What do I do with my too dark and too pale lip colors?!

Even with the best sense of color makeup people do have a few unwanted pieces of lip colors! Not that it’s always a bad buy, often our choice changes, so does the trend. 90% of us admit never being able to throw away those pretty pieces. Then, what do you do with those? Remember the fabulous words “When it comes to your makeup, don’t be afraid to be an artist.”

Here are some cute ideas to use the lip colors rather than letting it sit unwanted at some corner of your makeup drawer.

Too pale for me:


  • Make a new shade of the same color family- Mix them with deeper hues of the same color family to create a new medium shade.



  • Make a complete new shade – Mix it with a darker lipstick of a different color range to create a complete new color. Don’t melt the whole lipstick at the first go since it will be a waste if you don’t like the new shade. Mix a little of the colors to see how the new color comes out. If you like it, go ahead!


Tips: You could mix an orange with a pink to create a beautiful coral lip or take a pale nude lip and add a pop of pink to make it a pinky nude.

  • As a pop color – I recommend starting with a bright or deep base shade applied all over the lips, then use the pale shade to highlight just the center of the lips. This creates a beautiful gradient and makes the lip look voluminous.
  • A new cream blush – If the color is of pink, coral, orange or brown family, dab a little on the apples of your cheek and blend well to get a flush of color.

Tips: Be careful not to use a matte lipstick for this. Start with a little lipstick and then build up in case you need to. Think of it as you would add salt or pepper to taste.

  • How about a new cream eye color? – Just like the blusher use it as an eye color. But again, be light handed in the beginning.


  • To lighten too-dark shades – Pale colors mixed with a too-dark shade can give you a lovely medium shade. That way, two unused lipsticks, one “too pale” and another “too dark”, comes to use.
  • Create ombre lips – Take a dark lip liner, line your lips till mid region of your lip. Apply the pale lipstick at the center of the lips. With a lip brush gradually blend the transition of the dark and pale to create beautiful ombre lips. The hot ombre lips will make a statement wherever you go!


Too deep for me:

Unless you want a stunning look for autumn or winter or a fan of Goth lips, too dark shades are a bit difficult to wear.

too dark

  • Light it out the shade- Dab a peachy-nude the center of your lips and blend the edges with your fingertips or brush to mix the colors together. If your concealer is peach-hued, you can use that, too.
  • Gloss over – Try using a shimmery lip gloss over the dark color. The shimmer in the gloss will reflect the light, making the color overall appear lighter.
  • Use as a lip stain – Apply your dark lipstick generously and then after a couple of minutes with a tissue, dab away most of it. The color that remains on your lips is light, natural and pretty long lasting. You can even set it with a setting powder to make it more matte. Another way to use dark lipstick as stain is to tap some color on your fingertip and tap the color on your lips till you get suitable finish and color.
  • Try creating ombre lips – One of the hottest trends of lip makeup. Start with the deep shade as a base applied all over the lips and then use a light shade to the center of the lips. Make sure to blend the transition area to create an awesome effect.
  • Use it as a lip liner – If your dark lipstick is matte or have a long-lasting formula, use the sharp edges of the stick to line lips.
  • Make tinted lip balm – Melt a little of your dark lipstick with shea butter or petroleum jelly or any transparent lip balm of your choice to make a nice tinted lip balm. Store it in small containers to make a lovely palette.

lip balm

  • For smokey eyes – Dark shades like garnet, plum, chocolate can double up as a creamy eye shadow for your eyes. Just be careful to use a good eye shadow primer to avoid clumping or creasing. And, also, use a moderate amount.
  • Make your signature eyeliner shade – Seriously! I jumped around for whole 15 minutes when I tried this. Add eye pencils and gel eyeliners into lip products to get signature hues. Mix them together on the back of your hand using a lip brush to create a velvety texture. Start small and build. I mixed a maroon lipstick with a little brown gel liner to an unbelievable shade.

lipstick as eyeliner


  • Use directly as an eye liner – Use an eyelinerbrush and bury it into the lipstick so that you make a little divot in the bullet. Line your top lid, staying close to the lash line, and extend up and outward to your brow. Connect the outer corner and drag in the color across your lower lash line as well. Liquid lip colors make the task even easier!

lipstick as eyeliner 2

Hope you lovlies liked the tips! Let me know your ways to use dark and pale lipsticks.


