Best tips for wearing printed skirts

With warm weather on its way, so I’ve heard, many women will want to start wearing more color. A lovely way is to add (or take out) some printed skirts for refreshing summer looks. They’re just cool and flattering.

For ladies who worry about the width of their hips or the length of their legs, embracing summer style obsession with printed bottoms can be a challenge. To the assurance of all the lovely ladies, there’s definitely a right way to wear a power print without feeling self-conscious.

The important part of all styling is “balance” and that’s exactly what will make you rock printed skirts. The secret to pulling off a print on your lower half is to balance the rest of your ensemble crisp and clean. One of the classic tricks is to wear the most basic shirt or top possible and allow your skirt to take center stage. And, opt for sleek accessories to provide some extra sophistication to your look.

Some common problems with printed skirts and solutions:

  • If you really want to downplay your hips, thighs and legs, look for details that slim and take the focus away from them. Here are some of the best skirt styles that downplay curves:
    • A-line shape – It perfectly skims your curves.
    • Full circle skirts.
    • Vertical details such as darts, pleats, visible vertical prints etc.

Also, balance the print skirt with a solid top in a lighter or brighter color that closely matches a color from the skirt.

  • If you want to add curves to a skinny frame, or narrow or straight hips, then have a wide range to choose from! Compared to curvy gals, you’ll benefit from lighter colors, bolder prints and shiny fabrics because they visually expand your hips and thighs. You can opt for a belt to create or add definition at the waist area.

As you get your wardrobe ready for summer, check out these skirt styles and how to make them look stylish when it is super-hot outside.

  • Bright and bold

Brighten up your wardrobe with our gorgeous colors and bold patterns. To balance the boldness of the skirt, keep the top in solid color.


  • Floral prints

One of the most popular patterns. Depending on your proportions, keep the print moderate if required. Too big floral prints can often make you look broad and stumpy.

  • Animal prints

When it comes to prints, animal prints are a must try for many. You can give it a try preferable with a solid top.

animal (1)

  • Black and white

The classy combo when it comes to any print or pattern. Add some pearl accessories for a classy retro look or add some bright ones to bring a twist.

Street style | Black leather top and printed skirt.

Street style | Black leather top and printed skirt.

  • Tropical prints

Want to feel like in a tropical beach holiday? Bring the mood in with some cool tropical prints.


  • Polka dots

Another classic most of can’t live without.


  • Tribal prints

Yes, Aztec prints are already in vogue (the image on left). But look beyond and try different tribal prints. In this picture, right, is a striking skirt with African (Ankara) print.

  • Asymmetric prints

They create eye-catching effects with these different patterns.


  • Abstract prints

Abstract prints are growing as a trend. Catch eyes with one.

  • The latest trend – Art Theme

One of the latest trend in the horizon of printed skirt is to go artsy! Prints, inspired by works on canvas, are going strong. Why not try the trend?!

  • Long and slit

Doesn’t this picture speak for itself? Turn heads with long printed skirts.

long slit

  • Skater and super-cool

Go supercool and sexy in short printed skirts. Team with crop tops, turtlenecks, noodle straps to get the ideal summer look.


  • Large swing

Luxurious, super-feminine and ultra-dressy, large swing skirts create an exceptional look.

large swing

  • High waist

For some classic retro effect.

high waist

  • Long and medium flared

Go for gorgeous floor length flared skirts to create a different look. Too much clothes for summer? Team it with tube tops or tank tops to balance out. Great camouflage for the days when your legs are feet are less than perfect to be flaunted.

long flared

  • Magical mini

Fitted printed mini can work wonders if accessorized correctly. Follow the picture to see how a sophisticated look night-time/party look is created.


  • Asymmetric hemline

Have some fun with the asymmetric hemline.


  • Long and fitted

Great style for creating an illusion of length. The close fit makes you look tall and lean.

long fitted 2

  • Mind-blowing midi

While not many people sport this length of skirts but midi skirts can do a wonder. They give you a very feminine appeal without attracting any attention to any specific part of your body. Try printed midis with plain tucked tops for a new summer look.

midi (1)

  • Sheer magic

Sheer printed skirts feel summery and sexy. Ideal for a hot day out or for pool or beach outings.


Printed skirts in office

There are a few things to keep in when wearing printed skirts to the office. Some or all may apply depending on how conservative your work environment is.

