46 ways to turn heads in a classic white shirt

It’s time to take out your classic white shirt and to re-style it in such a way that it looses its “bore” or “strictly
official” status and you create an awesome impression every time you wear (read, flaunt!) it!

  1. Wear it with a bright nail or lip color (or both!)

White shirts are the best to keep your look understated yet gorgeous and bring out any other feature or accessory you want to highlight. A bright nail or lip color creates an edgy impression without being loud when teamed with a white shirt.

with bright nails and lips

2. Creating a extra mid-layer

When you are creating multiple layers of clothing, rather than keeping the white shirt as a hidden base layer, experiment it as a mid layer. It helps to accentuate the effect of layering as white stands as a stark layer in between.

as an underlayer

3. Use for a color-pop effect

When using multi-color clothes and accessories, use your white button down as on of the dress layer. It helps to neutralize yet create pop effect for all the colors.

color pop effect

4. Create a monochrome effect

Yes, white on white is a sure head turner! Accessorize with bright bag or color shoes in case you want to make it interesting. Multiple strands of pearls can add loads of sophisticastion to all white assembles.

for a monochrome look

5. Go crop

Use a short length white shirt as a crop top to flaunt your toned tummy.

go crop

6. Under a vest

White button downs are perfect base for a nice vest.

under a vest

7. Knotted over a jumpsuit

Want to create an extra layer? or beat a chill? or just a cover up? Knot your white short over your jumpsuit.


7. Over a dress

Yes, just like the style mentioned above, white shirt is a great way to create a layer over a dress.

over a dress 1

8. Under a oversize jacket or coat

Doesn’t this look gorgeously impressive?

oversize coat

10. Under a crop top

Doting a crop top? Yet, not feeling confident for the tummy show? Create a this impressive look by wearing a crop top under the crop top.


11. Under a sweater

A perfect way to highlight your lovely sweater.


12. Under a sleeveless dress

Retro or not, a sleeveless or halter dress over a well-fitting white shirt can create an unique look by amalgamating the features of both the pieces.


13. Under a sheer top

A top too sheer? or, want to create a new look with the old sheer top? Use a white shirt or top an a base.


14. Under a jacket

One of the classic looks.

under jacket

15. With a bright bag

Want to highlight a bright bag or a neon clutch? Nothing like a white shirt to create an absolute neutral background.

with a bright bag

16. Pop a color cardigan

The white shirt under a color cardigan can help the color effect of the cardigan pop like never before.

with a color cardigan

17. With a color trousers

Not only this is make the color of the trouser pop but also with every new color you can create a complete different look. People will note your trousers like never before.

with a color trousers 2

18. With an eye catching scarf

Catch attention with your pretty scarf by creating a white base with the shirt.

with a eye-catching scarf

19. With a hat

Create a chic look with a hat on.

with a hat

20. With a pastel skirt

Pastel and white makes an eternally elegant combination.

with a pastel skirt

21. With a statement accessory

A statement jewelry will make the boldest statement with a white shirt.

with statement jewellery 1

22. With a trouser skirt

This picture tells us why Lady Beckham is a such a rave in the style world. But you too can create this look. Team your white shirt with a trouser skirt. Definitely, high is my wishlist now!

with a trouser skirt

23.With animal-print

The neutral base of white brings out the animal print with maximum effect. At the same time, it also keeps the whole effect balanced.

with animal print

24. For a biker-chic look

A biker jacket with a white shirt makes you look edgy and chic at one go.

with biker jacket

25. Coupled with a bright belt

Not only the bright belt stands out in the outfit making the statement but also makes your waist area prominent and slim.

with bright belt

26. With bright shoes

Flaunt your bright or color shoes. Like the rule goes, the white shirt makes your overall get up polished and neutral to let the shoes do the speaking.

with bright shoes

27. With capes and cape-coats

A perfect fall style. Don a white shirt below the cape or cape-coat to look great.

with cape

28. With checks

The checks and tartans look exceptionally bright and stand out with the white combination.

with checks

29. Eternal combination – with classic blue denim

Do I need to say anything? This never-fail combination is here to stay till the moon lasts.

with classic blue denim

30. With a classic pleated skirt

Bring out the stylish-forever look with a white button down and a pleated skirt.

with classic pleated skirt

31. With color suits

Tone down the effect of a color suit and yet stand out.

with color suits

32. With crop pants

The formal touch of the white shirt and the casualness of the crop pants give you an ideal on-the-go look.

with crop pants

33. Teamed with a denim crop jacket

When almost every part of the wardrobe can work with a white shirt, why can’t this staple? Rock the look.

with denim crop jacket

34. Denim shorts nail the look

The denim shorts bring out another timeless fashionable look.

with denim shorts

35. With distressed denim

One of the most fav look this time. You can’t go wrong with this when you want to look casual-chic.

with distressed denim

36. With flared pants

Who will not look at you if you dress this way? Totally classy!

Black And White Chic Style

37. With Knee boots (and thigh boots!)

Again the white shirt creates the classy balance with the daring boots.

with knee boots

38. With everything leather

Be it a leather skirt, a pair of leather trouser or even faux leather leggings, white shirt creates a head-turning effect.

with leather

39. With a maxi skirt

A classic combination. Any shape, flared or fishtail, a maxi skirt looks awesome with a crisp white shirt.

with maxi skirt

40. With neutral shorts

The casual-chic effect! Leaves rooms for bright accessories or statement jewelry as per your choice.

with neutral shorts

41. Don a palazzo

With a palazzo, you can create a wide range of look with a white shirt. Printed, pastel, solid colored, netted, textured, any type of palazzo will go like a dream.

with palazzo

42. With printed skirts

Go bold, go bright or go girly! Any printed skirt will make you look fashionable with a white button down.

with printed skirt

43. And printed trousers

When we talk about skirts, can trousers be behind? Try all types of prints for a fresh look and appeal.

with printed trousers

44. With converse

Look like, life-in-a-college person with this combo.


45. A pair of striped trousers

The solid shirt will make the stripes stand out and give you the ultimate chic look.

with striped trousers

46. With Kaftans or over sized cardigans

Go baggy with a white shirt and a cleverly thrown Kaftan or an over sized cardigan.

with overzied cardigan or kaftan

How do you like to wear your crisp white shirt? Don’t forget to share with us! 

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