Decoded: All MAC lipstick finishes and textures

MAC lipsticks are all about color and texture. While most people probably pick lipstick shades because they find a color suitable, most MAC lipstick lovers find themselves selecting MAC lipsticks according to their formula and finish along with color. I, personally, have formula preferences. The finish, texture, lasting power and colour opacity of MAC lipsticks can vary quite considerably between different formulas.

Here is a complete guide to understand and choose MAC lipstick texture and finishes. Enjoy!


True to the claim the MAC Matte lipsticks are matte, completely opaque with mind-blowing high pigmentation, lasting power and coverage. The only con is that they are drying, both whilst on the lips and afterwards. So, if you are a matte lover, you need to strike up a friendship with a good lip balm. Alot of the matte shades are varying shades of red also (Russian Red, Ruby Woo).

Staying power: These last about 4-5 hours on most. These tend to fade out rather than disappear in patches off the lips.

Few of the most popular of this line:  Chili, Dangerous, Runway Hit, Steady Going, Matte Royal, Instigator, Antique Velvet and Stone, Studded Kiss, Persistence, Whirl, Naturally Transformed, Men Love Mystery, D for Danger and Pink Pigeon


Retro Matte 

Very similar to the matte formula, but the formula is more matte and more drying on the lips. You have to tug on your lips a bit to apply these, but the pigmentation and the finish are OMG, gorgeous! You definitely need to exfoliate and moisturize your lip to saturation to ensure perfect application and stay. Some find this range as one of the trickiest to work with.

Staying power: These last more than 4-5 hours.

Few of the most popular of this line:  Ruby Woo, Relentlessly Red, Flat Out Fabulous, All Fired Up.


Amplified/Amplified Crème

The Amplified line comprises of mostly bright, popping colours, as suggested by the name and some of the colours are particularly vivid (say, Impassioned).

These have the pigmentation is rich like a matte lipstick and dry to a semi- matte finish, and give full color on their first swipe. They are quite creamy and hydrating. They do not parch your lips like some other MAC lipsticks, like Retro Mattes do.

Staying power: Lasts about 3 to 4 hours (depending on skin condition, application technique, meals etc) before you need to reapply.

For Amplified cream, because of the glossiness, the wear-time might not be long, with a tendency to feathering or bleeding over the lip line. I suggest using a good lip liner with these.

Few of the most popular of this line: Girl About Town, Impassioned, Vegas Volt, Brick-O-La And Dubonnet, Chatterbox, Show Orchid, Morange, Craving, Fast Play



Good colour payoff with medium to high frosted shimmer-to-shine finish. These can appear metallic/shimmery/iridescent on the lips. Some of these are a bit drying. The pigmentation can be quite hit or miss. The finish varies from some very frosty to just shimmery sheen.

Few of the most popular of this line: Angel, Coconutty, Delish, Eden Rocks, Bronze Shimmer, Frenzy, Jist



These lipsticks are super soft and creamy and have a finish on the lips which is somewhat like a creamy gloss. These are not as pigmented as the Amplified or Matte ones but still fairly full-coverage. The Cremesheen formula comes in many neutral shades and that’s probably a reason of this being one of MAC’s most popular lipstick finishes. These are definitely amongst the most comfortable lipsticks to wear because they feel quite moisturizing for the lips.

Staying power: I also find that they only last about two hours before they need to be touched up.

Few of the most popular of this line: Shy Girl, Crème d’ Nude, Crème Cup, and Lickable


Cremesheen Pearl

As the name suggests, these lipsticks’ formula and finish is the same as the Creamsheen, but with a bit of frostiness throughout. They feel very similar to the regular Cremesheens, but are a little less pigmented and creamy.