  1. Choose the print carefully – Too bold or loud prints might not be idea for office wear. You can choose small, sober prints of patterns to keep the look stylishly different
  2. Choose professional colors – You can choose bigger or marginally bold prints for the office as long as there is some sort of base neutral found in the print. This is important as with that you can use to tie in more conservative colors into your outfit.  To make it clearer, look for skirts that have a navy ground, or bits of black, or white in them and then use these neutrals to tone down what you wear with them.
  3. Keep the silhouette or cut of the skirt like other formal skirts – Prints can sometimes look too casual for the office environment.  However, when a printed skirt is in a silhouette like a pencil, sharp A-line or fit-&-flare, like the general formal skirts. It comes off as more professional than the unstructured or flowing ones.
  4. Pair the skirts with more professional pieces – In order to keep a printed skirt outfit looking professional, be sure to wear more tailored or structured pieces with these styles.  Yes, you can wear relaxed pieces like cardigan with your printed skirts but be sure that they are not too unstructured or completely informal looking.  Generally, a well-fitted top or shirt or a formal blazer balances printed skirt perfectly for office environment.
  5. Accessorize professionally – Never ever forget that your accessories can make or break your look no matter what you are wearing. Since printed skirts add a dash of casual feeling to your look, for work, avoid casual sandals, overly ornate jewelry or inappropriate accessories that can make you look too casual for your conservative workplace. Keep the casual accessories for teaming up with your printed skirts on weekends or any informal place.

office color

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The best secrets of accessorizing like a stylista

Accessorize it right

Well, get ready to boost your accessorizing confidence!

It’s easy to make an ordinary outfit look great with the right accessories. However, on the flip side, it’s easy to ruin an otherwise great outfit by choosing the wrong accessories.

If you don’t know what to do when it comes to accessorizing the good news is it’s easy to learn a few guidelines to accessorize your outfit and look and make it more stylish.

The main accessories to play with:

  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Scarves and ties
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Hair adornments

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Use Accessories To:

  • Bring attention to your best points and minimize your worst. If you want to highlight your toned arm, a cute bracelet can do the magic. It instantly diverts the attention to your best feature.
  • Bring an older outfit up-to-date. Yes, the same blue top you are wearing for long will look refreshing with a floral scarf or a stripe shrug.
  • Look and feel younger — regularly updating your accessories is a great way to stay contemporary without having to spend a fortune.
  • Get the “look” you want — such as chic, sophisticated, business, casual, fun, artistic and so on.
  • Change the look of an outfit — from casual to formal and vice versa, by changing the accessories you wear. For example, change your shoes, handbag and jewelry (and maybe a jacket) to go from business meeting to an evening event.


  • Add an element of surprise! Often an unexpected twist can be added by choosing accessory wisely. A neon belt might completely change the look of a black top or a huge sparking ring, with other Jewelry in moderation will bring a touch of specialty.

There are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry available in the marketplace providing you with countless styling options. The trick is to discover which pieces add the best finishing touches to your outfit.

  1. Each piece of Jewelry must add value to your (entire) outfit and look. Over-accessorizing and under-accessorizing are common jewelry errors. Just because you are in love with the piece does not mean you should wear it with every outfit and just because you are in a serious professional arena does not mean you can’t be experimental with your jewelry. Coco Chanel infamously recommended, “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” Trust me, it’s great advice and still holds true. Always look for the net effect.


2. Each piece must be proportional to your body frame and facial features. The trick to the success with every outfit is to control where the ‘eye’ goes. When done well, the focus remains on ‘you’ and your outfit complements this goal. Jewelry can support or divert this objective and the size of each individual piece or the overall jewelry layout plays a key role. For example, a statement necklace can divinely style an outfit as long as the net effect does not overpower you.

When you’re talking with a client whose eyes are fixated on your large sparkly earrings and away from your eyes, the odds of her or him paying attention to what you are saying decrease. A bold cuff bracelet may just be the perfect accessory to your shift dress, simply make sure the cuff width does not visually shorten the length of your arm.

  1. Each piece must complement your skin tone and not only your outfit. There is a wide colour spectrum of various hues in gold, silver, rose gold, turquoise, amethyst and lot more. It’s so important to select jewelry that not only looks great with your outfit, but enhances you too. Opt for jewelry metals and gemstones that illuminate your natural skin tone. Perhaps you look better in green turquoise rather than blue turquoise or shiny yellow gold verses glimmering silver. The pretty pink tote that suits a girl with cool complexion might not look good on a warm olive-skinned beauty, who will look much better in a marsala or dark brown bag.


