The Secret to Perfect Eye Makeup according to your Eye Shape

Knowing how to apply eye shadow and liner according to your eye shape is winning half the battle of perfect eye makeup! Determining your natural eye shape is just as important as finding the most flattering colors for your lids. Let’s delve deeper.

Note: Often our eyes are not of only one shape but rather a combination of both. So don’t freak out to fit in any one category. Nature loves to make unique creations!

Tips for perfect eye makeup in case you are unsure about your eye shape.

  • If you’re unsure of your eye shape, don’t worry! Just use the application for standard eyes. It looks good on everyone.
  • If you have a combination of eye types, for example, wide-set and hooded, choose the application for the feature you most want to downplay or enhance.

Let us discover makeup tricks for each specific eye shape so that you can make the most of your pretty peepers! 

I have purposely used the pictures of the celebrities so that other than understanding the eye shape you can note how the makeup should be done (they usually have professionals to do their makeup)!

Deep Set Eyes

These are the eyes that are set farther into the skull. Typically very large and set back, they give the illusion of a very prominent brow bone.


How to determine:

You can easily determine if you have deep set eyes by placing your index finger vertically over your eyelid. Touch the tip of your finger to your brow bone, with the palm resting on your cheek. If your eye remains open without you touching it, you most likely have deep set eyes.

Makeup tips for this eye shape:

  • Brighten up the natural shadowing by dusting on a beige or warm metallic hue on the lid eg. Peach
  • Highlight under your arches with an illuminating crayon
  • Because the ends of your lashes likely graze your lids, be sure to apply waterproof mascara to prevent smudges.

Wide Set Eyes

Eyes that are more than “one eyeball width” apart are considered wide set eyes.  The best thing about wide set eyes is that they make you look younger!


How to determine:

You can easily tell if you have wide set eyes by looking in the mirror by checking if your eyes are more than an eye’s width.

Makeup tips for this eye shape:

  • To create the illusion of closer eyes, you will need to use eye liner. Use a dark liner and line the top and bottom lash line as close to the inner eye as possible.
  • Do not create a heavy line all over the lid, but instead start with a thin line close to the tear duct, pull it toward the outer eye and create a thicker line as you pull.
  • And don’t forget to apply mascara to the baby lashes on your inner eye!

Close Set Eyes

The exact opposite of wide set eyes, these are, well, you guessed it: eyes that are closer than one eye width apart. You’ll typically want to make your eyes appear farther apart.


How to determine:

Just a careful glance in the mirror. You can easily tell if you have close set eyes by by checking if your eyes are less than an eye’s width.

Makeup tips for this eye shape:

  • Use shimmery (a frosty white, pink, or nude color) in the eye’s inner corner. This will catch the light, making your eyes look bigger and farther apart.
  • Be sure you apply layers of mascara on outer lashes and apply mascara very lightly on lashes closest to the inner eye. This extra mascara or even adding individual false lashes to the outer corner helps to pull the focus outward.

Monolid Eyes

In this type of eyes have flat eyelids resulting in a less defined brow.


How to determine:

Do your eyelids have a crease? If not, then you have what’s referred to as a monolid.

Makeup tips for this eye shape:

  • Create definition and the illusion of dimension on your flat surface with a gradient of eye shadows, dark to light.
  • Use a defining shadow brush for your “crease”.  Brush your darkest color on the outside corner of the “V” shape as well as the lash line and blend.
  • And be sure to appropriately blend to give definition and dimension to your eyes.
  • Tight lined liner is very suitable for this eye shape.

monolid makeup

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller.


How to determine:

Look into the mirror and determine how much of your eyelid you can see. If it’s not much, it’s likely you have hooded eyes.

Makeup tips for this eye shape:

  • Unlike most other eye shapes, hooded eyes should use darker shades on their lids. This is because lighter colors will draw attention to your lid, making the bagginess of your lid more apparent.
  • Bold eye makeup looks like smokey eye makeup looks best on this shape.
  • Don’t neglect your lower lid! Be sure to pull your darker crease shadow out and slightly under your lid.
  • Try not to over-highlight the brow bone. Doing so will only accentuate the hooded eyelid.
  • The key to opening your eyes up is white eyeshadow in the inner and outer corners.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes have a slight dropping on the outer corners.


How to determine:

If you have almond shaped eyes that tilt downward then you have downturned eyes.

Makeup tips for this eye shape:

  • You are destined to rock a cat-eye liner or winged liner.
  • Use liquid eyeliner to create a thick, bold line and pull outward. When you extend the liner to the outer corner of the eye, shift your liner at a 45 degree angle to create the perfect winged liner.
  • While applying eye shadow, to lift the outer corners apply medium to dark matte shade to the outer crease.

Upturned Eyes

They are just the opposite of downturned. With upturned eyes, the lower lid appears larger than the upper lid.


How to determine:

If you have almond shaped eyes that tilt upward then you have upturned eyes.

Makeup tips for this eye shape:

  • Use your eye shadow to make the upper and lower lid more proportional.
  • Apply a thin line of dark shadow and liner on the lower part of the eye to combat the lifted appearance.

Protruding Eyes

These eyes are typically large, round and stand out. They also give you plenty of space on the lid to play with.


How to determine:

If your eyes appear to bulge from their socket, then it’s likely you have protruding eyes.

Makeup tips for this eye shape:

  • Luckily, the bulge gives you plenty of lid space to play with.
  • Apply your liner thicker toward the outer lid/upper lash line, and thinner toward the inner eye. This will reduce the space on your projected lid.
  • Since dark tones recede space and size, to keep the lid from overpowering your look, blend neutral medium and dark shades all over your eye

Please let me know if you find the post a good read. In case you have any query or want to add any details, kindly, add comments.

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