Few of the most popular of this line: Coral Bliss and Pink Pearl Pop


The Satin finishes are quite matte like the Matte formula, but with a bit of added sheen and a little less drying on the lips.  They give a pretty opaque coverage. These, kind of, have a matte finish with a slight hint of shine/shimmer- but only very slightly. Do make sure that the lips are well moisturized because these can be a little unforgiving for the drier lips. They are creamier than the Matte line but not as creamy as Cremesheen range.

Staying power: They wear for about 5 hours

Few of the most popular of this line: Rebel, MAC Red, Myth, and Snob



These are not very pigmented, and probably the most sheer of all MAC lipsticks. It provides the most natural finish, while looking glossy. They give a finish like a lip gloss than a lipstick, in my opinion.

Staying power: They are also not that long lasting- I would get about two hours maximum wear out of this.

Few of the most popular of this line: Hue and Pervette



This formula gives sheer coverage, with a sheen. The finish is very similar to the Glaze line, but with a bit more coverage and buildable color coverage. They are glossy, so they are not the most long-wearing. They are very comfortable to wear on the lips.

Staying power: Because of the creaminess, you can get about 1-2 hours of wear.

Few of the most popular of this line: Plink, Syrup, Hug Me, Jubilee, and Patisserie.


Beyond standard finishes, there are,

Pro Longwear Lipcreme: The finish is uniquely intermediate between matte and glossy. MAC claims the staying power of the lipstick to be around 12 hours. I find that it lasts an impressive 8 hours with minimal fading and no trace of feathering. In spite of being long-wearing, they are not very drying.


Sheen Supreme: They have the color pay-off of a lipstick, but are very glossy like a lipstick. They wear about a good 3 hours. The lighter shades will wear for less. Some complain that the lighter colors tend to settle into lines on the lips. They are very comfortable to wear as they are moisturizing. Despite being glossy, they are not sticky on the lips.


Mineralize Rich: This formula really is fantastic. This line boasts a formula comprised of 77 different minerals. It is a very rich and creamy lipstick formula, even creamier than the Cremesheen formula. The color glides on opaquely, but still gives a nice sheen. They are extremely comfortable to wear and last for about 3 hours.


Mattene: These lipsticks are creamy to apply and comfortable to wear. They give completely opaque coverage. They last for an impressive 4 hours before they even begin to fade. Mattene lipsticks are not a permanent product for MAC (big sigh!), but are released with limited edition collections from time to time.


Dazzle: This contains micro-glitter to the maximum effect. For an analogy, think Dazzleglass but in lipstick form! The formula isn’t gritty, but there is a noticeable texture of glitter. They are very glittery, shimmering, and dazzling. The effect may be too much for some to wear alone.  Though MAC claims this to be long-lasting the glitter stays on for longer but the base color fades.


Lip Treatment: Not really a lip colour though. This is Colour-free, texture-free. This care product provides natural healthy-looking lips.

What is/are your favorite finish/es? Don’t forget to share.

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 for Fall 2014


What happens when the gorgeous Rihanna joins hand with MAC, again?

You get one of the most exciting and adventurous range of makeup!

MAC and Rihanna have decided to join forces for yet another limited edition collection. MAC has chosen to feature Rihanna as the spokesperson of their Viva Glam line for Fall 2014.

Rihanna brings a bold look to her fierce NEW VIVA GLAM campaign, accenting her fearless, confident style with new shades of frosted metallic mauve lipstick and lipglass, in a velvety soft packaging featuring her signature.

Also available, the modern red hues of Rihanna’s original Viva Glam collection.



  • September 8th online, September
  • 11th, 2014 at all North America MAC locations
  • September 2014 at all international MAC locations.

Limited life — 6 months on-counter.

