Secrets of building basic makeup kit

“What does a woman need in her makeup kit?” This one of the most-Googled beauty questions of all times!

When the market is overflowing with thousands of products being launched every month, how does a woman decide what are the basics to stock?

Most of the woman, whom I get to talk in my sessions are very scared of makeup because they are confused and lost, if not alarmed with the variety of products. They just don’t know where to start. No matter what the internet says, unless you are a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, you don’t need a trunkful of products, period.

The quality and color selection according to your skin tone is a more important factor than number of products you “should” buy. By quality, I don’t emphasize on buying very high end brands; the drugstore has a good stock. Your wise selection is all that counts.

Now, on the trail.


Even if you are not a heavy-makeup person and love to keep your look natural, unless you have a flawless skin, you need foundation! Don’t worry about looking cakey. If you choose the color and texture correctly, a foundation will never ever make you cakey. It will even out your complexion and make your skin flawless.


For a complete guide on how to choose foundation according to your need,

All foundation worries, finally, settled!

Tips: If foundation feels too heavy for you, a tinted moisturizer, and BB and CC creams are lighter options that are great for every day.

The lucky 13 tips on foundation that most of us don’t know!


I am sure to have invited quite few eye-rolls with this. Yes, even if you think you can do without a foundation, a concealer is a must. The under eye area, the minor spots, marks, sits, redness, hyperpigmentation everything needs a concealer.

Even on days when you want to skip the foundation, you just use concealer with your tinted moisturizer, and BB and CC creams and go.

Mostly, our under eye area needs a specific concealer according to need.

Best tips for choosing under-eye concealer!


Many of my dear ladies shriek in horror when I say this. No beauties, a blusher doesn’t make you clownish. A perfect blush for your skin tone is a must-have all year round. The right shade will instantly brighten up your face and accentuate facial features. It might take you a little work to find the right color, formula and that doesn’t leave you looking over made up. If your skin is more oily or acne-prone, go for a light, mineral blush that will let your skin breathe. If your skin is dry, cream blush will give a lovely color without making you cakey.

Blushes with a light iridescent sheen creates a lovely highlighted flush on your cheeks.

Some tips on choosing the color.

 blush fair

blush medium

blush dark

Nude/Neutral eye shadow palette

An eyeshadow palette with beiges, tans, taupe, browns, greys in it will have you set for the lifetime. You can go from a natural, everyday look to a glamorous smokey eye with just one palette.

See, the remarkable difference neutral eye shadows can bring when used with basic eyeliner and mascara.


An eyeliner/eye pencil

Even the least-makeup person uses this. Black and brown are the eternally flattering colours to match all your needs. You might think you need a black liner only, but dark brown is more wearable for every day, more so, if you are fair-toned. Depending on your skill level and preference, you can go for a pencil, or a liquid liner.

Tips: Smudge the liner for a pretty, brown smokey eye look, or layer it on thick for a mod style.


This again is a scary piece for many. Many have expressed concerned about poking eyes, smudging or creating a mess. Yes, it takes a little practice to perfect the application technique but once you know how to apply, you can’t ignore it ever. Cause? It lifts your eyes, makes them larger, more prominent, darken, thicken, lengthen, and/or define the eyelashes. The overall effect lifts the entire look.

Tips: If you have porcelain in complexion, you can try brown instead of black. This creates a pleasant and natural effect.



The love of womankind! Yes, most of us have enough of these to swim in. But if you ask me, what is the bare minimum or basic color range? Here it goes

  • A Your-Lips-but-Better Color: For a natural look or to balance a dramatic eye makeup, a color just a few shades deeper or brighter than your actual lip color is ideal. These colors contain mauve or pink undertones. A great way to find your perfect shade is by matching it to the inside of your lip! The difference between this color and a standard nude is that this one should be slightly more pigmented and look “natural” rather than muted or washed out.
Politely Pink

MAC Politely Pink

  • A Nude/light Brown: For a muted effect when you want to go absolutely natural or is sporting a heavy eye makeup one should have a brown nude that doesn’t wash out complexions. You can top it with a clear or pearly gloss for an added effect.


 Get your perfect nude lipstick!

  • A nice Pink: Packs a powerful punch without being loud.

MAC Silly

  • A subtle Rose: A versatile shade. Creamy with no shimmer, this brownish-rose serves as a great neutral lip color for all skin tones. This might double up as your A Your-Lips-but-Better Color.

MAC Plumful

  • A Berry or Plum: A berry or plum lipstick is versatile. Though the deeper shades are intimidating, it’s hard to go wrong with rich reddish and purplish shades, because they’re super-flattering and mimic the skin’s natural “flush.” Magenta tinged-plum is a universally flattering shade, no matter what your undertone.
  • A comfortable red: My use of the word “comfortable” is conscious. Red seems to be quite daunting or too-bold-for-my-choice for many. But it has different shades, right from subtle or muted to bold or fiery. Try a range of color and choose the one that you are comfortable in.

This article is particularly helpful for choosing lipstick:

This knowledge can entirely change the way you dress and make up

This is mostly the basic to cover the needs of a minimal-makeup person. For makeup enthusiasts, there are different higher levels when numerous other products, tools and application techniques are adopted.

Readers! Is there anything you think I missed? Would love to hear those from you!






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