All you need to know about wearing red lipsticks!

It’s empowering, it’s bold, and it makes everyone look absolute amazing! Nothing makes us feel better than a red lip.


The exemplary sexy look can be brought about by wearing the right shade of red for the right occasion. Be it a fun night out, or a formal event, going for red lips to highlight your looks, is always a great choice.
However, it is very important to know which lipstick to wear and what are the factors to consider while sporting a red lip!

Always consider the lighting
For those who are going outdoors, they should always select a lighter, softer shade of red. For an evening out in town, choose a bolder, darker shade so that your facial features stand out.
Shape of your lips!
Avoid dark shades for thin lips Dark shades applied on lips that are fairly thin, tend to make them look smaller and thinner. Go in for luscious light shades to make them look fuller. Opt for glossy formulae rather than matte if you have thin lips.


Know Which Shade is Right for You
Have you ever spotted a red lipstick you loved on your friend, but when you tried it on yourself, the effect wasn’t the same? You are not alone! Most people look good in red lipstick, but the key is in choosing the right shade. Sometimes you get your dream-shade by mixing two shades of red! A little bit of experimenting can bring out the best of you.
Try to read these articles for a complete insight on how to choose colors for yourself.

“This knowledge can entirely change the way you dress and make up”
“Made easy – choosing lip color for cool skin tones!”

Now comes the real task! Choosing the right shade!
• With porcelain skin with cool undertone, a candy-apple red will add lovely hint of color and contrast. Look for shades that have blue undertones (rather than yellow, since you are cooler toned) to bring out warmth in your skin tone. Again, a raspberry lipstick complements and warms up the cool pink undertones found in very fair skin. Fair skinned people with blue eyes and black hair would look great with a contrasting red lipstick of any shade. Contrary to the popular belief, redheads can rock a bold red lip, just look for a red with orange undertones. Do not hesitate to try out new intense shades for bold as well as subtle looks.
• For beige skin try a coral-red. Your skin is accentuated with reds that have a golden-ish undertone. Rather than going super orange, find a red with very subtle pumpkin-y undertones. That will keep your lips looking sophisticated rather than dramatic.
• Go for brick-red for medium skin. If your skin is slightly tanned, a bold brick-red will create a classy look. Don’t worry about going too deep; select a shade that is a tad darker and richer than cherry red. A medium complexion with light golden tones jibes with “a true red,”. If you detect any undertones in the lipstick, opt for orange.
• For olive skin, pick a red with pink undertones. Rich, copper skin is accented beautifully with a brighter berry red shade. The brightness of fuchsia and raspberry-based reds compliments the natural warmth of your skin. You are in a very safe zone, so don’t miss to experiment with the different shades available. Complexions with yellow undertones turn a glowing tan with a little help from a tangerine-tinged red.
• Go for a purple-based red for chocolate skin. Deep chocolate skin paired with a purple-based red creates an unbelievably stylish look. To make it clearer to understand, find a red in the same color as an ultra-ripe pomegranate or an under-ripe plum. An opaque blue based red creates a gorgeous contrast with dark caramel complexions. To amplify the glam quotient, try shades with a bit of gold iridescence or shimmer.
• Try a cherry red for coffee skin. Skin the color of black coffee looks great with a bright red for the same reason that fair skin does: it creates a beautiful contrast. Find a glossy red with blue undertones. Sometimes the shade needs shimmer to bring dimension and luminosity to deep skin tone. If a shimmery metallic finish is too flashy for you, pick up a wine-hued gloss to accentuate your look.
This chart can be quite useful if you want an easy reckoner! But don’t forget to try different shades.

choosing red lipstick

Do not overdo the eyes
When applying red lipstick, make sure the eye makeup is lighter and much simpler. A light shade of eye shadow, (like champagne/light taupe/ muted gold/ golden-rust/rose-gold), thin precise liner, if at all you need it, and a good layer or mascara would go well with red lipstick. This would ensure the eyes do not overpower the lips. Try to match the undertone of the lipstick and the eyeshadow; warm-cool clash will take a toll on the look. Do not go for super-dark smoky eyes unless you are strutting some uber-glamorous event and you are absolutely sure about the look you want to pull through!



Clinique Bamboo Pink Lipstick

Red lipstick or any dark lip color doesn’t work well on dry, cracked lips, so it is therefore necessary to take care of your lips before taking the plunge. Ensure that you apply a lip balm frequently when you’re off-duty or sporting natural lips for a day. You can also try lightly exfoliating your lips. Browse through the following post to get a perfect pout.

“Perfect lips! The care tips revealed!”
Tip: Red lipstick naturally draws attention to your teeth, so make sure you keep them as white and clean as possible.

Use the correct shade of gloss over it
If you at all use a gloss, be sensible in the selection. A clear coat adds a mirror shine; a gold gloss over red lipstick would soften the shade making it warmer. A pink gloss would transform the color taking it to a bluer and cooler shade.

Prevent bleeding
Why only red! This goes good for all bold colors, specifically if you opt for creamy formulae. Do invest in a good lip-liner. If you find buying a lip liner for every family of shade is bothersome, try the transparent or colorless variety which helps to keep the lipstick in place. Make sure to apply a tiny bit of concealer around the border of your lips to prevent the color from smudging or bleeding.
If you think pulling matte colors are easier, do try them but not before you know how to wear matte lips with perfection.
“Matte perfection!”

Prevent excess color from getting on your teeth
After application of the lipstick and lip liner, place a single-ply tissue or a piece of paper between your lips to remove the excess color that’s present on your lips. This would help it from getting onto your teeth.

So are you feeling bold enough now? Try out a red lip color and follow the above tips to get some beautiful luscious sexy red lips. And don’t forget your share of tips and tricks to sport red lips with awesomeness!

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