The point to be noted and to be thankful for is,



Could Rihanna’s newest Viva Glam lipstick for MAC be the upcoming season’s must-have hue? Can Rihanna’s lipstick can transform your summer staples to a more fall-appropriate tone? To many questions and a huge wave of excitement and anticipation is building up!


Find the Viva Glam Rihanna II Lipstick and Lipglass

Lipstick ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Viva Glam Rihanna II Warm mauve with silver frost

Lipglass ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Viva Glam Rihanna II Cool mauve with red frost

Do you find the range interesting? Which one would you like to try? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

Matte perfection!


Matte lips can look incredibly chic and classy, if you know how to wear it. Though plump and glossy is the eternally glamorous, most women find they need to go with a duller finish, specifically the bright hues like red or fuchsia.

Most of us are in pure love with the matte texture of the lips but disheartened by the big snare; a chalky, uncomfortable texture that highlights every imperfection on the surface of your lips.

Let’s have a look at some unbeatable tips on how to master the art of applying and wearing matte lip color and end the woes forever.

It’s different:

Let’s first understand why is matte lipsticks different? It’s the ratio of ingredients that determines matte vs. shiny. Lipstick’s main components are wax, oil and pigment. A matte lipstick, compared to a shiny one, has more wax and pigment and less oil, which makes for something more opaque, deeper in color and long-wearing. But, it also makes the texture drier than other finishes.

Now the steps:

1) Prepare your lips, Exfoliate.

Matte lipstick textures tend to emphasize all the flaws of your lips. Cracks, flaking and even mild dryness are highlighted by matte lip color. It tends to settle on the fine lines and become uneven where there is accumulation of dead skin or a dry spot. Therefore, it’s important to prepare your lips and make them smooth and soft.

Exfoliating your lips can be a the ideal solution to get rid of dry and/or peeling skin in order to reveal soft lips, on which your lip color will glide easily and evenly.

I find moisturizing lips heavily 20-30 minutes before exfoliation makes a large difference in the outcome. The moisture loosens the dead skin and cell, heals any crack if present.


You can prepare a lip scrub easily: just mix some sugar with olive oil and honey and gently massage your lips with it for couple of minutes, then rinse; you lips will feel baby soft and smooth.

With a wash cloth or cleansing sponge, wet and wipe your lips. Using your fingertip, lightly massage the scrub onto your lips, working in tiny circles. Be gentle! Wipe off the scrub, rinse well, and finish with a final swipe of the cloth or sponge to remove any remaining scrub or skin remains.

2) Add moisture

If you have naturally dry skin or live in a cold, dry climate, you know how tough it can be to keep your lips moist and smooth.

In order to keep matte lipstick fresh, make sure to moisturize your lips before applying your lipstick, because matte texture tends to dry out the lips, creating a totally unwelcome caked on effect. You can moisturize your lips using your favorite lip balm or apply some natural oil like argan, coconut or sweet almond oil on your lips.

The tricky part is to increase hydration without adding shine. Too much of moisture balms will result in decreasing opacity or de-saturating the color of your matte lipstick. The process begins as soon as you’re done exfoliating, as you pat your lips dry and apply a light layer of matte-finish lip balm, lip-conditioner or lip primer. After that you should dab off any excess lip balm (or conditioner or primer) with an absorbent paper towel.

For the healthy perfect lips:

“Perfect lips! The care tips revealed!”


3) Let the color pop

If you want to get the true shade of matte lipstick, apply a concealer all over your lips prior to applying your lip color. Whether you decide to go for a perky red, flamboyant pink or nude matte lips, concealing them in advance will help get very neat and beautiful result! This is more useful if your lips are pigmented unevenly.

4) Start off by lining your lips

Apply a lip liner all over your lips before applying your matte lipstick. Using lip liner will help you get neat, clean and beautiful result. Find a lip liner of the same shade as your lipstick and line your lips with it, filling them in. This way you are creating a base for your matte lipstick to glide on; the color will look a lot richer and more intense. Lip liner will also help your lipstick last longer.

