How to get the maximum benefits of your face cream


If you think you’re doing everything right, you might be surprised to learn that you could be applying your face cream better. And with a few small modifications you can make the most of the jar in hand.

Applying your face cream correctly boosts hydration in your skin that lasts long and also helps the other beneficial ingredients like the anti-aging ones work well.

Hey! Remember, all these tips and techniques goes well for facial moisturizers too!

Shop smart

First of all, ask yourself what is the target of the cream you are buying. The most important rule when choosing face cream is to make sure it is appropriate for your skin type and your skin’s needs. Talk with the Sales assistant about your requirement, read the ingredients, do some research and then, go ahead.

For example, along with requirements like anti-aging or depigmentation, a basic requirement most of us want is moisturization. Hydration starts with ingredients known as humectants. They are important for longer lasting moisturization. Humectants to look for in the composition of a cream include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and propylene glycol. Check the ingredients list before you buy any moisturizer and make sure it contains at least one humectant.

Clean your face

No matter what time of the day you apply the face cream, you need to wash your face. This is to get rid of sweat, grime, makeup etc. This will allow the cream to penetrate into your pores and work its magic. You may be diligent in makeup removal, but are you using the right cleanser to put your skin in optimal condition for skin renewal is important. Look for a cleanser that contains the right ingredients. Ingredients like antioxidants for protection, salicylic acid to help clear your pores (in case of oily skin), and witch hazel, which acts as a natural astringent adds extra boost to your skin care

To keep the canvas clean don’t forget to exfoliate regularly.

Clean fingers

The fingertips are dirt magnets. Not always visible but they pick up microscopic dirt and germs easily. So, apparently, no matter how clean your fingers are, clean them before you apply face cream.


Timing Is Everything

The best strategy is to apply moisturizers when skin is freshly moist. This moist state is most accessible immediately after towel drying. The same effect is achieved if you pat the cream after applying toner before it’s completely dry.

Layer Strategically

You get more functional utility out of your skin care products when you layer products that work together in the best most effective order. The rule of thumb is to start with the thinnest consistency products and work your way up to the heaviest. Serums go on first, followed by oils, then creams. The one exception is sunscreen, which should be applied last

Measuring Depends On Personal Requirement

There is no ideal measurement for how much face cream you need. A little trial and error is necessary to determine the optimal amount of product for each specific product and situation. If you’re unable to rub in all of the product, then you’ve probably used too much. On the other hand, if you’re not able to easily spread the lotion everywhere you need it, you need to use more. This amount might change from time to time depending on the cream you are using, the condition of your skin and external factor like season.

Don’t Ever Neglect Your Neck

When you apply your cream, there’s no reason to stop when you reach your jawline. Using the same product on your neck and decollate is highly recommended because all of these areas will show signs of lack of care or aging.


The Right Technique of applying and massaging face creams

Apply in Gentle Upward Strokes: As you age, gravity pulls your skin downward, causing sagging and wrinkles. To combat this, experts suggest applying moisturizer in upward strokes. It may not be enough to reverse the effects of gravity, but it, to some extent, prevents further sagging. Dab moisturizer on face and then gently and evenly spread moisturizer of choice on your face and neck in upward and outward movements

Massage: A gentle massaging technique increases circulation, helps minimize puffiness, and ensures that your skin absorbs the most moisturizer it possibly can. Starting from the center of your chin, massage slowly up your jaw line in gentle, circular motions, ending at the lower ear. Repeat twice. Then, starting at the corners of your mouth and using the same small, gentle, circular motions, massage along the base of your cheekbone, ending at the middle ear. Again, repeat this twice. Repeating the same motion, massage from the side of your nose, over your cheekbone, ending at your temple. Repeat two times. Finally, use a gentle, upward motion to massage your neck using the left hand to massage the right side of the neck and visa versa. If it is not possible to complete the entire technique every time you apply cream, try to do it once, preferably at night.

Activate energy points. Press gently and hold for up to 1 minute on the outer eye (by the top of the cheekbone), cheek (under the cheekbone, by the jaw) and chin (under the corners of the mouth). It helps to rejuvenate your face.

Some Useful tips:

  • Always apply face cream or a moisturizer before applying the foundation even if your skin is oily.
  • If your foundation disappear within few hours of application, or drags when you blend it that means that probably your skin needs more moisture.
  • If your skin is prone to breakouts or is prone to acne choose a cream containing alpha hydroxy or benzoyl peroxide.
  • Make sure the cream is appropriate for your skin type.
  • Don’t use heavy and too thick cream even if your skin is very dry.
  • Always apply calming or hydrating face cream after exfoliation, because exfoliating causes the skin to dry out and needs more moisture.
  • Never use heavy creams or moisturizers around the eyes as these could irritate your eyes.
  • Many brands offer day and night face creams that work together to achieve best results.
  • Always make sure the cream is well-absorbed into the skin before you apply makeup.
  • In case you find layering products cumbersome, choose a cream with sun protection (at least SPF 15 or higher), during days to prevent any skin damage induced by sunrays.

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