appearance.

The shape of your face determines how your hair will accentuate your facial features like eyes, lips and cheekbones.

First, you’ll be required to determine what face shape you have naturally.

Face shape? – Now, determine yourself!


I will make a set of posts addressing hairstyling concerns for all the common face shapes.

Please be aware, these guidelines are basic and meant to help lead you in the right direction, but there will always be personal variation. For example, five different people with the same face shape might have quite different looks depending on their other facial features. Also, for the same reason, the same hairstyle will look different on different faces of the same shape. So, always, seek out a local hair expert who has the experience, education and preferably some recommendations to customize the best haircut for you.

Also, take your lifestyle into consideration when choosing your haircut, like environmental factors like heat, humidity that you may have to cope with, or your personal habits, preferences and circumstances.

An additional note: If you’ve treated your hair with a relaxer, smoothener, perm or any other process that has changed its texture and finish, be sure to follow the guideline for the new feel of your hair, as the actual composition of your strands have changed on a cellular level.

Square face

The characteristic feature of a square face shape is a prominent jaw line, which gives you a strong feature with which you should contrast your haircut. The equal width that runs like a straight line down from the sides of your forehead and cheeks to the jaw means your hair will hang with more fullness around the face. It can be very flattering if cut well.

Hairstyles to Try

A sure bet for square shapes is a side swept bang, which enhances the chiseled bone structure of your face with a gentle yet alluring swoop. Wearing bangs swept over to one side will create diagonal movement to minimize square shapes.

  • Wispy forward falling hair onto your face will soften your jaw line.
  • Short to medium length hair will also suit you, especially if the style is rounded in shape or has wispy ends.
  • Styles with height at the crown will also work in your favor.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Avoid blunt bobs, especially sitting at chin length with straight heavy bangs as this will accentuate your jaw line and square-ness. You can still successfully go super short, just as long as you create texture that builds natural volume on top your head.
  • Middle parts with solid bangs can also work against you.

If you have straight or wavy hair

  • Be sure not to end your length with one harsh angle right on the jaw, or else risk overpowering your facial features. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a classic bob shape; adjust by cutting shorter layers in the back that lengthen as they come to the front, so that the hair on either side of your face hangs in a lower progressed bob.
  • The most flattering length for a square face shape flows down toward the base of your neck, or a bit longer, to enhance the strong outline of your face with the power of length.
  • Round layers cut in a circular pattern around the top portion of your head will add softness and elevation to the crown, which is a great way to transition effortlessly into the fullness at the bottom of the face.
  • If you want it short, a pixie cut with lots of swirled layers that caress the face at multiple points will give your hair enough substance to balance out the strong bottom line of your jaw.

If you have curly hair

  • Curly hair naturally adds width to the face, so it’s best for square face shapes to keep the bulk away from the jaw line. Instead, go with a mid-length that falls below the chin, and cut in lots of rounded layers that touch the top portion of your face to create a sense of delicacy.


The Right Short Hairstyle

The Right Short Hairstyle

  • This short concave bob is a great looking hairstyle for a square face shape. The sides falling forward soften the jaw line, while the diagonal bangs also are ideal for minimizing square-ness. The hairstyle has a rounded appearance making it the right choice for framing square face shapes.
  • Other short styles that will work are looks with soft wispy side parted swept across bangs in wavy or curly textures.

The Wrong Short Hairstyle

This short cut illustrates really well what to avoid on square face shapes.

The wrong Short Hairstyle

  • Firstly, the top area has a very square shape. This is making the whole face more square.
  • Secondly, the short tapered sides accentuate the square-ness of the jaw line, and the square hairline only adds to what is doomed from the very start. Definitely the wrong cut for square face shapes.

The Right Medium Hairstyle

This hairstyle has all the right ingredients to suit and compliment square faces.

The Right Medium Hairstyle

  • The sides are soft and wispy, falling onto the jaw line hiding square-ness, and the side swept bangs create a diagonal illusion that loses any focus on square-ness.
  • The graduated sides and back angle up creating a whole new shape to frame the face.

The Wrong Medium Hairstyle

This shape should be avoided.

The Wrong Medium Hairstyle

  • The shape of the cut makes a square face shape look even squarer.
  • The straight across bangs shorten the length of the face, while the chin length sides create width and draw attention to the jaw area.

The Right Long Hairstyle

This long wavy hairstyle with side-swept bangs is just right for square faces.

The Right Long Hairstyle

  • The waves are open ended and have curved lines that are softer to the eye, and the across bangs also help to change the perception of shape to the eye making it appear rounder rather than square.
  • Other good long looks include wispy face framing layers in straight, wavy or curly textures.

The Wrong Long Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks very heavy and solid all over making it a bad choice for square face shapes. This is a good example of the wrong cut for the face shape.

The Wrong Long Hairstyle

  • The heavy bangs create a very square shape alone, but once they are added to the straight sides and back, the result is very square and angular.
  • The sides need layers, while the bangs need to be less heavy and more across.

Please write back with your tips and comments! Will get back with more on every common face shape!





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