Beware: For lining lips, don’t use a liner too dark for your lipstick shade. Unlike glossy lip colors, you cannot blend easily, if needed, and, the bicolor effect is a strict no-no!

5) No rubbing!

Avoid rubbing your lips together when applying matte lip color, because matte textures don’t work the same way as sheer or glossy ones do. Instead, use a lip brush, in order to spread the product all over your lips evenly and if you want to get more precision and professional looking result.

6) Another coat

If you want your lip color to last even longer, then, after applying a lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and reapply the lipstick again. This tip will help add intensity to your lip color and you will be amazed how much longer your lipstick will last.


7) Precision tip

In order to keep your lipstick application precise and perfect, make sure to clean up the edges using the same concealer that you used prior to applying your lip color. You can use a small concealer brush or use a simple Q-tip to go around your lips, cleaning up all the imperfections and smudges.

8) Avoid feathering

Matte colors don’t feather as easily as glossy ones. Feathering is what happens when your lipstick bleeds out from your lips, ending up with little lines of lipstick around your mouth. This generally happens to older women, but these tips also work to stop your matte lipstick from smudging. After you have applied your matte lipstick, use a concealer brush and your favourite concealer to cover up any uneven areas around your lips, making sure to blend the concealer. The concealer not only helps you create your desired lip shape, but it also acts as a barrier, preventing your lipstick from moving!

Additional tips

  • Opt for soft matte lipsticks

Traditional matte lipsticks will dry out your lips, eternal fact! There are new age matte lipsticks that won’t dry out your lips as much as traditional matte lipstick does but in my opinion, the former still wins in terms of finish, staying power, and opacity. If you really dislike the dry and irritating feeling you get from wearing matte lipsticks, my suggestion is to try the softer matte variants. They have a softer, lightweight, and more powdery texture, and the semi-creamy consistency which does not aggravate dry areas. They come under names like “crème matte”, “moisture matte”, “semi-matte”.

  •  Check the for the drying ingredients

Matte lipstick dries out your lips even more especially if it contains drying ingredients. Watch out for these chemicals in matte lipsticks: Talc, Fragrance, Alcohol, and Silicone. These products draw out moisture from your lips. Go for products that are made without these ingredients.

  • Can’t fine the exact match for a lip liner

Opt for a skin colored pencil. It will create the illusion of bigger lips without competing with your lipstick hue. I repeat, don’t use a liner too dark for your lipstick shade. Unlike glossy lip colors, you cannot blend easily and the effect is Oreo lips!

  • Keep your skin fresh

To avoid looking caked with too much makeup, couple your matte lips with a dewy base and glowing cheeks to keep things fresh. Opt for lightweight coverage unless it is a high-glam occasion.

Matte lipstick is not as forgiving as its glossier counterparts .Yes, it might seem like applying matte lipstick takes too much of time and hassle but it, definitely is, worth it, if you want to rock this beauty trend and get flawless pout.

I hope you found it useful. Please feel free to share your own tips in the comment’s section below. Stay beautiful and precious!

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“Rock the Orange-lips trend!”


Image: http://www.modelcocosmetics.com,

Want to look like Lorde?


Music sensation, Lorde’s signature looks have always been fabulous on her, and now they’re really paying off! The singer revealed in March that she was partnering up for a limited-edition collaboration with MAC — and now we’ve got a first glance.

Lorde’s dark lip and wing-tipped eyeliner have been catching our eye for a while now, but who would’ve thought we’d get the chance to buy the singer’s own collection? We’ve finally got a look into her MAC line, that’s slated to be fully released in June!

The entire collection will be in Times Square and Fifth Avenue MAC stores and online at http://www.maccosmetics.com first on June 5. Then, they will available internationally in July.

Lorde’s two-piece collection with MAC Cosmetics – consisting of Lipstick in Pure Heroine ($16) and Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack ($19)


MAC has always been Lorde’s favorite beauty line and she has even worked with them for beauty looks on a number of tours.

