Best tips to promote eyebrow regrowth

If you hadn’t already heard, thick, well-groomed brows are the huge trend now!

According to Vanita Parti, founder of Blink Brow Bars, ‘Brows are important because they’re a feature of expression, so are bound up with our emotions. Shaped well, they have the power to change the overall appearance of our face, lending balance and symmetry.’


But unfortunately, many of us end up with eyebrows that are too thin because of over-plucking, threading or waxing. Sometimes, thin eyebrows occur as a result of the aging process, nutritional deficiencies, poor hygiene/care  or medical conditions like hypothyroidism, eczema or alopecia areata.

Want your abundant eyebrows back? When there is a will there is a way. The tips to regrow your eyebrows are here!

Let us get a fact clear.

How long does it take for the eyebrows to regrow?

Eyebrows take around 4 to 8 weeks before they grow back. It is reported that they grow at an average rate of about 0.16mm per day.

The tips:

Before you try to grow eyebrows back faster, you must know the underlying cause of brow loss.

Check for any illness:

As mentioned earlier, medical conditions like hypothyroidism, eczema or alopecia areata can cause loss of brows. In case you have not over plucked your brows and they are getting loose from the roots, check with a dermatologist immediately.


Nutritious and healthy foods are an excellent solution to re-grow hair and eyebrows.

  • Avoid any fad diet or drastic weight loss through restricted diet.
  • Avoid eating sugar as it is highly acidic and destroys vitamins and depletes minerals in your body leading to brittle rough hair.
  • Try to incorporate proteins in your food along with all essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, copper and calcium.

Some healthy nutritious foods that are helpful in increasing the growth of eyebrows are:

  • Nuts or fruits containing Omega-3 fatty acids that include avocadoes, flax seeds, fishes, walnuts and olive oil.
  • Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A like sweet potatoes, carrots, papayas and mangos.
  • Iron containing foods like thin and lean cut of meat, salmon, and other types of fish.
  • Green leafy vegetables supply folate that helps in growth and rejuvenation of cells like spinach and kale.

Read more:

“Superfood for skin, hair, nails”

“Omega-3 fatty acids! why and how”

Toss the Tweezers and the Wax:

  • Do dot tweezefor eight weeks at a time.

You are probably already aware of this, but it’s worth emphasizing that plucking or waxing around your eyebrows will delay regrowth.  In fact, sometimes plucking and waxing eyebrows damages the hair follicle permanently, preventing the hair from ever growing back.

  • I understand completely that unruly hair growing around the eyes can sound alarming. If you can’t stand the idea of letting all your hairs grow out before you shape your eyebrows, try the row-growing strategy. Allow hairs closest to the existing brow to grow in, but tweeze those that are not. As the closer ones grow in, you can begin to grow in the next row.

dont pluck


Exfoliating with a soft toothbrush helps exfoliate the area and stimulate growth.

We often fail to clean and groom the eyebrows enough. The remnants of makeup, cream, serum and dirt can hamper the health and regrowth of eyebrows. This step can effectively solve the problem.

Eyebrow Massage:

Massage your brows in circular direction towards their growth direction and outwards for a few minutes twice or three times a week. This will help stimulate eyebrow growth and you are bound to have your eyebrows grow back fast.

Apply olive oil, castor oil or Vitamin E oil using a Q tip applicator to facilitate the massage.

Comb your eyebrows:

This is more for the shape of the eyebrows but this also stimulates the roots of the hair to promote growth.

  • Here’s the trick: If you brush your brows a few times a day in direction you want them to grow, you’ll re-train the hairs to grow that way. You can use eyebrow spool or disposable/cleaned mascara wands.
  • Try it for a few months and let us know if you notice a difference!
  • Once you’ve trained the hairs to grow upward, you or your esthetician will have an easier shape to work with when waxing/tweezing/threading them.


Use serums:

There is a wide variety of lash and brow serums to choose from to help give your hair growth a boost. Lash serums are commonly powered by peptides, which encourage hair growth at the follicle level. These peptides work by increasing the anagen cycle (the growth phase of all hair)

Product recommendations:

  • Indeed’s Peptalash
  • Mary Kay Lash and Brow Building Serum
  • Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum

Use oils:

Apply olive oil, Castor oil or Vitamin E oil using a Q tip applicator. Apply at least thrice a day. These oils are known to nourish the roots of the hair and stimulate growth. And these are also the safest methods without any side effects.

The chart below gives you the details of the usage of oil and milk for growing thick and healthy eyebrows.


A word of caution: Don’t use any medicine for eyebrow regrowth without consulting a dermatologist. Any reaction might lead to serious side effects and subsequent damage;

 Do you have any more tips in your kitty? Don’t forget to share it with the other readers.

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