25 beauty rules ready to be tossed away!

Here are 25 beauty rules ready to be tossed away!

  • Wearing makeup every day is bad for your skin.Wearing makeup consistently won’t actually make your skin worse. While wearing layers of heavy makeup daily for long hours might not be very good for the skin of our face since it can clog pore but the real culprit of skin damage is not cleaning your makeup properly.


  • Only apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.Makeup artists recommend blush wherever you would naturally flush. For most of us, that means a bit on cheeks, across the bridge of your nose, just a touch on your forehead and yes, a lightest dusting on the ears if you are light complexioned.
  • Don’t use frosted lipstick: if paired wisely with bronzer and lightly defined eyes, frosted pink lipstick finishes a look well. Light frosts in nude or natural color gives polished finish.
  • White eyeliner brightens up your eyes: Don’t break this rule but just change it because the rule works. But we have started to realize that nude eyeliner is even better. A light frosty nude even creates a lovely natural sheen on the waterline.


  • Use highlighter only on your cheekbones: Break the rule and dust it wherever it’s natural for your face to get light and glow. That means ideally the areas to highlight are, the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, under the brow bone, inner corner of the eyes, cupid’s bow, center of forehead and chin.
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  •  Concealer should be slightly lighter than skin: Instead, try one that’s just your skin color but more intensely pigmented that your foundation. Lighter concealer actually just draws more attention to the blemish, and that’s the opposite of what we want. If still see a dark impression after layer your concealer properly, try color-correctors like green for redness, orange or salmon for bluish tint under the eyes.
  • The same concealer always works for acne, blemishes and under eyes: It might but it doesn’t for most. Mostly, the under eye area had different concern than your other blemishes. First comes the color mismatch, the bluish or purplish dark circles under or around eyes is a different issue than reddish acne or rosacea, so you need different for each problem. Next is the formula. The skin around our eyes are not the same as face.
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  •  Don’t wear eyeliner or mascara on bottom lashes: The older theory suggest that dark eyeliner or mascara on the bottom lash line can age a face, make eye appear smaller and can form dark shadows under the eyes. Unless you have unusually small or very deep-set eyes or very puffy under eyes , this rule is meant to be broken immediately. Some even claim that it drags your eyes down, but it all depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

When applied properly (I mean, the right product, right color and without smearing), it creates an awesome effect to highlight your eyes. Invest in a good mascara and liner that won’t smudge or run. If pencil or liquid eyeliner looks too stark, go with a powder lining instead.

undereye shadow

  • Fake Eyelashes Are For Night: Fake lashes were once reserved for high glam showgirls mostly because falsies long ago, used to be too long, dense and heavy. They were absolutely not suitable for day wear.

But now with the hundreds of varieties of improved quality lashes, indulge anytime. To get a more natural look, try strips with well-spaced lashes, or glue individual lashes at your outer corners only.

  • Highlighting goes hand in hand with contouring: No, you can highlight even without contouring. If you know “strobing”, you already know how to highlight without contouring. But even without a proper strobing often just a subtle highlight only creates a naturally glowing look. This is my favorite process when in a hurry or need to look absolutely natural. Dust your highlighter lightly on the right areas and people with notice you glow.

highlighter gradient

  • If you are cool-toned your makeup should be strictly so and vice versa: yes, understanding warm and cool tone is really most important when you’re picking foundation and concealer. But in terms of which eyeshadow, blush and lipstick hues, you can bend the rules. I don’t suggest you to go extreme but a slight variation or going neutral at times help you to move out of the color rut.
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  • One makeup primer is enough: If you are blessed to have no major issues, a single primer is good enough for face but would suggest a separate primer for eyes. But if you have to combat a few issues or want different result in different parts of the face, localized priming with different products is the option.

Does this sound tiring? But the result is worth the hard work. Example, if you have open pores and redness in some parts of the face, it’s best to color correct your face with a color-correcting primer and then layering the pore-minimizing primer. In addition to these color-correcting primers, there are other primers designed to help with specific concerns, like sometimes when my skin is dry or patchy at certain areas, I dab a very small amount Nourishing Primer on my cheeks before my usual primer.

