Best tips to make your hooded eyes stand out

How do I know if I have hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes feature excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line, which fully or partially obscures your crease. Many of us have this eye shape from birth, but it could also be the result of your lid drooping with age.

The Secret to Perfect Eye Makeup according to your Eye Shape


Problems faced with hooded eyes and Makeup tips to tackle it:

Though it is one of the most common eye shape, typically this eye shape features a shrink in the eyelid area and can make you look drowsy.

The makeup techniques for typical, almond-shape eyes don’t always work for hooded eyes. The key is learning how to select and use the eye makeup that will make your eyes look wider and more awake.

Here are the winner tips!

Problem 1: Tired-looking eyes

Lack of lid space can close in hooded eyes, making you appear tired. Strategically placed highlighter can help you with this.

Technique: Blend a champagne (or similar shimmery shadow) in the inner corner of your eyes and across your lid, bringing the shade up toward your brow bone. Be generous with the shade at the inner corners to bring light and create an illusion of space to that area. Apply a little on your lower lash line as well. Add a few coats of lengthening mascara to your top and bottom lashes to help open up and define your eyes.

probem 1

Problem 2: Downturned look

To balance the downturned look of hooded eyes, you need to extend and lift the liner on the upper lid a bit higher than you normally do, creating a cat eye.

Technique: Gently pull the skin of your lid up to give you a little space to work with. Run the liner in a fine line along your lashes, stopping a few millimeters from the outer corner of your eye. Hold the lid up for a few seconds to let the liner dry so it doesn’t leave a mark on your lids. Release, and then flick the liner up toward the tail of your brow, starting where you stopped your line earlier. Finish with a coat of mascara.

Tips: Keep the wing short for a subtle lift, or lengthen it for a more feline effect.

probem 2

Problem 3: Perfect smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are especially tricky for people with hooded eyes. Hooded lids hides the shadow, so you’ll need to apply it slightly above the lid to create a crease where there isn’t one naturally. Top off the look with thick coats of mascara, particularly at the outer lashes to open your eyes way up.

Technique: Blend a medium-toned brown shade onto your lid, and look straight ahead into a mirror. With your eyes open, you’ll be able to see when the shadow starts to become visible. Blend the brown shade up past your socket, up towards your brow bone area. This technique contours your socket into looking like a crease, lending a defined vibe to your look.

Next step, blend the same shadow along your bottom lash line. Rim your water line and upper lash line with a black/deep grey/deep brown liner, and use a light champagne shadow to highlight just the inner corners of your eyes to avoid your eyes looking closed-in. Finish the look with mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

probem 3

The must-follow tips:

  • Accentuate the natural crease of your eyes – To repress the droopiness of hooded eyes, it is tremendously important to work on the natural crease. The result is an open appearance of your eyes. Apply make up to the closed eye, start from the outer side and work towards the inner side.


  • Only use smudge-proof eyeliner and mascara- Due to hooding, there is a higher chance of the eyeliner and mascara to be smudged. So, smudge-proof products are the safe bait.
  • Arch your eyebrows upwards – This will make your eyes look much bigger and will give you that perfect arch that is essential for balancing the drooping lids.
  • Don’t be afraid to liner lower lash – It makes hooded eyes more prominent.
  • Curl Lashes For Hooded Eyes – This opens up the eyes and counteracts the droopy effect of the hooded eyes.
  • Choose the right kind of fake lashes – Hooded eyes makes it very difficult to have full or long fake eye lashes because the long fake eye lash almost reaches the brow and makes the eyes overdone. The solution is to trim them according to your eyes or face. Another cool trick is to use individual lashes more towards the outer corner of the eyes; this creates the pretty effect without overwhelming the eyes or the makeup.

The best looks for hooded eyes

Whether you want to appear more bright-eyed for your day or bring the drama for a night look, here are some of the best tried and tested makeup looks for the hooded-eyed beauties!

Look 1 – Shimmery natural day-time look:

A subtle gleam and thin liner create a pretty, refreshing effect, perfect for work or low-key makeup looks. Shimmery eye makeup wakes up this eye shape by creating the illusion of light where there is usually darkness.

Technique: Select a champagne or beige frosted shadow and blend it across the lid and above the socket. Dust a little into the inner corners of your eyes to catch the light. Next, use a liner to draw a very thin line across the upper lash line, thickening it a bit towards the outer corner of your eye. You can give it a little upward flick, as mentioned before, to create an uplifting effect. Be very careful not to overdo the effect. End with generous coats of mascara, leaving your bottom lash line bare if you wish. An alternate to bare bottom lashes is gliding a brown pencil lightly for a naturally defined look.

Tip: Add a little shimmery base shadow below the tail of your brow to lift your eye and make it look more upturned.

look 1

Look 2 – Understated Cat Eyes:

A subtle cat eye lets you rock the look without being over dramatic.

Technique: Take a pencil liner and trace around your upper and lower lash lines, keeping the line thinner towards the inner corner. Extend the upper line into a slight wing, just a little past your eye. Connect the wing to the lower lash liner. You can color waterlines with the pencil, top and bottom. Add a touch of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up and Finish with a coat of mascara.

Tip: You can line all around your eyes and waterlines if they’re hooded, as long as you extend the wing slightly beyond your lashes to keep them looking open.

look 2

Look 3 – Dramatic Cat Eyes:

Ideal for a glam night or to turn head with edginess. A striking cat eye compliments hooded eyes by lengthening and lifting them.

Technique: Get the most out of on the lower lash line area, since the upper lid’s space is less. Take a pencil liner and make a thin line along your top lash line, stopping at the outer corner of your eye.

Line your bottom water line, following the curve of your lower waterline up and out, into a strong wing. Curl your lashes and add coats of mascara.

look 3

For lots of tips on hooded eye makeup, you can watch:

Hope you find the article informative. Don’t forget to add tips and observations under comments.


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