5 most-asked questions on makeup! and answers..

Right from the baby days of “lifestylishly”, my inbox in never short of queries on makeup!

Would love to answer the most frequently asked 5 of those.

Question 1

What can I do so that my face does not look like a mask when I put foundation?

Makeup must bring out the best of you. Remember not to cake your face with tons of foundation so that you look artificial and masked. To answer the above question,

  • Choose the right shade of foundation for your complexion.
  • Choose the right texture of foundation and concealer for your skin.
  • Deciding on the finish of foundation you want for your face is very important.
  • Get the right brush/sponge and right technique to apply foundation. The tips are here in this post:

“All foundation worries, finally, settled!”


  • Blend all your makeup components well. If you take care of foundation only while the other components like powder, blusher etc. are not blended enough, it might lead to cakey finish. Here goes the details of blending:

“Blend your makeup like a pro!”



Question 2

Do makeup primers really do anything? What are they basically? Makeup primers are a base on which you can layer your makeup. It can be very useful in helping to apply makeup smoothly and make it last long. Silicone, one of the most common primer ingredients, provides an adhesive surface for pigment. A primer also absorbs oil, so makeup is less likely to smudge and fills in fine lines and wrinkles.

To know all about primers,

“The complete guide to get the best makeup primer for you”


“How to Apply Makeup Primer Like a Pro”


Question 3

Is it at all important to have makeup brushes if I am not a Makeup Artist? If yes, which makeup brushes should one have?

You cannot do good makeup with improper tools.. period.. All of us generally spent a great deal of care, time and money curating our makeup collection. We try to get the products that make us feel like we will look best in. But you might be overlooking one of the most important elements in your makeup case, the brushes.

There are many benefits to using brushes instead of your fingers to apply makeup. You’ll get a much more even coverage using a brush, and a better polished finish. Yes, they involve a little bit of investment but nothing compared to the benefit you reap. Don’t break your bank to get all the brushes; some are very specific and you might not need unless you move up to a high level of mastery in makeup.

Go for the ones you read in this article; feel free to choose more or less according to your need.

“Which makeup brushes should I have?”



Question 4

What can I do to keep eyeshadow from setting in the creases?

Every woman’s nightmare is creasing eyeshadow. I really understand how messy and upsetting it can be. Frankly, it kills the look and most obviously the mood. But just a few careful step can banish this issue. Keep reading.

  • Use a primer.
  • Don’t miss a setting powder.
  • Avoid piling products on the lids.

More details in,

“6 Must-know tricks to keep your eyeshadow from creasing”



Question 5

No matter how much I try concealers never work for my dark circles. Where am I going wrong?

Under eye concealer can be your best friend to wake up tired eyes and brighten dark circles.

  • Choose the right shade. It sounds tough but yes, the truth is, choosing the right shade of concealer is a little more complicated than choosing foundation. Take an expert’s help! For the under eye area, select a shade of concealer that is not more than one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. For lightening dark circles under the eye area you should use a lighter color than what you use to cover discolorations on the face.
  • Select the texture of the concealer. Depending on the skin type and the level of coverage you prefer, you have different textures to choose from.

Finding the right concealer for under eye area has long been one of the great mysteries of the beauty universe. The complete guide is here:

“Best tips for choosing under-eye concealer!”


  • Do not pile on. If little is good, more might not be better. The idea is to lighten, not whiten.Don’t use too much concealer and end up with unusually pale eye area. Moreover, excess product tends to settle in the creases worsening the appearance of the eye area.
  • Use tapping motion rather than long sweeps. Tap little product on the desired area and build up slowly. Sweeps tend to slide away concealers and other products used beneath.
  • Lightly dust setting powder or translucent powder.
  • Apply concealer on the right area, not just the area under the eyes but area in the shape of a triangle down to the cheek.

Do keep pouring in your questions on makeup, styling, health and everything that can make life stylish!

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