What do I do with my too dark and too pale lip colors?!

Even with the best sense of color makeup people do have a few unwanted pieces of lip colors! Not that it’s always a bad buy, often our choice changes, so does the trend. 90% of us admit never being able to throw away those pretty pieces. Then, what do you do with those? Remember the fabulous words “When it comes to your makeup, don’t be afraid to be an artist.”

Here are some cute ideas to use the lip colors rather than letting it sit unwanted at some corner of your makeup drawer.

Too pale for me:


  • Make a new shade of the same color family- Mix them with deeper hues of the same color family to create a new medium shade.



  • Make a complete new shade – Mix it with a darker lipstick of a different color range to create a complete new color. Don’t melt the whole lipstick at the first go since it will be a waste if you don’t like the new shade. Mix a little of the colors to see how the new color comes out. If you like it, go ahead!


Tips: You could mix an orange with a pink to create a beautiful coral lip or take a pale nude lip and add a pop of pink to make it a pinky nude.

  • As a pop color – I recommend starting with a bright or deep base shade applied all over the lips, then use the pale shade to highlight just the center of the lips. This creates a beautiful gradient and makes the lip look voluminous.
  • A new cream blush – If the color is of pink, coral, orange or brown family, dab a little on the apples of your cheek and blend well to get a flush of color.

Tips: Be careful not to use a matte lipstick for this. Start with a little lipstick and then build up in case you need to. Think of it as you would add salt or pepper to taste.

  • How about a new cream eye color? – Just like the blusher use it as an eye color. But again, be light handed in the beginning.


  • To lighten too-dark shades – Pale colors mixed with a too-dark shade can give you a lovely medium shade. That way, two unused lipsticks, one “too pale” and another “too dark”, comes to use.
  • Create ombre lips – Take a dark lip liner, line your lips till mid region of your lip. Apply the pale lipstick at the center of the lips. With a lip brush gradually blend the transition of the dark and pale to create beautiful ombre lips. The hot ombre lips will make a statement wherever you go!


Too deep for me:

Unless you want a stunning look for autumn or winter or a fan of Goth lips, too dark shades are a bit difficult to wear.

too dark

  • Light it out the shade- Dab a peachy-nude the center of your lips and blend the edges with your fingertips or brush to mix the colors together. If your concealer is peach-hued, you can use that, too.
  • Gloss over – Try using a shimmery lip gloss over the dark color. The shimmer in the gloss will reflect the light, making the color overall appear lighter.
  • Use as a lip stain – Apply your dark lipstick generously and then after a couple of minutes with a tissue, dab away most of it. The color that remains on your lips is light, natural and pretty long lasting. You can even set it with a setting powder to make it more matte. Another way to use dark lipstick as stain is to tap some color on your fingertip and tap the color on your lips till you get suitable finish and color.
  • Try creating ombre lips – One of the hottest trends of lip makeup. Start with the deep shade as a base applied all over the lips and then use a light shade to the center of the lips. Make sure to blend the transition area to create an awesome effect.
  • Use it as a lip liner – If your dark lipstick is matte or have a long-lasting formula, use the sharp edges of the stick to line lips.
  • Make tinted lip balm – Melt a little of your dark lipstick with shea butter or petroleum jelly or any transparent lip balm of your choice to make a nice tinted lip balm. Store it in small containers to make a lovely palette.

lip balm

  • For smokey eyes – Dark shades like garnet, plum, chocolate can double up as a creamy eye shadow for your eyes. Just be careful to use a good eye shadow primer to avoid clumping or creasing. And, also, use a moderate amount.
  • Make your signature eyeliner shade – Seriously! I jumped around for whole 15 minutes when I tried this. Add eye pencils and gel eyeliners into lip products to get signature hues. Mix them together on the back of your hand using a lip brush to create a velvety texture. Start small and build. I mixed a maroon lipstick with a little brown gel liner to an unbelievable shade.

lipstick as eyeliner


  • Use directly as an eye liner – Use an eyelinerbrush and bury it into the lipstick so that you make a little divot in the bullet. Line your top lid, staying close to the lash line, and extend up and outward to your brow. Connect the outer corner and drag in the color across your lower lash line as well. Liquid lip colors make the task even easier!

lipstick as eyeliner 2

Hope you lovlies liked the tips! Let me know your ways to use dark and pale lipsticks.