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  • Powder only after foundation: You can throw the rule out the window and for an airbrushed finish, apply your powder before your foundation. A light dusting of your finest setting powder under liquid foundation will actually grab the liquid resulting in more pigmented, fuller coverage. If your preference of finish is matte, then you’ll absolutely love the powder-foundation-powder technique. Makeup Guru Wayne Goss shows you the technique.


  • Only use lip liner only to your lips: The name suggests so but this product has come up with more useful functions. You can fill your lips with the liner and then apply lip color for a long-staying vibrant effect. Again, to alter the lip shape for a gorgeous effect, nothing better than lip liners.
  • Steer clear of blue eye shadows: Yes, compared to the neutrals or plums, they are harder to carry. For fairer complexion, sheer pastel with hint of grey is the best choice. Olive or tan complexions can carry the jeweled tones well. if you have blue eyes, stay clear of exact match with the iris but choose lighter or darker shades for a nice pastel.
  • You cannot wear bold lips with smoky eyes: Heavy lids and bright lips can look intimidating. But that doesn’t mean you can wear nude or natural lips only. The key word is “balance”. In case you want to wear bold lips with smoky eyes, stay away from pure black shadow or extreme smoky effect. Indulge in the greys, brown blending gradually to neutral colors towards the brows to lessen intensity.

red lips

  • Makeup brushes have strictly specific function: Yes, most of the brushes have a very specific function but like all makeup rules it can be bent according to need! Blending brushes can multitask easily in any part of the face; it can be used for highlighting small areas. The setting brush can help to dust glitter or shimmer and can help to highlight. A powder brush can be pinched to create nice contour brush. There are just few to mention. Let the makeup-guru in you take a leap and go ahead to experiment with all.
  • Hairspray is just for hair: You can almost do away with eyebrow gel. Spray a bit of hairspray onto a toothbrush, or spoolie and then swipe it over brows for a long-lasting hold.
  • Hair needs a trim every six to eight weeks:If you have bangs to be maintained at a particular length or are trying to grow a cut out, or have got split, damaged or thinning ends, this might be true but, otherwise, there’s no real need for such frequent or strict haircuts. It really depends on the requirement.
  • Got oily skin? Stay away from facial oils: On the contrary, facial oils mildly dissolve the oily debris that clog pore and help to remove them. Logically speaking, oil dissolves oil better than water or anything mixed with water. Isn’t it? Numerous brands are launching facial oils every day. They clean and moisturize oily skin very well. Even the regular old jojoba oil will do the moisturizing trick without clogging pores. Make sure you clean face well after using oil.
  • Coconut oil is just for the kitchen: Coconut oil pulls additional duty as a body moisturizer and hair mask. You can leave it on half an hour before showering for a deep conditioning treatment, or rub some in after showering for soft skin. Might not be very suitable for face in case you have oily or sensitive skin as some dermatologists say it’s comedogenic.
  • One suitable shampoo is good for your full hair care: This again might be good for many but not all. When you shampoo your hair, you wash your scalp and the entire length of hair. For many, these two parts have different concern. Say for me, my scalp is extremely oily and a dirt magnet while the tips of the long strands are dry. If I use a shampoo which cleanses my roots well it dries my strands and moisturizing shampoos leave a sticky feel at the roots. Solution? Two shampoos according to zone and viola! Perfectly clean and moisturized silky locks. The issues might be different but judge and if required don’t be afraid to combine products for best results.
  • If you only use hot tools on your hair once in a while, you don’t need heat protectant spray: Regardless of how often you use heat styling tools on your hair, you should be using a heat protectant spray each time.
  • Natural or herbal ingredients are always safe; you can use without testing: Natural ingredients have a host of benefits, and because they’re not synthetic. Ideally, they should be easier on your skin, or so you might think. But, certain natural ingredients and essential oils can trigger reactions when used on sensitive skin. Some of the most common oils that can cause irritation include clove, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, and tea tree oil (OMG!). If you’re going to go natural, study the ingredients well and do a testing before use.
  • Only a curler is required to curl hair: You can curl your hair with a flatiron. Take a one- or two-inch section and begin to pull it through your straightener. Once you get to about ear-level, flip the iron in the opposite direction by twisting your wrist so the strand is wrapping around the edge of the iron, and continue to pull it through the ends. This creates cool, bendy waves instead of barrel curls.

Let me know about any beauty rule/s that you have done away for good. Would love to see the list growing!


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