“I have loved MAC Cosmetics since I was a little kid,” the “Royals” singer told in March. “I remember saving up to buy my very first MAC lipstick [Snob] at 14! MAC has a very clear aesthetic, that has always felt fashion forward to me. So I was really excited to work with them on these products, which I use pretty much every day and night. I hope you will too”.

We definitely can’t wait to get our hands on these fun products!

What do you think about his MAC collaboration?

Images: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Makeup tricks to thank for!

WoW! Why didn’t someone tell these before!

Instant Face Lift

This makeup move will give you a subtle change that brightens your face. Take a concealer pencil and draw three horizontal lines – like cat whiskers – near the nose spanning out across the cheek. Use a sponge or clean brush to blend each line in an upward direction for an instant lift.

For an ultra-brightening effect, use a concealer pencil in the way described above, then directly above each whisker, draw another whisker line using a highlighter. Blend, blend and blend! When the concealer and highlighter are blended into the skin, it will not only lift and highlight, but will make the skin look airbrushed…


Tone It Down

If you have applied eye shadow that is a little too intense, don’t loose your sanity over it. You don’t have to pull the skin, remove, reapply (and get nervous, agitated and irritated!!). Just dip a blending brush in bronzing powder or a natural eye shadow, and sweep across the entire lid. The bronzing powder or the shadow will work like a neutral tint, so it will diffuse and soften the color without changing the hue or shade radically.

The same theory goes for blusher! But there, use your pressed powder..

For Lush Lashes

To get a better curl use your eyelash curler in three steps. First, a squeeze at the base of the lashes, then a squeeze in the middle and ends with a squeeze at the tips of the lashes. Once you’ve curled your lashes, dust a small (really little!) amount of loose/translucent powder onto them, and then apply your mascara. Apply a second coat by zig-zagging the wand through the lashes to spread them out. You will notice that the powder helps to volumize and maximize the look of each lash.


Perfect Pout

Connecting the two points of your Cupid’s bow (the top of your upper lip) with a nude lip pencil before going over the area with a light gloss.


Images: http://thebeautystop.com, http://oneclickbeautycare.com, http://www.skinvitality.ca

Get your perfect nude lipstick!


Like the perfect pair of black trouser, a classic white button-down or a skinny jeans a flattering go-anywhere-anytime nude lipstick should be a staple in everyone’s makeup wardrobe.

Whether you want to downplay you lip shape, love natural-looking makeup, or need a neutral counterpart to a bold eye effect, a nude lip look perfect! But, the truth is, it’s tough to find a flattering nude shade. A right shade can totally make or break your look. A wrong shade will wash you out to the dreaded dead girl look.

Here are the best methods and tips to choose the correct shade for you!


1. Avoid nude lipsticks that look greyish. Many nude lipsticks have grey undertones. Grey toned nudes can become a dull purplish on your lips, making you look lifeless and tired. So, stay away!

2. Choose a nude with a hint of pink or peach. Stay away from beige tones. Instead, try a pale pink or peach tint. These hues will still allow you to achieve the nude lip, and you will find that compared to beige options they look warmer and brighter if not more natural. Moreover, peach color-corrects and neutralizes darker lip pigments. You can also layer a sheer peach gloss on top of your chosen nude lipstick. But remember, my dear pretty friends, this peach shade should still complement your natural undertones.

3. Blow it up with a liner.Applying nude liner under a nude lipstick can help punch it up a bit, and also improve staying power. Experiment with different shades of pink or brown gradually adjusting the intensity until you strike the perfect look.

4. Color guide. Fair-skinned women should go for sandy pink undertones, medium or olive-skinned ladies can opt for rose-beige undertones, and darker-skinned gals should try bronze tints.

A few suggestions!

For fair complexions: MAC Lipstick in Myth For medium or olive complexions: Nars Satin Lipstick in Belle du Jour For darker complexions: YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Taupe Rahael (#25)

And of course don’t forget to read for some lovely nude shades!


Do you have a favorite nude lipstick? Please share!

Images: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com, http://baucemag.com