Say “Goodbye” and save money!

 What if you can save a good few bucks from your makeup budget? Here is a simple guide to bid goodbye to a few products we can absolutely do away with. Psst! I have tried and never ever went back to buy these.

  • Goodbye Waterproof Makeup removers

Nothing will work better and faster than coconut oil. And don’t forget the nourishing benefit you get from it. Take generous amount of oil, massage and let it loosen the makeup for about t minute. Clean off with a good cleanser.

Take care to choose pure virgin coconut oil for best benefits. While you massage avoid letting it into your eyes. And last, but not the least, double cleanse with a cleanser or face wash. No matter how well you wipe, traces of oil mixed with makeup might stay back doing harm to your skin.


  • Goodbye Strobing Powders

Do you have a good highlighting eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone? Or universal shades like, champagne or neutral gold? Then you already have something which can be used for strobing. Apply the powder carefully and strategically on the areas and be the glowing Goddess.

that glow

  • Goodbye eyebrow gels

Use a disposable mascara wand or a soft toothbrush, spray a good hairspray on it and set your brows. Easy and effective.

  • Goodbye cheek stains

Dab a nice sheer lip color on the apples of the cheek and dab with a finger or damp makeup sponge to blend well. An absolute favorite for the frequent travelers.

  • Goodbye contour powder

A nice matte brown eye shadow that is just 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone is perfect for contouring. Make sure that it is of your skin tone and avoid muddy or too dark shades.


  • Goodbye lash primers

We’re all for thick, voluminous lashes, but between your eyelash curler and a good volumizing mascara, you’re more than covered.

  • Goodbye lip exfoliators

Dry flaky lips? Dab generous amount of Vaseline or oil or lip balm, go around to do some other work. Use a soft washcloth or soft tooth brush to scrub away the softened dead skin and you are good to go. Easiest way is to dab lot of balm when you go to bed and scrub away in the morning while cleaning face! No extra time or money to have petal-soft lips throughout the day.

  • Goodbye volumizing lip gloss

Shimmery glosses, lining lips, using concealer around lips, so many are the ways to fake a fuller pout. If you still want to add some more volume to your lips scrub your lips gently, dab some peppermint oil. Wait for 5 minutes, dab and repeat the oil. Repeat this for 3-4 times. Full pout is all yours. This process might cause little tingling effect as the lips skin is quite sensitive compared to skin of body. You can substitute this with cinnamon oil.

  • Goodbye eyebrow powder

A matte brown eye shadow that matches the color of your natural eyebrow hairs and a eyebrow or angled brush. This is all you need to fill your eyebrows like a pro. Set it with hairspray! If you want two shades to create a natural gradient of color, use two shades of the same family. Remember to choose a matte shade unless you want the fancy glittery eyebrows that are trending everywhere now a days.

Let me know some more tips to streamline the makeup stash and say hello to more space and more money!