Sorted! MAC Eye shadows dupe list


MAC is every makeup-lover’s darling (feeling like typing that in 72 bold font!!). But sometimes the few sincere questions or wishes that come in mind are, “Can I get this shade in some other brand?”, “Oh! How lovely if I could get this shade without burning the big hole in my pocket!”, “I need this out-of-stock shade NOW, where do I find it!”, “Wish I had some ready reckoner to know the dupes of these lovely shades”..

To ease your woes, here comes the very handy list of the MAC eye shadows and their dupes. Not only that, an approximation of how close they are to the original shade of choice, is also here!! I feel so, so relived and sorted out after compiling this list!

MAC Shade The Dupe Percentage of match
MAC Amber Lights Milani Bronze Doll 100%
MAC Amber Lights NYX Golden 95%
MAC Amber Lights Inglot #P 405 100%
MAC Amber Lights MAC Faux Gold 95%
MAC Antiqued MAC Spectacle of Yourself 100%
MAC Antiqued MAC Glamour Check 100%
MAC Antiqued Nyx Walnut 100%
MAC Antiqued MAC Coppering 95%
MAC Antiqued Inglot #P 421 100%
MAC Atlantic Blue Inglot #388 100%
MAC Black Tied Urban Decay Oil Slick 95%
MAC Black Tied Inglot #AMC 65 100%
MAC Blue Candy MAC Electric Eel 95%
MAC Blue Candy Inglot #105R Rainbow Eyeshadow 100%
MAC Blue Candy Inglot #322 Matte Eyeshadow 100%
MAC Blue Sheen Inglot #P 428 100%
MAC Blue Sheen MAC Deep Truth 100%
MAC Blue Sheen Make Up Forever #308 95%
MAC Brash Inglot #P 605 100%
MAC Brule UD Virgin 100%
MAC Carbon Milani Black 100%
MAC Carbon Nars Pandora 100%
MAC Carbon NYX Black 100%
MAC Carbon Inglot #AMC 63 100%
MAC Carbon URBAN DECAY Blackout 100%
MAC Carbonized URBAN DECAY Hustle 100%
MAC Centrestage MAC Carbonized 100%
MAC Centrestage URBAN DECAY Hustle 100%
MAC Clarity Inglot #P 444 100%
MAC Coco Inglot #P 402 100%
MAC Coppering Milani Flare 95%
MAC Coppering NYX Copper 95%
MAC Coppering MAC FireCracker 95%
MAC Coppering MAC Dev-il 100%
MAC Coppering Inglot #P 605 100%
MAC Cork URBAN DECAY Naked 100%
MAC Cork Inglot #352 M 100%
MAC Cranberry Inglot #P 499 100%
MAC Cranberry URBAN DECAY Last call 100%
MAC Cranberry NYX Rust 100%
MAC Crystal Avalance Inglot #P 447/ #P 501 100%
MAC Dark Indulgence MAC Venomous Villains Collection – She Who Dares 95%
MAC Dark Indulgence Inglot #P 414 90%
MAC Deep Truth MAC Blue Flame 100%
MAC Deep Truth Inglot #P 428 100%
MAC Deep Truth Make Up Forever #308 100%
MAC Deep Truth Milani Blue Lagoon Pallete 95%
MAC Dev-il MAC Coppering 100%
MAC Electra Inglot #Amc S 56 100%
MAC Expensive Pink Wet N Wild – Penny 100%
MAC Expensive Pink NYX Peach 95%
MAC Expensive Pink Inglot #P 407 100%
MAC Faux Gold Milani Fusion 90%
MAC gold Pigment Inglot AMC Pure pigment #69 100%
MAC Goldmine Inglot #AMC S 27 100%
MAC Goldmine Inglot #P 403 100%
MAC Hint Of Sapphire Inglot #P 434 100%
MAC Humid Inglot #AMC S 44 100%
MAC Idyllic Paint pot Inglot # P 452 100%
MAC Jade’s Fortune Inglot # P 451 100%
MAC Lucky Green NYX Kiwi 95%
MAC Lucky Green Inglot #59 100%
MAC Marvel Inglot #P 439 100%
MAC Mineral Mode Inglot #P 399 100%
MAC Miss Piggy MAC Paradise Island+ Star Studded 100%
MAC Miss Piggy WnW We are blasting Off 100%
MAC Miss Piggy Inglot #319 100%
MAC Newly Minted NYX Algae 90%
MAC Nylon Inglot #395/#453 100%
MAC Nylon MAC Short Shorts 100%
MAC Nylon Inglot #395 100%
MAC Nylon MAC Manila Paper 100%
MAC Nylon MAC Dazzlelight 100%
MAC old gold Pigment Inglot AMC Pure Pigment #84 100%
MAC Papparaz – she Inglot #AMC 51 100%
MAC Papparaz – she MAC Amber lights 95%
MAC Parrot Inglot AMC Pure Pigment #71 100%
MAC Passionate Inglot #DS 495 100%
MAC Rani Inglot #M 362 100%
MAC Rani MAC Passionate 95%
MAC Rare Find Inglot #P 445 90%
MAC Ricepaper Inglot #P 393 100%
MAC Rose Quartz Chambor Shimmer Rose#54 100%
MAC Rose Quartz Chambor Shimmer Rose#54 100%
MAC Rule Inglot #383 M 100%
MAC Saffron Inglot #102R Rainbow Eyeshadow 100%
MAC Saffron MAC Coppering+Red Brick 95%
MAC Saffron Inglot #DS 464 100%
MAC Satin taupe Inglot #P 402 100%
MAC Sexpectations MAC Antiqued 100%
MAC Sexpectations MAC Coppering 95%
MAC She Who Dares TheBodyShop Amythest&Quartz (g) 100%
MAC She Who Dares Inglot #AMC 65 (Blue) 100%
MAC Shock- a- holic Inglot #386 100%
MAC Smoked Ruby MAC Idyllic Paint pot +
MAC Smoked Ruby MAC Reflects Pigment Blackened-Red 95%
MAC Smoked Ruby MAC Centrestage+ MAC Sexpectations 95%
MAC Smoked Ruby URBAN DECAY Hustle+ MAC Cranberry 90%
MAC Smoked Ruby Inglot #P423 + P499 95%
MAC Smoked Ruby Inglot# P421+ P423 100%
MAC Smoked Ruby Inglot# P421+ P423+P 452 100%
MAC Solar White Nars Albatross 100%
MAC Sumptuous olive Inglot #P 433 100%
MAC Sun Blonde Nars Mangrove 95%
MAC Sun Blonde Inglot #Amc 60 95%
MAC Sun Blonde Inglot Matte#370 100%
MAC Surf USA MAC Gulf Stream 100%
MAC Surf USA Urban Decay Deep End 90%
MAC Surf USA Inglot loose Eyeshadow Amc #70 100%
MAC Surf USA Inglot #504 95%
MAC Sweet & Punchy Nars Rated R 95%
MAC Swell Baby MAC Scene 100%
MAC Swell Baby Inglot #DS 502 100%
MAC Tempting URBAN DECAY Smog 100%
MAC Unsurpassable Urban Decay Urb 100%
MAC Unsurpassable Urban Decay Urb 100%
MAC Vanilla NYX White Pearl 100%
MAC WoodWinked Inglot #P 406 100%
MAC Blacktied Inglot #Amc 65 100%

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