4. Each piece must be occasion and outfit appropriate. Today’s style rules are much more lenient than times past, even at work. It’s acceptable to wear baubles during the day if it suits your profession. For instance, a chic, sophisticated crystal necklace may be the ideal accessory for a day full of meetings, but wearing it to give your closing trial argument is probably not a good idea – the shimmer will distract rather than attract your audience. It’s also important to note the tone/vibe of your outfit, jewelry and other accessories. It is okay to mix but within a certain scope. The trick is to make sure the contrast is complementary. Daytime sleek minimalistic jewelry paired with a black silk jumpsuit will likely not work in an evening party, but an ornate vintage bracelet styled with a conservative blazer may just be the perfect contrast. Experiment and use your best judgment.

5. Don’t do over matchy-matchy. The whole point of accessories is to add additional significance to an outfit. An accessory is good when it’s not only a beautiful piece, but it complements your outfit and look. One of the major mistakes of accessorizing is wearing too many “matchy-matchy” pieces. Ninety-nine percent of the time a matching necklace paired with matching earrings or a matching bracelet adds no additional value to an outfit – it’s not only outdated, but more importantly, it’s a visual distraction whereby people pay attention solely to the crowd of jewelry and not you as a person. The whole purpose of accessorizing fails instantly!

Additionally, a matching set may not versatile. Even if you break up the jewelry set and wear it separately, it’s not adding anything new, fresh or exciting to outfit.

  1. Harmonize Accessories with Each Other. It’s a good idea to harmonize accessories with each other in the same outfit. For example, similar silver buckles on shoes and handbag. However, take care to have some contrast in your look. Complete sameness can be boring and to some extent aging.


7. Coordinate but don’t blend with outfit. Make sure your accessories match, but don’t blend into your clothes. For example, a red top worn with a silver necklace with a red stone is not going to make a statement. A better choice would be a black stone so it doesn’t clash, but compliments the color well. This way if you’re wearing black shoes, the whole outfit and accessories coordinate well. Colors to avoid wearing together are red and green, red and pink, green and blue, orange and pink and yellow and pink. But again, there are too many shades of a color and so, check and go by your instinct.

8. Less Is More. The last rule of accessorizing is to remember that less is more. Never feel obliged to wear something if you don’t feel like it’s going to work with the rest of your look. No matter how much you want to wear something, or no matter how much it is in fashion, if it’s not enhancing your look, no need to add it. It’s a great way to avoid accessorizing mistake. An awesome hat, a cool scarf, a sparkly bib necklace, the neon bag, a big statement ring, all put together is nothing short of an accessorizing disaster but individually or with one or two they are magical!

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Turn heads with leopard print shoes!


Want to add a dash of personality to an outfit? A good idea would be to wear a pair of super stylish leopard print shoes! But, as popular and stylish as they are, leopard prints don’t really work with everything. Probably there are colors and outfits that leopard print shoes don’t work with than items they will. The good news is, when you get the right combination, it’s a tough one to beat for glamour and sex appeal.

Here’s how to pair them with the rest of your outfit!

Leopard print shoes come in various styles, from sky-high pumps, to ballerina flats and loafers, or adventurous ankle boots! So choose a shoe style that you can carry and have fun with this cool print!

  • Leopard pumps are a classic and go with just about everything! Your only focus should be on pairing them with simple separates so you allow them to shine. This is a cool option for formal dress up:


  • Nothing can add zing to your muted brown more than a leopard print shoe. Slip on your pumps with a khaki shirtdress or light beige shift:


  • For jazzy night look, pull out your LBD, and ditch your office tote for a small red clutch and bright red lips or look ravishing in red with gold and leopard accents:


  • For a casual look, why not sport the colored jeans with a chambray shirt?


  • Wear them with skinny jeans, a black shirt and color blocking accessories – a statement cluster or a gemstone necklace and a matching clutch.


  • Getinto your girly best. Pair a yellow dress with leopard print loafers, and wear it with matching accessories – a brown bag and aviator sunglasses, and a snake chain bracelet or even some color-pop stack bracelet.


  • For a casual glam look, wear these with darker skinny jeans and a nice top in a nude shade. Accessorize your outfit with a cool studded clutch and a necklace.


Which one is your fav? Share with others.. Do let us know if you have some more ideas!