20 fabulous ways to accessorize maxi dresses

Oh! Glorious summer! The season of the lovely, ultra-feminine maxis in plethora of fits, patterns and styles. But what to wear with them? Any dress loses its charm if not worn and accessorized properly.

Many of my friends feel so overwhelmed by the extra length they often feel confused about accessorizing maxi dresses, as opposed to mini-dresses? Here are the 20 fabulous ways to accessorize maxi dresses. Keep experimenting according to the dress and the mood!

  • Throw a bright cardigan- If your maxi dress is grey, or white, or any neutral monotone, small print or striped, a bright cardigan is the perfect way to accessorize it.
  • Try a cropped denim jacket – Perfect for a boho-chic look.


  • Find a friend in a tote bag – Dual purpose! hold your stuff and accessorize the dress.
  • Try sparkly cuffs, stacks of bangles – Bright and feminine! Draws attention to your toned and tanned bare arms.


  • A chunky belt – Try to bring variety in the style by experimenting from wide versions with bold buckles (suits best with maxi dresses) to skinnier numbers in bold or neon shades. It draws attention to the thinnest part of the body, that is, the waist and makes you look leaner.


  • Long neck pieces – Long necklaces will easily create a long, slim look.


  • A biker jacket or a leather jacket – Great to combat a slight chill with a smashing style!


  • Big signature shades – Right from the perfect rounds to the reflectors, a perfect accessory.


  • Scarves!! – Yes, you heard it absolutely right! Turn heads with this unusual combination.


  • Hats – Sun protection and oodles of glamour.


  • Ankle boots and knee boots – Slit maxi are just too right for these. Bring out the cow-girl in you! Just check the picture above!
  • Chunky watches – Sophisticatedly casual.
  • Bib neck pieces – Won’t let any eyes wander.


  • Statement earrings – Choose from the wide variety of hoops, big chandeliers draws attention to your pretty face.
  • Glam up with stilettos – the ultimate glamor weapon.
  • Gemmed flats – Sparkly, blingy flat foot wear with faux stones.


  • Head bands – Be it floral or bejeweled, this hair accessory makes you look like a princess.
  • Wedges – Perfect for the flirty, girly look.
  • Bandana – For the Bohemian you! Additionally, if you are travelling or want to save your hair from strong sun, this accessory is perfect.


  • A bling anklet – Don’t let anyone miss your lovely feet. You can even add a couple of toe rings for some added bling.


Go ahead and live summer in style! Don’t forget to leave a comment if this was a fun read and you are willing to take tips from this!

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